another world a second earth

second earth

We are not alone, Second Earth

Our scientists have discovered a new planet. According to them, our earth is not unique. We think we are not alone. Yes it is our earth, a second earth. But this earth is much greater than our earth. Hence this new planet is called as SUPER EARTH. The surface of this SUPER EARTH is occupied more than half by water. According to Science Magazine named "Nature" publish this information in thier magazine.

This SUPER EARTH is exist in another Solary System and 42 Light Years long from us. The radius of this SUPER EARTH is 2.7 times greater than our earth. This Research is done by Horward Smithsonian Center which is famous for Astro Physics. The symbolic name of this planet is GJ1214 B.

Now a days Global Warming is most important issue. University of California have given this information of this newly discovered world. According to this information this planet is too much hotter than our earth. Due to this reason, there is not possibility of life on this planet. This planet occupies 1/4 of water, 1/3 of stones and remaining is ice on it. The most interesting thing is that some signs of exitence of gases on it. The temperature of this SUPER EARTH varies between 2800C to 1200C.


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