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Which would YOU rather be:(a) the only child or (b) the oldest child? Why?

There is one birth order in which a child can develop to his/her utmost potential, being free to what h/she wants to be & your parents always consider you while in the other birth order, a child is put into rigid roles which h/she has to abide by w/little or no avenue for error, h/she is oftentimes discarded or put last, h/she has LITTLE or NO normative childhood, cannot fully be what h/she wants& your parents seldom consider you at all. Given the aforementioned case scenario, what birth order would YOU rather be!

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Dora Isaac Weithers (MsDora) says

14 months ago
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    Grace Marguerite Williams (gmwilliams) 12 months ago

    YOU definitely DON'T want to be the oldest. No one in his/her right mind does. Oldest children have no childhood.They must assume adult responsibilities in childhood.They have NO individual life, NO privacy, must be ON 24/7/365 a/k/a Cinderella!

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Grace Marguerite Williams (gmwilliams) says

14 months ago
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Marc Lee (bluesradio) says

14 months ago
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