Why Did World War Two Start?

World war two was undoubtedly one of the greatest wars ever fought. It started on the first of September nineteen thirty – nine but this is depended on where abouts you are situated because in the western world we believe that it started when Hitlerattacked Poland but in the Far East they would say that it started when Japan attacked China in nineteen thirty-seven. The date given for the end of the war is generally the second of September nineteen forty-five on the day of the surrender of Japan.

The allied troops won the Second World War (the allies – Britain, France, U.S.A, The Soviet Union, China, Canada, Australia and a few other minorities) by nineteen forty-five Germany and Japan had suffered a devastating defeat. It is believed that the total casualties for world war two ranged from fifty million to seventy million. Russia had the biggest casualties with other a quarter of their population dying because of the war. This was because they used the tactic of using up a lot of what they had, people.

There is a rather extensive list of the causes of world war two but some of the causes are debatable between historians.

The Treaty of Versailles was legal peace document that was put in place at the end of World War One to stop there being wars in the future. It gave Germany punishment for them starting World War One and tried to unite countries so that there would be no future wars. The Treaty of Versailles was very ‘slap dash’ but some would argue that if they weren’t so hard on Germany then World War Two would of never of happened.

The League of Nations was the organisation put in place after World War One to resolve any issues between countries but Germany weren’t allowed to join because they were bad. The weaknesses of the League of Nations were far greater than its strengths. The fact that it only met once a year was a great downfall. If you wanted something to be resolved it should really be done immediately. The League of Nations didn’t have a leg to stand on as it was just a grain of rice shouting at an elephant. Countries had power but the League of Nations had none. The League of Nations was a very good concept but it had its downfalls as well.

Adolf Hitler was an Austrian-born German politician who was the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party or more commonly known as the Nazi Party. He was Chancellor of Germany for twelve years and head of state for eleven years. Hitler fought during the First World War and won an Iron Cross which was highly unusual for his rank at the time. Many people believe that he is responsible for the death of over seventy million people. Hitler’s story is quite a stranger one as he was born in Austria joined the German army and then came on to run the whole of Germany. Hitler was an extremely good speaker and persuader and did his very best to get people round to his side. Hitler’s view on the Treaty of Versailles was that it was extremely unfair toward Germany and he thought he should regain what was once Germany’s. But he went a little too far triggering the start of the war. Hitler tried to see how much he could get away with and no one tell him off. But it took until he started fully invading for anyone to really say or do anything.Hitler Wrote in his own personal diaries that if they stopped him when he sent troops into the Rhineland he would of never gone any further. Remember that Hitler fought in the first world war and he saw the suffering and hurt that people went through. He didn't really want to start another world war.

France and Britain turned a blind eye toward the actions of Hitler. They did this because they thought that Hitler was just trying to get back his own land but it turn out to be much more than that. Britain and France could have stood up to Hitler a lot earlier on and he would have obeyed them but the problem was that as Hitler took over more land the stronger he became and the harder it would of been for them to stop him.

America didn’t do anything to help Europe as they were too worried about the Japanese trying to evade them. America has always had quite a big force in wars and as soon as they step in the war always seems to be over rather quickly. America wanted Europe to resolve its own problems.

Communism is not that different fascism and Russia was inclined to create a bond between Russia and Germany hence the Nazi Soviet Pact. This is really important to the beginning of the war as it meant that they would look out for each other and if one was attacked the other would help out. This pact also included the plan to invade Czechoslovakia from two sides which was quite a nasty thing to do.

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"The Treaty of Versailles was very ‘slap dash’ but some would argue that if they weren’t so hard on Germany then World War Two would of never of happened."

What is would of never of happened? Perhaps this was supposed to "woody, woody, foody, foody"

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