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Zeros Aren't Permitted

My school is considering going to a "Zeros Aren't Permitted" or ZAP program next year. Ultimately students who do not complete assignments would have to go to a structured study hall to complete the work they have missed. What are your thoughts about a program like this? Would it encourage students to complete their assignments? How would it impact quality of work?

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Stephanie Bradberry (StephanieBCrosby) says

4 years ago
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  • kyleesterley profile image

    kyleesterley 4 years ago

    So you said "assume". So would if it is after school? I know I would not slack off because I wanted to stay after school so badly.

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ashley (hazeleyedbeauty) says

4 years ago
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One Teachers thoughts on Zero's aren't Permitted (ZAP)86

One Teachers thoughts on Zero's aren't Permitted (ZAP)

4 years ago
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kyleesterley says

4 years ago
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  • hazeleyedbeauty profile image

    ashley (hazeleyedbeauty) 4 years ago

    ok so when they go to college and they dont have this policy there then what? how about a place of employment are they going to have a study hall for the employees that did not complete their reports?

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Kathryn L Hill says

4 years ago
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    RoxiM 4 years ago

    I don't know if it would be an answer to prayers, but I can see how it might work for some students. I know that some students work better when they have in-school suspension because they have a quiet environment with no distractions.