You Know You've Been in a Hurricane if.....

Living in Florida, we experienced a few hurricanes. This list which maybe somewhat humorous is also very true. If you have lived through one, please leave a comment at the bottom.

You Know You've Been in a Hurricane If......'ve eaten an MRE and you've never been in the military. have a favorite meteorologist on the Weather Channel.

.....that meteorologist has been in your neighborhood reporting "live".

.....every roof in your neighborhood has been covered with a blue tarp.'ve ever filled your bathtub with water.........not for bathing. know how many appliances and electronics will run on a generator. have "numbered" plywood stored in your garage that correspond with all the windows in your house. no longer like Vienna sausage. have FEMA programmed into your contacts.'ve ever fallen asleep to the hum of your generator.

.....if you've gotten so used to the hum of your generator that you have a hard time sleeping without it.

.....if you've ever been the life of a hurricane party.

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