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Is all this for real? And if so, what does it mean?

A new scientific paper concludes we are very likely living inside a grand computer simulation that we think is our universe. This paper comes from science, yet if its conclusions are true, it would mean that our universe was intelligently designed with a purpose in mind. Read the conclusions at end of PDF.

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Joan Whetzel (joanwz) says

3 years ago
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    Jim Miller (JimTxMiller) 3 years ago

    Pres. Eisenhower was touring a computer facility in the '50s when computers were the size of rooms. He asked, "Is there a God?" Servos buzzed, lights flashed and a voice from the machines replied, "There is now!"

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Jim Miller (JimTxMiller) says

3 years ago
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Anti-Valentine says

3 years ago
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  • Writer Chuck 3 years ago

    One of the oldest books in the world advocates intelligent design, the book I'm referring to is of course the Bible. The creation theory has always been ignored even in light of the fact that the evolution theory can not be proven.

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