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Do You Believe Some Of Us Are Aliens?

The movie KPAC and The Martian Child are two movies that suppose that we are aliens and that Earth is not home as we see it as. I am sure there are other movies out there too that depict this supposition. Do you believe that they can be true? Why or why not?

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Best Answer Christin Sander (ChristinS) says

3 years ago
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quicksand says

3 years ago
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  • Rod Marsden profile image

    Rod Marsden 3 years ago

    If they are aliens then they have the technology to make the journey from one planet to another. With that sort of technology we'd have to be real polite asking them to leave.

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Georgianna Lowery (Georgie Lowery) says

3 years ago
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  • Lady Guinevere profile image

    Debra Allen (Lady Guinevere) 3 years ago

    Why not? Have you seen the 2 films I mentioned?

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Rod Marsden says

3 years ago
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