Why study accounting?


1. Professional Qualification

Accounting is a professional qualification which will allow you to work as an accountant once you graduate. Besides being an accountant, the qualification is also useful if you are interested in career in Finance, Operations and Product Control.

2. Stable demand for accountants

Even during the crisis, companies will still need someone to take care of their books and manage the cash flow. Hence, I would consider being an accountant a rather safe job. It is definitely less volatile and less risky compared to working in a bank.

3. Allows you to understand how a company works (financially at least)

By understanding the different financial statements, this will allow you to do what Warren Buffett does best....Fundamental Analysis. You will be able to understand how well the company is doing and will be able to make a more informed decision whether to invest in the company's stocks or not.


There are really no clear disadvantages of studying accounting (a similar situation to studying Economics). However, the worst thing would be to study accounting because you think it is beneficial but in fact, you do not enjoy it at all.

My advice would be to study what you like as in the long run, passion is more important in a career. Imagine waking up to a job which you do not like! Wouldn't that be horrible?

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collegecareerlife 7 years ago

You made some great points. Accountants are always in demand and an accounting degree provides a great foundation for any career in business.

lilian_sg profile image

lilian_sg 7 years ago from Singapore Author

thanks for commenting =)

Glad you liked the article.

charm 7 years ago

nice article :)

great help

Jasline 6 years ago

Hey Lilian!

Cool, you have an article on accounting! Being someone who is studying accounting right now, I must comment here (:

I agree with you, accountants are always in demand and that's because of the high turnover rate in this industry. Many people can't take the stress (especially during accounting year ends) while working as an accountant!

Studying accounting can really be interesting because there are some subjects that I'm studying that can be very beneficial to myself in the future, for example, individual income tax and GST (:

Great article you have here! (;

lilian_sg profile image

lilian_sg 6 years ago from Singapore Author

Thanks Jasline for your input. Totally agree with your comments =)

Izokpu festus 4 years ago

Accounting is a very interestig course becouse is a language of a business every goverenment need accounting information every year end,to know how to plan for our deficit economy.

lilian_sg profile image

lilian_sg 4 years ago from Singapore Author

I agree!

bekwejuasimonette 4 years ago

i enjoy it

lilian_sg profile image

lilian_sg 4 years ago from Singapore Author

Thanks for commenting!

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