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What spider chases people from a suspended web?

I noticed a spider spinning a small ball while supsended midair in my kitchen. I called two of my sons to see. At first, it scrambled up its line. We backed off. Then, we inched towards it again. The spider lunged - mid-air - towards my boys, they backed away quickly, it CHASED them - in the air! What kind of spider does this? It was a rusty brown color. I'd estimate its body to be about 3/4 inch. Couldn't tell it's legspan - maybe about a half dollar size or smaller. Do you have any idea what kind of spider it is? I'm hesitant even to go in the kitchen! We live off of the Gulf Coast. Thanks!

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Melody Trent (Bedbugabscond) says

4 years ago
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    breathe2travel 4 years ago

    I've had a wolf spider jump at me after studying me... a rather large one at that. This was not a wolf spider. It was rusty-yellow-brown. Thank you for answering. :)

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Catherine Tally (cat on a soapbox) says

4 years ago
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