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The 2nd Amendment Of The US Constitution

Why is the 2nd Amendment Of The US Constitution culturally significant to a large portion of Americans in the modern era (post 1970 and onwards)?

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junkseller says

4 years ago
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    thephoenixlives 4 years ago

    You are correct, you did stretch it just a bit...like a mile. the writings of our founding fathers still stand in principle. you imply that the government is good when the "State" has killed more people in the last 100 years than all others combined!

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ahorseback says

4 years ago
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  • joyphul 4 years ago

    Cultural significance, that terminology is the whole axis on which this question is balanced. Since the significance spoken of is described in a myriad of ways, this question bears great debate. First off cultural can apply to educational, artistic,


joyphul says

4 years ago
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