Why the Philippines need to widen the scope of Nursing Career Opportunities

There is a widespread of malemployment and unemployment among registered nurses in the Philippines. About 200,000 of new nurses each year fall victim to the poor economic standard of the Philippines. And yet, more and more students flock to university gates to take up nursing. Although it is not really a crime to feel and see nursing education as a way to become successful; it is on the other hand becoming an epidemic in our country that almost all students are taking up nursing. Don’t people read news, blogs, watch TVs or such that they remain to be oblivious of the fact that nurses ahead of them can’t get a decent hospital job because “we’re just too many”.

The Fact of the matter is, no one really wants to be caught up in this fuzzy end and later regret it. I think that it would be better if the Philippine government through CHED will adapt a system that will make Nursing education better AKA something for everyone. So that not all nurses are GENERAL NURSES instead there will be specialization for each one. I believe through that we are opening our doors to employment better. Why? Well, let’s just take a look at the other countries our nurses go to. They have different kinds of nurses for different jobs right? Wouldn’t that inspire us to follow the same footstep at least to maximize the man power that we already have?

Okay so, what exactly am I talking about?

I’m talking about incorporating major major changes in our nursing educational system. I’m talking about doing away with general nursing and instead save it for those who wanted to be general nurses. I’m talking about adding specializations in our nursing curricula and making it personalized so that each and every nurse will be able to practice what they long so wanted to practice. I’m talking about FORENSIC NURSING, PRACTICAL NURSING, DIALYSIS NURSING, CLINICAL NURSING, INDUSTRIAL NURSING, COLLEGE NURSING, TRAVEL NURSING, and ASSISTANT NURSING. Don’t raise your eyebrows just yet, because you haven’t heard what I have to say. Everyone knows that this are all included in our so-called GENERAL NURSING, right? But has anybody really studied them? No one. Now, that’s the problem right there. We Filipinos always aim to be jack-of-all-trades and yet we all are masters to none. My point is, we can become really good at one thing but all we have right now is something general nothing and sometimes never specific. If you’ve been to another country you will find out that you cannot simply enter the health care system if you do not have the SPECIALIZATION. If you are a general nurse here in the Philippines you still need to undergo training and certification to become eligible to become an assistant nurse. So it goes, if you have the right qualification then you will only be asked to perform what your qualification tells you thus you are an expert in that field and no one can do your job except you. On the other hand, take a look at our health care system, 10 nurses for one special case. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? Suppose we all have specializations, wouldn’t that make nursing responsibilities a little lighter? Yes, it would. The point is (again) having specializations will not only make nursing responsibilities lighter but it will provide more jobs than average. Take a whole piece of pie for example; the pie represents the entire GENERAL NURSING if you have nothing to cut it with it will either remain whole or be eaten (anyway) but the division will not be equal. Say there will be 8 people who will eat the pie; do you think the division will still be equal without a knife? I don’t think so. But let’s take a knife and divide the pie among these 8 individuals, the division is equal and everybody’s happy. It is the same with nursing education. If the people (on top) only knew how to divide Nursing education to different specializations among all the nurses here in the Philippines then there wouldn’t be a problem in the health care system let alone a problem in getting employed according to your specialization or expertise. We would be like the other countries that have different specializations within their health care system. The job becomes easier and the nurses become experts at something. This will also mean that nurses can choose which specialization they want to pursue thus literally giving a job for everyone. I remember when I was still a nurse volunteer at one of the tertiary hospitals here in the Philippines, one doctor told me “why are you the one cleaning this theatre, aren’t you supposed to be doing something that’s in line with your profession?” I told the doctor that no one wants to do the cleaning that’s why I have to do it. In all sense this is okay since it is still part of the nursing responsibility to perform after care, right? But think about it for a second, if all nurses have the same responsibilities over and over again, do you think hospitals still need caregivers, janitors, assistant nurses, and IW’s? I don’t think so because nurses these days are practically doing the jobs of these guys. We are literally rendering them useless. And that’s why we need specializations to keep the manpower working and going and to prevent people from not doing their jobs because someone else could do it.

I hope you get my point.

The thing is, there’s too many general nurses here in the Philippines, I do hope that one day, when I ask someone “what’s your degree?” I would hear “I’m taking up forensic nursing” or “I’m taking up Practical nursing”. Well, I don’t really hold the key to make all these relevant to you or anybody else as for me, I do think that change is something everyone is missing and until then we will all be general nurses with no general responsibilities.

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Phil Plasma profile image

Phil Plasma 5 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

It is too bad there is no nurse exchange program. Here in Canada we are short of nurses, it would be helpful for Filipino nurses to get jobs here since they can't get jobs at home, and it would be helpful here as the nurses are needed.

krisingreen profile image

krisingreen 5 years ago from Manila, Philippines Author

Actually, there are a lot of available jobs for nurses anywhere like what you said. The thing that's really frustrating is that, here, the standards are too high for fresh graduates and hospitals are always looking for various certificates before they hire a nurse. If only there's a better way to make our system friendlier to health workers then it would really make a lot of difference.

j_roan_d_basoalto profile image

j_roan_d_basoalto 5 years ago from Iloilo City, Philippines

...Speaking as an ultimate cliche (A Filipino Nurse working at a Call Center), I totally agree with what you wrote. There are too few opportunities for the career growth of nurses in our country. I am a prime example of that...

profile image

rorshak sobchak 5 years ago

In my area the nursing career is a great field to get into. There are so many jobs available.

krisingreen profile image

krisingreen 5 years ago from Manila, Philippines Author

that's true j_roan. It's difficult to be a nurse in the Phil. But if the gov't will really address this problem;it wouldn't be difficult for us to find work since there are many facilities in our country in need of the services of a nurse.

j_roan_d_basoalto profile image

j_roan_d_basoalto 5 years ago from Iloilo City, Philippines

...Exactly! Therein lies the irony. Our country is in desperate need of nurses however the government is not taking the necessary steps to improve the work conditions and career opportunities for us. Thus, we end up seeking work in other countries and having their citizens benefit from our skills or seeking work that isn't aligned with what we studied so hard for just because it pays a lot better. Sad...

krisingreen profile image

krisingreen 5 years ago from Manila, Philippines Author

Awww.. I couldn't agree more. There's also the factor regarding standards. Nurses here need to attend seminars and trainings that are "required" before the possibility of employment but this never really cut it. I've been in countless trainings but somehow my qualifications are never enough..My only hope is, the skills and knowledge I learned in college will hopeful come in handy once I successfully enter the health care scene. Sucks for us, if everything is already different before we get the job that's rightfully ours.. Oh well, goodluck to us then.

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