Higgs Boson invention - Boon or a Curse?

The CERN scientists are really really close to find the HIGGS BOSON - the "GOD'S" particle . I do really hope they reach the end of this quest as soon as possible . But I was thinking , does this invention really mean , they have finally found GOD?Is it challenging GOD? Does this invention will lead to other inventions which can be dangerous to manking , like the invention of nuclear bomb?

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seigfried23 says

3 years ago
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Adriane Killy says

4 years ago
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  • sijils 4 years ago

    but what the CERN is after is actually the GOD particle itself , the most fundamental particle resulting from the unbalance created between matter and anti-matter during the explosion of the singularity mentioned in the big bang theory , isnt it?