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In the United States, why do parents of large families place little or no value on their children's

academic, educational, &/or intellectual achievement & success, instead placing primary importance on social skills only? What makes parents of large families care about social skills more than they care about their children's education?

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Best Answer Tamara Wilhite (tamarawilhite) says

5 months ago
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    Grace Marguerite Williams (gmwilliams) 5 months ago

    EXACTLY, well said. I have done articles regarding this. Older siblings are children themselves& they aren't as advanced as parents. Large families are INDEED different from small families where parents are THE TEACHERS & INVOLVED.

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Mona Sabalones Gonzalez (grand old lady) says

5 months ago
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Grace Marguerite Williams (gmwilliams) says

5 months ago
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