When Your Child Talks Too Much In School


A friend called me the other day lamenting how her 7 year old son, who is in the 2nd grade, would not stop talking in class. He always had glowing reports from his teachers in Kinergarten and 1st grade, so she was quite surprised when he came home with a note from his 2nd grade teacher on the 1st day of school that said he talked too much. By the sixth week into the school year, her son was receiving a note almost daily. He just would not stop talking in class! My friend explained that she and her husband had tried various approaches to get their son to behave during class, some of which included: explaining to him that he was being disrespectful to his teacher as well as the other children in the class, to taking his toys away to the point that he had no toys left in his room to play with, and finally to a spanking, which made for a very stressful and tense environment. All their remedy's failed. This left my friend extremely frustrated and exhausted from dealing with the issue. When she called me up on the phone, it was to ask my advice.

I said that since he likes talking in school so much without regard to any repercussions, I suggested she not allow him to talk at home until the next morning. I told her to carry on normally with their home routine but without her son being able to contribute to any conversation. I even suggested that she act disappointed that she doesn't get to converse with him and hear all about his day at the dinner table because he was talking in school. My friend liked the idea and decided to try it.

A few weeks later, she called me again, this time, however, she was happy. She said my advice had worked. After two times of not speaking at home, her son had stopped talking in class. During the parent/teacher conference, my friend explained to the teacher what she had done and the teacher liked the idea so much, she said she was going to remind the boy about it if he were to get to overzealous again.

I was happy that my suggestion helped my friend with a very frustrating situation. Their after school time is back to normal now and the boy's toys returned to his room. As the saying goes, "all's well that ends well".

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Brooke Lorren profile image

Brooke Lorren 5 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

Interesting story. My daughter likes to talk a lot, but since we homeschool, that's not really a problem. This is a great idea for people with talkative kids in a regular school setting though.

logansgem profile image

logansgem 5 years ago Author

Thank you. This way, the parent gets the point across to the child, and yet the parents remain in good humor. I home schooled my son in the 9th grade. It was invaluable. Thank you for your comment

Cathy marie 3 years ago

I am going to try that at home with my daughter.Because she talk a lot in school. Thank you so much..

Olivier 2 years ago

I have tried this. It didn't work. He couldn't even remember the only rule (not talk). He's ten and I'm getting desperate.

Andrea 2 years ago

I don't think that's good for the kids

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