World War 1 Women in War ww1

A Housemaid WW 1

House Maid typical work for a woman before the outbreak of World War 1
House Maid typical work for a woman before the outbreak of World War 1

The Unsung Hero's of WW1

Before the outbreak of World War One in 1914 a woman's role in the workplace was quite restricted, jobs for women consisted mainly of domestic labor, nursing, teaching, and agriculture if their family owned a small holding.

Although some women were employed in factories they performed mainly menial and repetitive tasks and were paid a small percentage of what their male counterparts earned.

The Great War changed the role of women in the workplace forever, as more and more young men volunteered or were conscripted into the armed forces to fight in the war, women were called upon to fill their roles in the factories, mines and many other roles traditionally carried out by the men.

Women were the unsung hero's of the war, keeping the industrial wheels turning and the home fires burning.

The Woman's Army WW 1

Although very few women ever fought in The Great War women were enlisted into Auxiliary Armies, so that the men could be released to fight on the front line.

In the UK, many women joined the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, which later became known as Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps.

The women were largely employed on unglamorous tasks on the lines of communication: cooking and catering, store keeping, clerical work, telephony and administration, printing, motor vehicle maintenance.

women also became truck and ambulance drivers as more and more of the men were called to the front line.

The Women's Land Army

The Woman's Land Army

Because of naval battles and blockades during the war food supplies from abroad became scarce and food production on the home front had to be massively increased, in Britain 113,000 women joined the Women's Land Army which was set up in 1917, to provide a workforce to run the farms.

Many members of the land army came from the middle and upper classes of society.

They made a valuable contribution to the war effort, but there numbers were very few compared to the millions of working class women running the farms in the rest of Europe.

The Legion Of Death

The Legion of Death

A number of Russian women joined The Legion of Death, to fight for their country.

The First Battalion from St Petersburg distinguished themselves during a retreat by capturing over 100 German prisoners, sadly a lot of the battalion died during the battle.

Russia's women soldiers pledged to take their own lives rather than become German war prisoners. Each woman soldier carried a ration of cyanide of potassium to be swallowed in case of capture.

The members of the women regiments, agreed that death was to be preferred to the fate they would probably meet at the hands of the Germans.

Nurses on the Frontline

Nursing on the Front Line WW1

With so many men fighting in the trenches, there were hundreds wounded every day, Nurses were brought to the front line, to help in the treatment of those wounded, being on the front line these women ran the risk of being hit by a stray bullet or even shelled during an enemy bombardment.

many of these women were killed whilst carrying out there duties

An Embroidered Handkerchief Sent to a loved one in the Trenches

Keep the Home Fires Burning

Even with their new duties women still found the time to write to their sons, boyfriends, husbands, brothers and friends who were fighting on the front line, sending them momento's from home such as pressed flowers from the garden, photographs and embroidered handkerchiefs.

These letters proved to be essential in boosting the morale of their homesick and frightened men.

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Chuck 8 years ago from Tucson, Arizona

Great Hub Jimmy.  Thomas Fleming in his book "The Illusion of Victory - America in World War I" devoted a chapter or two on women in World War I but, other than that, I haven't seen much on this prior to your Hub.  Always interesting.  Chuck

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bluewings 8 years ago from Milkyway

Amazing story!

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Zsuzsy Bee 8 years ago from Ontario/Canada

Very interesting HUB. I always find it hard to believe that it's been less then a hundred years when women started to get 'unwrapped'. Last year I read a book that was about the Russian women's battalion. I can't remember the author but I will find it. It was quite a harsh look at the way of war life.

awesome hub regards Zsuzsy

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Bob Ewing 8 years ago from New Brunswick

Great hub and fascinating history, thanks.

wellness5 8 years ago

Good to see somebody writing about this- it is often forgotten. Thanks for the great hub.

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The Lost Dutchman 8 years ago from Flanders (Belgium)

Very interesting story!... I live in "Flanders Fields" and I am fascinated by "the Great War"!

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ZipClip 8 years ago

Very good hub

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trish1048 8 years ago

Interesting hubs on the war. It would be nice if you responded to comments, however. :)

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livelovecoffee 8 years ago from Georgia

Great hub. Lots of info I didn't know about. Thanks!!!!!!!

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ameliehub 7 years ago from UK

Great hub. Have joined recently and found this. Really nice. I thought women remain most of the time unheared. Have put all the things in interesting way....

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LondonGirl 7 years ago from London

lovely hub, thank you.

Two of my great-aunts were nurses during the Great War, one in France, one in Liverpool. It was far from being an easy life.

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santosh1947 7 years ago


thank u so much for a nice info

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Ashley Joy 7 years ago

Wonderful work on the research for this hub! We rarely hear about the role that women play in war.

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Great infromation! this helped out A lot with my history report on Women in the War-1917. I can't beleive that women were so Nationalistic to their country that some would rather drink poison during the war. this stuff still amazes me and i hope that it opens the eyes to men that women are much much MUCH more than just a pretty face. :)

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I am a big follower of World War I & II topics. Whenever I get time I go to the internet & search for new information about the War. But this piece of information is really new & informative for me. People rarely know about the women who were involved in the war.

Great Job!!!

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