Women on the Front Lines of War

The US military is finally going to allowed women to fight along side with men on the front lines. They are going to allow them into special forces, on patrol, in M1 tanks and so on. The Navy already allows them in submarines and of course, women do fly F-16's.

While the news media spins this as earth breaking news, this is much ado about nothing. why shouldn't a woman be allowed to be on the front lines of combat the Army or Marines? Seems like these two organizations are finally catching up with reality. If a woman can pass whatever the organization's tests to qualify them for the role, they should be allowed to the position like any man. Gender should not be an issue at this point.

Those against it are mostly men and trying to preserve the last bastion of male supremacy. Many countries already have proven that women can fight on the front lines along with men. The sexual issues or distractions are moot in combat. There are other things on their minds. Sure, there will always be issues between men and women or gays in the military but in the end they are minor distractions. Yes, a woman that becomes a POW probably will undergo more sexual abuse and torture just because she is a woman and all women will have this in the back of their mind when on the front lines. In WW2, the Nazis employed many quite horrible SS women in their camps and elsewhere to keep women in line. In the last days, they had women on the front.

It's about time the Army and Marines get over their biases and fears about women in combat- many are already doing it.

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Express10 profile image

Express10 4 years ago from East Coast

It seems to me that as long as the same standards are applied to women as to men wanting to be on the front lines, which is my current understanding, that there will not be hordes of women being killed as some are trying to imply. If a woman is dedicated, qualified, and wants to be on the front lines, I think that is where she should be.

jainismus profile image

jainismus 4 years ago from Pune, India

That is a good news in terms of giving equal opportunities to women, but bad one in terms of involving them in wars.

Recently, India too have recruiting women in combat forces. I am proud of women joining forces but unhappy because of their involvement in human conflicts.

Mark 3 years ago

Perrya, have you served with many military women? Right or wrong, military women serving in direct combat roles is not so easy to speculate on. Some women in the military would very much like no restrictions on them, others would prefer not to be a direct combat role. Unfortunately, many of the women demanding an ease on military restrictions for women have no military experience. Kind of like you.

Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 3 years ago from London, UK

Much respect to them . God bring them all back safely.

perrya profile image

perrya 3 years ago Author

Mark, your thinking is antiquated and old school. Women have been on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mark 3 years ago

Yes, there have been cases when women have been in direct combat. However they are not authorized to serve in certain MOS's (career fields) like infanrtymen (11B) and artillery. I am not debating whether they are capable or not, my problem is with non-military fucks like you trying to make an argument one way or another. You shitbags like to sit around and play armchair commando. Nobody with any military experience gives a fuck about what you think.

perrya profile image

perrya 3 years ago Author

Like I said, your thinking is obsolete. So, glad you agree then that women should be in combat roles. I was in the military, idiot.

Mark 3 years ago

You're just not getting get. I was on active duty for ten years (1998-2008) and have since been working as a gov't contractor. Dont act like you know what the fuck are you talking about.

I extremely doubt you were in the military. What was your MOS?

perrya profile image

perrya 3 years ago Author

Look, u want this to get personal. u are anti-women in combat. I was in the medical field in the Navy. So, now, u will continue with the rant that I have no idea what I am talking about because I was Navy. Why are you being such a jerk off? I have my opinion, u have yours. People like u might as well get use to it. End of story.

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