Wildcat Dumping is Destroying our Desert

Trash left in the desert

More trash adding to our environmental problems in the desert
More trash adding to our environmental problems in the desert | Source

Being a positive contribution to our environment should be everyone’s priority, and that includes the proper disposal and recycling of trash. Nothing is more unsightly than a busted bag of trash, a stained mattress, a broken plastic chair, or a blown tire lying alongside a main road or in the middle of your favorite hiking path. Not only is it unsightly but all of those items are not biodegradable.

If every American were to simply dump their trash alongside the road or out in the desert it would amount to approximately 4.5 pounds per person per day. That equates to 1.35 billion pounds daily in the United States, and 251 million tons per year throughout the nation. Basically all anyone would see would be endless mounds of trash. Is that your idea of an attractive landscape?

Sadly this problem is worsening on a daily basis. Additional biohazards from discarded car batteries, household cleaning chemicals, and various petroleum based fluids seep into the soil and taint the local water table—the very same water that your child or grandchild may end up drinking someday. Is this the legacy that you want to leave behind for future generations?

As responsible citizens who care about our beautiful desert we need to take more assertive action against ‘wildcat’ dumping. There is a $500 a day fine for anyone caught in the act. Additionally, there is a Wildcat Dumping Hotline awaiting your call if you see someone illegally throwing their trash in the desert. If you sit back and watch this happen without reporting the responsible party then you might as well be tossing the trash out there yourself. Take a few minutes, jot down the license plate, make a call and contribute to the cause of green living.

Let’s give our children a greener, and healthier tomorrow. Live green and live clean.

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