Why the Law of Attraction Doesn't Work for You

Four things to do to ensure your Law of Attraction success

You've read the books, seen The Secret video, but somehow, your Law of Attraction (LoA) goal eludes you. Following are some reasons why you're not succeeding with LoA.

1. Stop Stinkin' Thinkin'

You've got your positive image to visualize, you've identified and written down your goals. But do you often repeat in your mind the negatives that led you to try LoA? Do you frequently mentally 'revisit' those reasons why you're seeking success in your financial, romantic, family life in terms of being laid off or fired from a job, nasty break ups, relatives who need an attitude adjustment, etc.?

Don't dwell on the bad. Stop yourself whenever that 'old scenario' comes to mind, when you find yourself making a mental list of why you are unhappy. That just keeps you stuck in a negative 'place'. Replace those thoughts with positive ones so you can go forward with your new, positive life.

2. Forgive, Forget and Be Forgiven

A big component of moving forward is to forgive those who have 'trespassed' against you. Forgive them, and forget the slight. Forgive anyone who has done anything bad toward you, even if you don't think they deserve forgiveness. Harboring negative thoughts about anyone will hamper, if not halt, your LoA progress. Conversely, ask others for forgiveness, even if you are convinced you have done no wrong. This method addresses any 'karma' that may exist between you and others, as well as allowing you to 'settle' any grudge you may subconsciously believe they hold against you.

You don't have to face the person who wronged you to do this. You can visualize that person and say 'I forgive you' in your head. Also, visualize them 'forgiving' you.

Connie Domino (author of "Develop Irresistible Attraction") has long included forgiveness in her LoA teaching and writings, and will soon publish a book about the importance of forgiveness in your LoA work. Connie recommends you ask forgiveness of that person, and then imagine them saying they forgive you. This is important, especially if you can't actually have this exchange in person, or if that person will not forgive you.

A novel approach to two-way forgiveness is Ho'oponopono, an old Hawaiian philosophy that has recently been made popular by Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len (authors of "Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace and More"), who have given Ho'oponopono a 'short form'. The gist is to ask forgiveness of a wrong do-er, no matter who is 'at fault' in the situation between you. Direct the following statements to the person in question, either in person or in your mind: "I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you". The intention is to clear away any negativity between you and the other party.

3. Make Believe Until its Real

Think and behave as if your goal has already manifested. Expect your outcome to be as natural as the sun coming up and going down. This simple mind trick will go a long way to getting you 'there'.

4. Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Every day - repeat, review and 're-think' your LoA goals. Writing them down once and thinking about them once in a while is not the way LoA works. Repetition is the key to creating the energy required to make things happen your way.

A few years ago, Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic strip, revealed his LoA trick for keeping his goals fresh in his mind, a method he calls using Affirmations. Back in the day before he was a world-famous, syndicated cartoonist, Adams decided to write down this goal as an affirmative statement. Fifteen times a day he wrote, "I Scott Adams will become a syndicated cartoonist"). You can make this method even more positive by using a 'here and now' statement, such as, "I Mary Smith have a new job that I love".

So, imagine your goals and your images of them often so they're fresh in your mind, forgive and ask forgiveness to clear the air, recognize and replace any negative thoughts with positive ones, and repeat, repeat, repeat. You'll find LoA working for you so much quicker and more concretely, it will surprise you almost as much as realizing your dream.

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