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Is there a native american ritual to thank the kill for giving up its life so the clan may live?

again, writing this story is heading to needing this information. To explain to my chlid like character the need for animals to die for humans to live, that in itself will probably bring a lot of criticism, but this is not promoting or bashing anyone, I just one to get the information right and be accurate. did a web search but cannot seem to find what I need.. thankyou ahead of time for the help if anyone is able to do so.

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Dennis Thorgesen (wheelinallover) says

5 years ago
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Jason Kreider says

5 years ago
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  • Peaceluvnavocados 21 months ago

    There were times in human history where we killed as a means of survival. However we've come a long way from our barbaric days, and the killing of an animal to satisfy a taste is filled with greed and selfishness.