Child Disease - Internet Addiction in Children

The World Wide Web has grown tremendously over the last decade. These days the majority of people have their own PC's with internet acess available to them. As a result of this children are using and depending more and more on the internet; whether it be for social networking, homework or listening to music on youtube.

Recent studies in China/Tawain have been able to identify which groups of children are more likely to get addicted to the web than others.

They have found that amongst children the ones who are most likely to grow up finding themselves addicted to the internet are: Children suffering from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), Children that struggle to communicate and interact well with people, Children that can be quite secluded and hostile towards others, Children who live in remote areas and spend more time on the computer, Children that find it difficult or are even scared of socialising and Children that suffer with depression. The likeyhood of your child becoming addicted to the internet is probably a small one, but should be taken into consideration. Males are expected to be more vulnerable than females.

Therefore recommendations are that you should try to encourage your children into embrasing new activities, and perhaps try to keep a limit on how much often internet is being surfed.

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