What's the difference between Tylenol and Aspirin?

Tylenol is also known as Acetaminophen.   Acetaminophen is believed to reduce pain by raising your body's total pain threshold.  It is thought to relieve headaches and fever symptoms by helping your body eliminate excess heat.

  • Therapeutic Effects: Relieves pain and fever. Relieves symptoms of allergies, cold coughs and flu.
  • Overdose: Liver Failure. Causes 3 times as many liver failures as all other drugs combined.
  • Warning: Alcohol consumption with use of Tylenol causes irreversable liver failure damage.

Asprin and Tylenol

Aspirin is ASA or Acetylsalicylic Acid. It is absorbed into you bloodstream to decrease the enzyme cyclooxygenase which stops the growth of prostaglandins which dulls the pain you feel.

  • Therapeutic Effects: Analgesic, Relieves minor aches, pains and inflammations (arthritis)
  • Long Term Effects : Prevents heart attacks, strokes and blood clots
  • Side Effects: Blood thinner, GI ulcers, stomach bleeding and tinnitus (ringing in the ears), hives, swelling and headache as a result of the bodies inability to metabolize aspirin
  • Childrens Risk: Reye's syndrome ( swelling of the brain and enlarged liver and possible kidney jaundice
  • Warning: Do not administer any ASA containing products to children unless recommended by a doctor

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sally 7 years ago

very informative, thank you

Adel a bosaleh 3 years ago

I'm taking 81 aspirin one daily since 2001 after one stent in coronal descendent artery Now I got Achilles tendon rupture wearing air walker for 3weeks as no needed surgery : if pain shoul I take. Tylenol or Advil.????

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