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Do I have to personally home-school my child, or can someone else do it?

Once we have children, my husband & I wish to have them home-schooled. But I seriously doubt my abilities to adequately teach every subject to my child. Is there a network of home-schooling here in Seattle where I won't have to personally teach my child myself, but have someone else do it?

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Best Answer C E Clark (Au fait) says

4 years ago
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    C E Clark (Au fait) 3 years ago

    See my hub: Who Can Teach Your Home Schooled Children? Must You Do It Or Can You Get Someone Else To Do It?

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Rachel L (relawshe) says

4 years ago
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  • Kidsaremylife 3 years ago

    I have homeschooled both my girls. The first daughter was the only child for 14 yrs old at that point she decided she would like to go to High School with the neighbor kids. It worked out well, she went on to UCLA and is a Chemist.

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onegoodwoman says

4 years ago
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