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Is it considered negligent to have a child's active IEP terminated?

My son is in second grade and currently has an active IEP which allows the school district to give him extra help and make adaptations to school work for him to succeed. I want to have this IEP stopped because I feel they are holding him back by not pushing him to work up to his full potential. I feel the school district is in a sense just "carrying" him through school and his not learning anything. I feel that if he had to work harder with his school work he would be able to learn what is expected of him instead of being "babied" through the classwork and test. Am I being unreasonable?

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Mary (carter06) says

3 years ago
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Michelle Taylor says

3 years ago
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MickS says

3 years ago
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    Jill Kostowskie (JillKostow) 3 years ago

    Sorry, Individualized Education Plan

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