are you f-ing kidding me?

are you f-ing kidding me?

Are you f-ing kidding me??!!??!!

I just had a sophomore high school student who could not figure out half of two. What the hell is going on when a student who is 16 years old is actually in high school and cannot do math a third grader can do. I see this every day with more and more kids including seniors who are graduating next week. We as tax paying citizens should be putting our feet down and saying no to letting these kids continue their education until they can do basic skills like it was as easy as they can text their friends. There are too many morons being allowed to be parents who blame everything wrong with their kids on everyone else when they are more worried about what they are going to get from life instead of what they can bring to it.

These parents were dumb enough to have kids and now they don’t want the responsibility of raising the kids or helping them get through school. It is always the teachers fault when something goes wrong. When the student does no homework, and then fails a class it is the teachers fault. The moron parent complains. When the student is late for school twenty times a semester the school is at fault for punishing the student with detentions to make up the hours. The moron parent complains.

When parents gets off their lazy asses and take responsibility for their own kids maybe the child will have a chance at a life of more than pumping gas at a self-serve station. Parents are the biggest problem and I say don’t let them be parents. If our future is in the hands of the high school idiots of today get out now because the world as we know it will not be able to wash their own asses without blaming someone else.

The saddest thing about this is that it is all too common in high schools. When thirty percent of the kids are reading a grade level five or less there is a problem with education at the lower levels. Administrator’s need to stop being pussies and hold these kids back a grade or two until they get it right. We are doing no favors to these kids and teaching disappointment used to mean something. Now we teach pity and sympathy and the belief that welfare for your future is a good thing. Earning a grade is now in the hands of an administrator who wants good numbers for graduation and not smart kids. When the hell is someone going to fix the broken system instead of making excuses for it? it should never be about how many graduate first, it should be about how good the grades are first and then making sure that everyone graduates. The sooner some Politician who knows nothing about how education works but somehow gets to make decisions about it figures this out the better we will all be.


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