ADN to BSN Programs - How to Find the Right One, and What You Need to Know for Online Nursing (RN) Classes

The ADN to BSN nursing program is all about a registered nurse with an Associate Degree (ADN) or Diploma in Nursing to advance and finish the undergraduate portion of their education by obtaining their Bachelor Degree. This needs to be completed in order to advance to graduate level courses and obtain a Masters or PhD.

Because this education and training is provided to a working nurse, you want to make sure that taking the courses is flexible at your school so that you can fit it in your schedule. There are multiple schools that provide this training, so you will want to find the one offering this nearest you. Another option is to find what you believe to be the best school, and get a nursing job in that area, and then work towards attending that school. The most recent option in our connected world is to see if your desired school provides the training online.

I did find one website talking ADN to BSN online programs, and then they provided this link to a report that the US Department of Education did about online coursework and how there performance was better than in a classroom setting. Looking at the link, and then reading through the report, most of the studies reviewed were formal, and most common of those were medicine and health care.

Considerations for BSN Program Selection

Sometimes, the best school is the only factor to consider when choosing what nursing school you want to attend for your Bachelor degree. While the best school sounds like a great idea, and you may want to take classes online if available instead of move there, you may have found out another university has a better focus on a topic of interest to you within the nursing field.

You may have found that one of the top faculty members in the country is at another school, but the thing you may have to consider most is cost. Another item wrapped up in costs is the prerequisites you will need to have completed in order to start the next school's program. There is the chance that your GPA is not high enough for your desired school, and will all of your previous courses on your transcript transfer?

Investigate and Compare Schools

Start the process of selecting schools you have an interest in and those physically closest to you. If they are far enough away that you would only consider the online ADN to BSN programs, determine the length, costs, and requirements of their curriculum. Investigate the same things for those other schools high on your list. Doing this for four to six colleges will give you a rough estimate of the cost, length, and prerequisites you will need to have.

You may find there are classes you are just going to have to have somewhere before starting the BSN program anywhere. If that is so, determine the cheapest or quickest way you want to go about that and get it over with. Make sure to take the ones needed for the school you will attend. None of this should be attempted though until you have talked to the ADN-BSN advisor at the school you will ultimately go to.

How do you choose the school whose program you will take? If the curriculum cannot fit your schedule, if the costs are not within reach, and the course takes too long to complete or too much is scheduled in too short a time, then that school is not for you. You will have to make the personal choices that work for you, and select the appropriate school accordingly.

As with buying a phone, a car, and other purchases, shop around.

Online ADN to BSN Programs

We should point out that the idea of online courses is not the same for all schools. You may be able to complete the online courses without ever setting foot on campus, or you may have to physically visit them a handful of times. This is one of those things to consider when researching the schools of your choice.

The other thing about online programs is how long have they existed online? The college's experience over time will have given them a chance to work out all the bugs, whether or not they are technical.

Ultimately, make sure the the online BSN courses are CCNE (Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education) and/or NLNAC (National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission) accredited, so that it will be a smoother transition into a graduate program, should you desire to do that later. Your courses need accreditation, or it could be a waste of time in the long run, no matter what you learn. To some level, it is about how people will view the degree you received and from where.

Skills Needed for a Nursing Degree Online

If you have the opportunity to attend a nursing school online for your Bachelor Degree, you may need to be a better and more dedicated student than you have been before. To work, have a home life, social life, and attend school requires being able to prioritize and putting some things on the back burner.

Studying from Home

By physically attending class, you may not have studied as much at home because you picked up a lot of information in the classroom setting. Online, you need to learn at home, and you may need to figure out how to test yourself so you know that you learned the material. This requires a level of motivation to do something where no one is over your shoulder making sure you are doing it. You are in control, so don't waste this opportunity. Set goals and work to achieve them.

Personal Interaction

By taking classes online, you won't have face time with the professors, so you will probably do a lot of e-mailing or using forums on the school's website. Responses won't be as immediate as they would be if you could drop by their office. So you need to keep pace and stay on track with studying. If you can stay ahead of the curve with your studying, then when you ask a question, by the time they respond it won't feel like a last minute situation.

Computer Literacy

With all this discussion about taking courses online, if you are not comfortable with the basic programs that the online course will utilize, then this may not be for you in the first place. If you are uncertain, see if there is a demo website that will give you a taste of what taking these courses from them will be like. You will have to ask the school if they have one, but you should be talking to people at the school you are considering anyway.

If you can get these necessary skills under your belt, aim for the stars, You may then find yourself searching out graduate degrees after completing your BSN program.

Below is a table listing the top online graduate nursing programs according to US News & World Report.

Top Online Graduate Nursing Programs

Institution Name
University of Northern Colorado
Greeley, CO
Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA
University of Texas - Tyler
Tyler, TX
Excelsior College
Albany, NY
Troy University
Troy, AL
George Washington University
Washington, DC
Loyola University New Orleans
New Orleans, LA
Grand Canyon University
Phoenix, AZ
Walden University
Minneapolis, MN
University of Colorado - Denver
Denver, CO
Ranked by Student Engagement and Accreditation

There a few reasons to advance your level of education from an Associate Degree to a Bachelor Degree. These could include your drive for more responsibility, desire to receive higher pay, and it is the necessary intermediary to get a Master's Degree. You want to take the right ADN to BSN program for you, so take the time do all of your research as necessary to find it.


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