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Did you hear about the man that fathered his dead twin's son?

Really he absorbed his dead twin's DNA and although he fathered his son by DNA he is only the boys uncle! "Statistically about one in eight births are believed to have started as multiple pregnancies. Following a miscarriage of one of the wombs, often times cells are absorbed by the surviving twin." Isn't this unbelievable and it is not the first time it ever happened! Have you heard of this? Your thoughts?

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DreamerMeg says

14 months ago
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Gunny Cracker (Sgt Prepper) says

15 months ago
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    Jackie Lynnley 15 months ago

    Yes I was an unbeliever the first time I heard of twins having different fathers but have since seen it is really true. We have come a long way in knowledge about these things.

    I have never seen identical twins I could not tell apart, though.