Why World Peace Is Not Happening


It is a pleasure to have you come across my political article, for which, I will not only discuss the title "Why World Peace Is Not Happening", but will also address the lack of action from world leaders and business leaders. Not to mention, I'll also get into the world economy, world politics, world finance, and the political games world politicians continue to play.

Why? My only objective is increasing awareness, so as to get people to wake up to the fact that their own world leaders or country leaders, are really not interested in World Peace and only interested in control of people.

You may or may not agree with everything you read in my information article/political article, however, you will not be able to dismiss the fact that it's truth. The main reason you cannot or will not be able to dismiss the fact of what is said as truth, is because, "World Peace" was claimed more than 20 years ago and not much has actually changed in that time.

World Leaders, Poverty and Homelessness

The World Leaders of today's day and age, truly are not interested in solving two of the biggest world issues- (a) poverty and (b) homelessness. When you look around where you live, regardless of what country you live in, what do you see?

You see, beggars - pan handlers - churches asking for money - donations for the poor from many different businesses - people sleeping in the gutter - people digging in trash cans for food and so much more. All of these sorts of things are part of poverty and homelessness, and no matter how much is given, the problem continues to be a part of world issues.

World Economy and Finance

The World Economy and Finance is about operating a business, maintaining revenue and creating a money based world. Some people have the belief that money is only a fools game and only for the greedy people. In some aspects, this would be accurate, but up to a point.

Money or Currency, is a fundamental necessity, for people to buy the things that they need for living their life. It is an integrated part of the "barter/trade" system, because it can be substituted for products/goods or services offered by businesses, all around the globe.

The "barter/trade" system, originally designed to haggle on price points and then trade something of equal value, so one person could get what they need and the other could profit from the valued item received. World Finance, simply put, is the rules for currency/money.

He Who Has The Most Toys Wins

Personally, the dumbest statement ever uttered is "He Who Has The Most Toys Wins!" and I only say that because it bases one's individual life on greed(obsessive). The very concept of greed is misunderstood by many people, because they misunderstand the power of money and the respect money deserves.

Business leaders, the ones who own and operate, the World Banks and Central Banks of the World, are the most greedy of all. They tend to use their wealth, so as to control people, such as politicians, for which, allows them to, in essence, control the citizens of each country. The World issues, many of them, are caused because of the obsessively greedy people in these positions.

However, the average person, does not have a clue about these people or their agenda, because the average person is too busy trying to maintain their life, job and family. They have a lack of awareness of the power of these people. Thus, I am increasing awareness, so you can know about them, if you do not as of yet.

World Peace - The Biggest Political Scam

The very concept of "World Peace" is actually a scam, the biggest political scam ever put into words. Why? Because, the world leaders and business leaders already knew, before they ever uttered the words, that it could not be easily achieved.

They knew what it would take and the vision required to make it happen, and also knew that only a handful of people had the ability to see it happen. They also knew what had to be eliminated and they were not about to relinquish their ability to control others. Therefore, the words themselves are a scam.

The politicians wanted to give people hope for peace, at a time, when hope was diminishing, due to increasing tensions around the world issues, such as poverty, homelessness, dictator regimes, and the proliferation of nuclear weapons. The doomsday scenario is still in place, because too many countries have nuclear weapons stockpiled in reserve. Sure, America and Russia have the most nuclear weapons, but were also the only "super" powers to have them at one time.

However, that isn't the case any longer and many other countries have begun stockpiling, as a prevention tactic, so they say. Some countries would like to eliminate nuclear weapons from the Earth altogether, however, the money that can be made by developing them is a problem.

World Leaders and Business Leaders lied to the people.

With the subject of nuclear weapons and the development of such weapons of mass destruction, it would mean that World Leaders and even Business Leaders lied to the people of their respected country. Yet, no one, anywhere is holding these people accountable for this perpetuating lie.

Why not? Because approximately 70% or more of the citizens of any given country is living in fear, either driven by political fear or religious fear, for which, continues to drive societal fear. People live in fear, not only of other people in their own country, but of that of people of other countries, all around the world.

The terrorist groups, who vow revenge on countries, for whatever reasons, continue to do more damage and many countries do not want to bother holding these people accountable for their actions. Why not? Because, there is no money to be made from doing so. The Business Leaders know that they can continue to make weapons for Military forces and if there isn't a war going on somewhere, then they cannot make money. So, it's better for them to lied to the people, supposedly supporting "World Peace" uttered by Political (World) Leaders, so they can continue hogging or hoarding profit margins.

Political games being played with citizens' lives

World Leaders and Business Leaders continue to play political games with citizens' lives. They do not seem to care about what happens to the citizens, so as long, as they can continue doing whatever it is that they want to do.

Many people, Military personnel have lost their lives in Wars and small battles, so others can continue to make profit margins. America is just as guilty as the rest of the world and is now policing the world, like they know what is best? Ironically, most of the world, outside of the United States isn't too clear about America's intentions.

Why not? Because, politicians continue to use deceit and double-talk, which does not coincide with the actions taken. Politicians use "political correct" speech to tell their tales and spin the meanings of what they say, so the general public doesn't have a clue as to what is going on. The many misconceptions purported by political deceit has continued to ruin societies all over the world. It's a game to them, and someone MUST win the game, while thousands of people die.

When Is Enough Really Enough?

I have been asking the above question for a number of years and every time I ask the question, I get many replies like "it's never going to change" or "nothing can be done" or "why bother" and it is very disturbing to say the least.

Finally, I derived an answer and it's based on two things - (a) knowledge and (b) wisdom. The knowledge comes from increasing awareness on an individual level. The wisdom is to realize that government, world leaders and business leaders are the ones who should really be afraid of the people, because with increased awareness on an individual level, movement or action can be made against them.

The World Leaders and Business Leader, all knowingly continue to misdirect and distort the methods, for which, knowledge and wisdom can be gained, so as to keep the general public from finding out the truth about their true intentions.

World Peace - The Reality

World Peace - The Reality....Can be a true measured goal of the citizens of humanity, but each must realize that it starts with them, as individuals. It cannot be done without their full cooperation and commitment.

Many people will without a doubt tell me, I must be crazy, a lunatic or just another nut-job, who fell off his rocker, with any sort of ideology about World Peace. Some people realize that World Peace cannot come true, because too many factors are involved. Some people will say that it will never happen, because government and business leaders will never let it happen.

And, you know what many of them could be correct. However, what people apparently refuse to understand is their role and what they must do to make it happen. Each individual needs to take the necessary steps- (a) change their view, (b) make their voice heard, (c) have no fear of reprisal and (d) be willing to die for the cause. It only takes increasing awareness of others to make it happen, to bring change come about and if you are not willing to be a part of that, then you have no understanding of life, have no value for life and lack any moral value.

I am doing my part. What are you doing?

I am presently in the midst of putting the final touches on a business model, which when implemented, will address many societal issues, as well as, helping to provide people with a better way of living their life.

When all said and done, I will have put my best foot forward, to increasing awareness of those who lack knowledge and wisdom about life, to put effort into educating people about how to solve poverty, to put effort into showing the homeless how to regain their life and bring about a changed view in each person who is impacted by my efforts.

What are you doing?

Thank you for your time.

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Ann1Az2 profile image

Ann1Az2 2 years ago from Orange, Texas

This is an interesting hub and you made many good points. I voted it up because it shows you have fortitude and determination to change things that obviously aren't right. I won't go into the religious ramifications since I know this would open up a whole can of worms. I disagree with you on where our wisdom comes from and where we should be getting our "business model." I'll leave it that. It is still a well thought out hub.

Cagsil profile image

Cagsil 2 years ago from USA or America Author

Hey Ann, I'm pretty sure there's a ton of subjective stuff involved in many things happening and every person's perception being what it is, is likely to see things differently. I have no qualms with that at all. As for the "religious" ramifications, well yeah there's plenty of symbolism in the events occurring as usual because most prophesy is self-fulfilling anyway. I appreciate you taking the time necessary to read the hub, considering it's length. I'm grateful for you leaving a comment too. Thank you. :)

tirelesstraveler profile image

tirelesstraveler 2 years ago from California

I wish more people had as good a heart as yours.

Cagsil profile image

Cagsil 2 years ago from USA or America Author

Thank you tirelesstraveler. I appreciate the compliment, read and comment. :)

Dim Flaxenwick profile image

Dim Flaxenwick 2 years ago from Great Britain

This is a brilliant hub , that had me nodding in agreement from beginning to end.

It's a long time since l trusted a politician to be telling the truth.

What l hadn't seen so clearly is the involvement of greed. Thank you for drawing attention to this aspect. Wars make money for some, while ordinary Joe gets killed.

I loved this . You always speak the truth.

Cagsil profile image

Cagsil 2 years ago from USA or America Author

Thank you Dim Flaxenwick for the compliment and comment. I'm grateful you took time out of your day to read my hub. :) And I get that a lot...people shaking their heads in agreement. When this hub was originally published, it had a lot of comments in agreement.

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 2 years ago from New Jersey

Peace has to start when one country stands up and refuses to play the economic games, and truly try to work out a way for it's citizens to make a sustainable living, doing something that doesn't hurt the environment. I think there should be a cap on how much a CEO makes. Most of them say they "work harder" but we all know that's crap.

As Gandhi said, "An eye for an eye, and the whole world goes blind." Maybe it already has, I'm watching this Russian/Ukrainian thing.

tamron profile image

tamron 2 years ago

I think you should run for office or better yet be our new president. You show great courage and knowledge while making a stand.

Cagsil profile image

Cagsil 2 years ago from USA or America Author

Hey Jean, nice to see you. :) The absurd pays for CEOs and the caps? Should make business sense. Some of them do work hard, but not all of them. As for the Gandhi quote, I know. I've heard it before and it's possible we're collectively too ignorant to stop the coming events. I certainly hope not, because the consequences are going to be huge. Thank you for reading and commenting. It's always a pleasure to see you.

Cagsil profile image

Cagsil 2 years ago from USA or America Author

Hey Tamron, I'm very grateful for the statement. However, there are still presently more people who seem to think I'm nuts or severely deluded, for me to even consider a political position. I can identify with the Libertarian party, I still hold no political stance. My goal is equality and equal rights, both of which shouldn't be political. Politics as we have learned and watch is identified to be defined as a man-made forced compromise tool used by power and wealth against those without either, power or wealth. When MORE people realize that's a common truth and reality of the situation, only then can any move be made to fix things currently. Thank you very much. I appreciate you reading and commenting. :)

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 2 years ago from New Jersey

Sadly we have people who are too ignorant to realize how bad it will really be if we don't start to solve our problems as one world. I realize some people are uneducated, though in a rich country like ours, that's ridiculous. And some people can't think for themselves, which is very bad. Schools should be teaching logic and more problem solving skills. Did you ever read The Celestine Prophesy by James Redfield? Some of the characters, in different parts of the world, realize that everything must change, or war will destroy the Earth. There are people who try to stop these characters from getting that information out to the masses, and the confrontations begin. It's an old book, but I've been leafing through it again lately, and it's so true to what we now have, it's scary.

Cagsil profile image

Cagsil 2 years ago from USA or America Author

No, I haven't read the book. However, the plot isn't new. I know a lot of knowledge has been kept away from the general masses, for multiple purposes and reasons. I have no doubt about that because our current evolution of technology is almost 100 years behind where it should be by now and I know that because of the world's suppression of scientific community for generations which has caused a lag. Yes, many people are uneducated and many are ignorant to many things that affect/effect them, yet they don't realize it. Many people fail to make the connection that we're all connected because we all live here and must live together.

mary615 profile image

mary615 2 years ago from Florida

My daughter and I just had a long discussion the other day about our country. We are both pessimistic about the future. We wished we could just move to an island.

I have to agree with what you have said in this article, but what can the "little guy" like me do about all these problems.

Voted UP, etc. and I am sharing on my FaceBook for my family and friends to read.

Cagsil profile image

Cagsil 2 years ago from USA or America Author

Hey Mary, the irony, I just has the discussion with my mother the other day as well. :) She is just plainly negative and calling her a pessimist would be fairly accurate too. However, I remain my optimistic self and it drives her up a wall. Yeah, it would be nice if moving to an island helped, but unfortunately not likely. Thank you for sharing it with others and I'm extremely grateful for the vote up, and other marks. :)

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 2 years ago from New Jersey

The rising sea levels would probably obliterate the island. The U.S. never embraces any kind of alternative energy issues.

Cagsil profile image

Cagsil 2 years ago from USA or America Author

Hey Jean, you're right. The US continues to let oil producers dominate, while suppressing other technology. No doubt about it. A prime example of that is to look at Hemp. That tells a story in and of itself.

BibiLuzarraga profile image

BibiLuzarraga 21 months ago from Doral, FL (Greater Miami)

All the twisted political leaders, religious leaders, celebrities, professionals, "Christians", etc. are definitely two-faced liars and tie into Illuminati/New World Order mindsets, it sadly seems. I do not obsess about it but am informed. Even Pope Francis claims to be against The Illuminati...go figure.

Check out my Hub entitled "Bucketlist WISHLIST for World Peace :)" Feel free to leave a comment.

Cagsil profile image

Cagsil 21 months ago from USA or America Author

Thank you Bibi for reading and commenting. I appreciate it. :)

vivek.singh2687@gmail.com 21 months ago

Thank you Mr casgil very informative although majority of the public in my country is not aware of this except for the people of gujarat in india but it was a good message to humanity all good humans need peace even the animal kingdom needs peace but we humans are destroying it for greed which would ultimately destroy us

Cagsil profile image

Cagsil 21 months ago from USA or America Author

You're welcome Vivek. I appreciate you taking time to read. I'm grateful for your comment too. :)

Babette 8 months ago


What do you think about Trump? I hear he may open the eyes of many to the truth at least. Thanks for the article. You are very intelligent.

Cagsil profile image

Cagsil 8 months ago from USA or America Author

Thank you Babette for reading and leaving a comment. I also appreciate your compliment. However, Trump isn't a solution for anything, so nothing to talk about.

SandyMertens profile image

SandyMertens 7 months ago from Frozen Tundra

Think there is too much lack of moral value. Voices don't seem to want to be heard. Don't think we will ever see world peace.

Cagsil profile image

Cagsil 7 months ago from USA or America Author

Thank you Sandy. You didn't need to post a comment, but I understand why you did. :) As for too much lack of moral value? I'll agree, many actions taken are taken for all the wrong reasons. As for voices don't seem to want to be heard? Because, many don't care to take the extra step necessary to be heard. We probably won't see peace in our lifetime, but I won't say no.

Stanley Tesla 6 months ago

I read your piece "Why World Peace Is Not Happening" & agree 100%. I have the same vision. Most people around me are oblivious of the reality which I see so clearly. That's part of the problem. Nobody wants to acknowledge or take any responsibility. My theory is Politicians don't rule (they're only puppets), Banks Large Corporations & Oil do. No borders for them, it's Global Dominance. Power is Big Money & the Earth doesn't fit into the equation. Since the discovery of Fossil Fuel Mankind went from 1.5 billion to over 7 billion in roughly 150 years. It's a Paradox of Demise. Politicians won't solve this problem, only the people can. There are many Movements around the World trying to do there part. Unfortunately they are only scratching the surface. Like trying to stop a freight train with a door stop. The answer lies in cooperation. Everybody together as One. EVERY BODY TOGETHER AS ONE. hmm....? I know that's the answer but how do you get ALL THE PEOPLE (not the Politicians) to act in the collective good as ONE for MANKIND and THE EARTH? The problem seems simple. How to implement the solution for total cooperation, not so simple. If you have any ideas please let me know. If I can help please let me know. Thanks for your time. Oh yeah. Donald Trump is our most immediate threat right now. Get back to me.


Twitter: @11worlpeace

(506) 874-9161 Thanks.

Stanley Tesla

Cagsil profile image

Cagsil 6 months ago from USA or America Author

Thank you for your time and reading article. As for your ending statement about Donal Trump? No candidate on any flatform is healthy for #US currently. Why not? Because none of them is talking about Treason happening on US soil. None of them are uncorrupted.

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