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Who Is The Most Important Of All Scientists?

Which of the scientists do you think has done the most for mankind? Whose discovery or contribution towards science would you declare has singular importance and bearing in our lives or has been a turning point?

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Greensleeves Hubs says

2 years ago
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    quicksand 2 years ago

    Thanks a lot Alun, for this great comment! My fave happens to be Sir Isaac Newton. Armed with only a telescope and a block of glass (prism) he figured out many things! In recent times scientists use sophisticated instruments to observe and infer!

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Austinstar says

3 years ago
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    quicksand 3 years ago

    Sure, I remember his program about space, serialized on TV. He knew a lot about the universe and the laws governing it. He knew much about what others had discovered but I guess he did not discover anything on his own. Anyways thanks for responding!

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