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Most states in the US have the rule that you must be 5 by Aug 31 to start Kindergarten,Do you agree?

My daughter turned 5 in October, thus missing the cut off date for starting Kindergarten. The state was trying to hold her in Pre-K for another year even though she was doing Kindergarten work in her Pre-K class. I was adamantly against them doing this so I took her out of the Public School System. What would you do?

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Faceless39 says

4 years ago
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SmartAndFun says

4 years ago
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    mosaicman 4 years ago

    In my oppinion I would like school systems give parents the option to either hold them back or push them forward. My daughter has been around kids (church, other activities, etc.) for all of her life. I wanna push for "choice."

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