Why do Icebergs Float?

When a quantity of water is converted into ice it occupies a greater volume. Since its weight remains the same we can see that its density would be less than the density of water; that means that it is lighter than water and would accordingly float in water.

floaty floaty lil iceberg....

An iceberg is a floating mass of ice, about 80% of which is submerged, rising sometimes to 300 feet (100 meters) above seal level. Glaciers that reach the coast become extended into a broad footl as this enters the sea, masses break off and drift towards temperate latitudes, becoming a danger to shipping.

A glacier is a body of ice, originating in mountains in snowfields above the snowline, which traverses land surfaces (glacier flow). It moves slowly down a valley or depression, and is constantly replenished from its source. The scenery produced by the erosive action of glaciers is characteristic and includes U-shaped valleys, peonies, Oaretes, and various features formed by the deposition of Omoraine (rocky debris).

Glaciers form where annual snowfall exceeds annual melting and drainage. The snow compacts to ice under the weight of the layers above. When a glacier moves over an uneven surface, deep crevasses are formed in the ice mass; if it reaches the sea or a lake, it breaks up to form icebergs. A glacier that is formed by one or several valley glaciers at the base of a mountain is called a piedmont glacier. A glacier that covers a large land surface or continent, for example Greenland or Antarctica, and flows outward in all directions is called an ice sheet.

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