abu garcia revo

I was a shimano guy for a long long time. I had good luck with my shimano's. I loved them for a long long time. I was looking to buy some more and I realized that shimano raised there prices again. This made me angry so I started looking for other reels. I went in to my local tackle shop and played with a bunch of reels and I fell head over heals in love with the abu garcia revo's. I mean they really hit a home run with this line. I use the revo S and the SX in left hand. I have never felt anything that felt so good in my hand .... and they are smooth. the cheapest one in the line up is the revo S it has 9 bearings and a roller bearing and it retails for 109.99 but you can get them from ebay for 89.99 with free shipping and no tax. I recently purchased two more from there.

My next two will be the bigger inshore model for my swimbait rods. If you are on the fence on these go to a local tackle retailer and play with one

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