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Woolly mammoth

 Woolly Mammoths also known as tundra mammoth and was closely related to today's Asian elephants. It has long dark black hair, curved tusks, fatty hump, long nose and big ears. Wooly mammoth size is about 11.5 feet long, 9.5 feet tall and weighed about 3 tons. Woolly mammoths lived in the tundras of Asia, Europe and North America. Scientific name of woolly mamoth is mammuthus primigenius. Woolly mammoth went extinct around 13,000 years ago. Ancestors of mammoths originated in equatorial Africa around 7 million years ago. Woolly mammoths also known as bones, frozen carcasses from the permafrost of Siberia, and through ancient art.

 To understand how the mammoth tolerated the extreme cold, scientists used ancient DNA to rebuild mammoth blood. Mammoth blood contains special cold adaptations that helped to survive in the Arctic. The oxygen carrying molecules in the blood of woolly mammoths was adapted to survive extreme cold. Mammoths had more than woolly coats to protect them from the frigid conditions of their sub-zero stomping grounds. The extinct beasts had a form of antifreeze blood. It kept mammoth bodies supplied with oxygen in the sub-zero temperatures, according to a study of DNA extracted from 43,000-year-old mammoth remains. Below you will find some of the woolly mammoth pictures.

Woolly mammoth photo gallery:

Woolly mammoth
Woolly mammoth
Woolly mammoth
Woolly mammoth
Woolly mammoth
Woolly mammoth

Evolution of the Woolly mammoth:

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Hello, hello, profile image

Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

What a shame it died out. Thank you for your tribute to the woolly mammoth.

B3ST IN TH3 LAND2 6 years ago


haley 5 years ago

i hate the vidio but love the pictures

Mumal 5 years ago

wow are those real mammoths I always thought they were on movies but it changed my life One day my teacher told me to do a report on wooly mammoths and I was like cool And then I went to my house and looked at this page and I wrote the facts and i got a A++++ thanks for posting bye

Tiara456 5 years ago

First off how do people know what Woolly Mammoths looked like before the Ice Age began I understand they found frozen Mammoths but maybe their fur changed by the climate of the ice.Because by my calculation's no one was alive when they were.

jack 5 years ago

mamoths are cool

Hannah McDonald 5 years ago

They are so big and scary looking awesome! :S

jim 5 years ago

this is not bad

Chris 4 years ago

I hope they bring them back by cloning there interesting animals

hanxin 4 years ago

this is totally awesome!!!!!!!!!

unknown 4 years ago

my techer told me and my classmates to find the best animal to represent the class to fight the p3 level then i wrote down wolly mammoths then mine is the best then we won the compettition

not only we won but we are better than the whole school so i got a psp,ds,computer and much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

adriana 4 years ago

whooly mammoths are really big

Sarah 4 years ago

I wish woolly mammoths were still alive!!!!

Milan 4 years ago

Sounds AWSOME !!!!!!!

STAR 4 years ago


Sarah 4 years ago

I wish they were still alive today because i thought it would be really cool to find one somewhere where its cold. Long live woolly mammoths!!!!!!

erin 4 years ago

who ever says mammoths are dome they are mean

brynn burlin 4 years ago

i love mammothes

Nunzio 4 years ago

When u look at one one pics u can see that some were frozen in ice cubs and where in the under neath water

kacey 3 years ago

willo mamouths are awesome the only reason i like them cause i love ice age

Leann 2 years ago

I thought the wooly mammoth was extinct maybe there might be some still living they might just be hiding in a cave or something maybe they aren't extinct.

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