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Disclaimer:I'm Black,now the deep psychological question: What makes Black Southerners, the Black

Southern diaspora & descendants STILL value strict conformity,obedience,extreme religiosity, self-hatred,& submissiveness in contrast to Black Caribbeans,the Black Caribbean diaspora & descendants in the USA who STRESS independence,assertiveness,self-pride, & an in your face attitude?Among my Southern relatives,there's a very strong religiosity,unquestioning obedience, & conformity.In contrast my Caribbean relatives are proactive, assertive, & REFUSE to be submissive.The first still POSSESS a slave/victimology consciousness/psychology/mindset while the other REFUSE to succumb to such.

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Peeples says

19 months ago
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    Kiss andTales 19 months ago

    In answering your post , it is sad when people or other humans are separated from society based on color, in the US we are a mixed people who have many mixed backgrounds, we are not all white or we are not all black or any other race as pure.

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Yoleen Lucas (Say Yes To Life) says

19 months ago
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