Why Was The Berlin Wall Put Up?

The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall was originally put in in Nazi Germany in the early 1960's to seal off East Berlin (Soviet side) from West Berlin (Western side). Largely, it succeeded in that task, completely separating the two cities for decades from one another.

The reasons for putting it up were numerous. For show, they said it was to prevent anyone else from getting into the Soviet Union. However, few if any people wanted that. In fact, East Berlin guards were some of the most frequent people to go over to the Western side. In reality, the wall was used to keep people inside the Soviet bloc.

Politically, the Soviets felt safer putting up the wall when Kennedy was president than with Eisenhower. The Soviets truly feared Eisenhower. There was a secret document revealed nowadays that said that if Eisenhower ordered troops to invade Eastern Germany, the Soviets would pull back. Eisenhower didn't know this of course, and wisely decided not to risk nuclear warfare on an unknown battle. When the Soviets met Kennedy in 1960 when he became president, they weren't impressed and decided that he was not a leader to fear and that they would be able to build their wall.

The wall was eventually destroyed with a whimper rather than a bang.  At the end of the 1980's, the Soviet Union was collapsing and it was decided that the wall was no longer worth it.

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sallybea profile image

sallybea 3 years ago from Norfolk

Mastermine535 A friend of mine was at the wall when it came down. She has a few pieces of it. A little piece of history.

Silkekarina 3 years ago from Germany

Mastermind535, please get your facts straight before you write. The wall was most definitely put up in the early sixties, but Nazi Germany was already history. At this time we were dealing with Communism, and please do not tell me that was one and the same thing.

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