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What makes the average parent a dream destroyer regarding children who are more creative,

artistic, and unconventional in terms of educational/career aspirations, goals, and options? Children of a creative, artistic, and/or unconventional bent are oftentimes told by average parents to have "more realistic" goals and to get a "real job". Such children's creative, artistic, and unconventional dreams are mocked, even derided by such parents as being impractical, even foolish. Only the strong creative, artistic, and/or unconventional child pursues his/her dreams no matter what. Many creative, artistic, and unconventional children subvert their dreams into "realistic" careers.

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Ricki-Lee Keeley says

16 months ago
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Pollyanna Jones says

16 months ago
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    Grace Marguerite Williams (gmwilliams) 16 months ago

    Wonderful answer, by the way, was your mother the oldest child. Many oldest children have issues of power and always being first. If they aren't first, they don't want anyone else to be first either.

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