allahabad court status about judgement on ayodhi

Ayodhi verdict

The indian government announcved that "The judgement is probable announced today".

Whether it is true. Read it completely.

How ayodhi problem started.

On a fine day night on 1950's a muslim lebbai opened palli (majid) as normal at early morning.

He is shocked of what he seen ther. There is some HINDU Statues of creative god (imaginary god only) is found there.

Suddently muslim peoples make a complaint in the police station near to ayodhi.

That day itself the problem has started.

What are the effects of it

The effect of that is very cruel and un imaginable.

The Orange Logo FLAg peoples made lot of RIOT's (as all know they are always doing that).

Some bombs were blasted arround india in various peoples killed more than lakhs of peoples. Finally they entered into gujarat and claimed more than 3 lakh peoples lives.The affected peoples are more than 25 lakh. still they are living. they made lot of rapes.

There are lot of video and pictural evidences.

but still india is having population of more than 115 crores.

There contains 70% hindus and muslims occupies 15% only.

What's now. whether judgement being announced today??

The commonwealth games are now in schedule. It is likely to affect the CWG if the result announced today. hope govt will take a good decision.

As Manmohan sigh announced "This is not a Final decision. Every one should be ready to accept whatever be the judgement."

In my view their is no RAMAR Bridge before 400 years. Since muslims have their religious masjid there and actively praying .

If government took decision according to what the true evidence means "Muslims get it"

But if govt see the side effects to be happen by the orange tie's then it may be goes to HINDUS.

let's see.


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