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Why do poor Americans complain about being poor yet want to live an affluent, comfortable lifestyle

on someone's dime, not making any concerted effort on their part to improve themselves? The American poor it seems want to live the good life. However, they feel to realize that in order to live an affluent lifestyle, they must plan, organize, & work smart to attain such a lifestyle. They would rather wish to be affluent, looking to the affluent to foot their bills through taxes or if the affluent are family members, expect the latter to support them because they refuse to succeed on their own. Oftentimes, the worst thing is to help a poor person because this robs them of their independence.

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Tamara Wilhite (tamarawilhite) says

5 months ago
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ptosis says

5 months ago
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    Grace Marguerite Williams (gmwilliams) 5 months ago

    No one is taking advantage of me-NO WAY, I WON'T LET THEM. However, there are poor people who believe that their affluent relatives should support them financially. They want to live RICH but AREN'T about to work for it. They would rather-FREELOAD..

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William Thomas (wingedcentaur) says

5 months ago
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