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I have been laboring over this for some time - I write but am utterly confused about hubbing/bloging

It seems to be so complex; widgets, keywords, how to get people to follow your Hub or Blog. I want to not only get my voice out there {Lots to say} but also learn how to make writing something I can profit from. I realize that will take time but I find myself giving up on my ideas for blogs or hubs because I feel overwhelmed by all the "technical stuff". Not whining really, just frustrated, more with myself for not being more diligent in my efforts out of fear and a complete lack of understanding to how it all works. Make sense? Anyway, any guidance - most appreciated. Thanks.

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What Should I Make My Site or Blog About?81

What Should I Make My Site or Blog About?

5 years ago
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Shahid Bukhari says

6 years ago
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daytripeer says

7 years ago
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