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Aliens like us | Do you believe that there are aliens like us, humans ?

The Universe is so, so huge that it is impossible to know every corner about it. Our Galaxy Milky Way is also a very, very big place. Is it possible to have alien creatures like us exist somewhere in this galaxy or even outside our galaxy? Do you think they will be like us? That means they will resemble humans in shape, believes and intelligence. Do you believe so?

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discovery2020 says

4 years ago
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    ptosis 4 years ago

    really, remember the remake of the "Body Snatchers" - it was a plant, or a microbe, that's what's alien means "unlike us". Which would be a good thing, because if they were anything like us, we already be colonized and sucked of all our resources.

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Jim and Beyond says

4 years ago
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  • andrew savage profile image

    andrew savage 3 years ago

    Humans are capable of surviving in any atmosphere. Now that we exist, we are not simply going to die out. In my perspective it would be egotistical to believe that we are the only humans in the universe. What if we are the image of another's likeness

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Richard J ONeill (Richawriter) says

4 years ago
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edhan says

4 years ago
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andrew savage says

3 years ago
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