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Some questions regarding the "measurement" and properties of infinity.

To all you physics/math buffs out there - I've been wondering about how to "calculate" and/or deduce the relationships between infinities. First question: Does infinity + infinity = infinity, or does it equal 2infinity? 2. Does infinity + 1 = infinity or infinity + 1 ? 3. Does infinity * infinity = infinity or infinity-squared? 4. Does infinity/infinity = infinity, or does it equal 1?

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canforces says

3 years ago
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Benji Mester (Benjimester) says

3 years ago
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    stanwshura 3 years ago

    Part of me agrees with you, but apparently some physicists, like Stephen Hawking argue that through certain techniques such as "normalization" infinities can be manipulated to produce finite results! My head is spinning!

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Caleb DRC says

3 years ago
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