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Hello friends, I am Dr Ashok Shyam M.S. Orthopedics, FIPO, FILR, FIAR [Korea]

Well i am an orthopedic surgeon practising for about 6 years now. I have just joined the hub pages and found it a very nice and interactive place. What i want is to reach out to as many people as possible and help them with the knowledge i have.

I have been from a not so well to do family and had been helped by many people to reach where i am now . It is from this sense that the desire to help others with my knowledge has arisen

Although there are many sites on the net that will give you an overview of vaious orthopedic conditions what i can provide is an updated and unbaised suggestions with a added benefit of personal experience

So anyone who wants to anything about orthopedics right from the anatomy of bone to working of joint to treatment of fractures to oesteoporosis and arthritis i would be glad to help and advice

you can leave your questions as comments or you can directly mail me your question

i would try to answer you within 24 hrs... that is a promise to all hubbers

take care ...

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Rudra profile image

Rudra 9 years ago

what is askorthopedics

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 9 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

well rudra askorthopedics

is rather 'ask orthopedics' where you can ask about orthopedics

and well i might tell you what orthopedics means

it is derieved from two greek words; ortho- meaning straight and pediatrics- meaning related to children

in older times orthopedics was mostly related to childrens fractures that is to make there crokked bones straight and hence the name orthopedics

at present it involves a whole lot of specialities like spine , joint replacemnet, fracture care, pediatric orthopedics, arthoscopy, chondroplasty, rheumatology etc.

Anita 9 years ago

What is the symptoms of non-union after a surgery? I am 22 years old female, had a surgery a month ago to put a plate on my fractured proximal humerus. I am functioning pretty normally now but am just wondering whether i am prone to non-union of my fractured bone. Do i need to do another x-ray to confirm union of bone? Will my hand hurt or any discomfort if there is a non-union or will i not be able to tell the difference? My doctor did not require me to come back for check up.

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

well anita,if u are operated just a month ago then you need a x ray 6 weeks after surgery to confirm bone union

the only reason i can think of ,about why yr surgeon did not call u back after 6 weeks is that he has noticed a very well uniting fracture at the end of one month after surgery [ i presume he has taken x ray at the end of one month]

as for nonunion, it is a stage where the bone has ceased all activies to achieve union. before u reach the stage of nonunion u will go through the stages of delayed union and ununion. during the above stages the joint will be painful on movements and u will not be able to lift your arm above your head. these stages last from 3 months to 9 months. once the stage of nonunion is reached the pain will decrease but the functional use of the limb will be difficult.

as far as you r concerned , when the fracture is open reduced and fixed the chances of non union are very less, although i will still advice a x ray at the end of 6 weeks period just to confirm union

sorry for the delay in reply.

Matt 8 years ago

Recently I had an intense pain in my armpit for no apparent reason, the next morning I woke to find a large bruise on the inside of my bicep(left) which eventually spread all the way to my wrist along with swelling of the arm, pec, and underarm area on that same left side. My Doctor ordered x-rays which were negative and then an MRI which showed a complete tear of the short head bicep tendon. I am told this is very unusual(short head as opposed to long head)and in fact I saw one website say that bicep ruptures only happen on the long head side.I was referred to an orthopedist who said I should do nothing except put heat on it and rest it while the tendon scars over. I don't have much faith in this course of action and can find no info on short head rupture treatments. From what I have read when a long head tendon tears it may be appropriate to let the injury heal without surgery, is this true for a short head tear as well? What do you know about this type of injury? What are my treatment options? If I later decide to have surgery is it possible once the tendon has "scarred" over or is it to late at that point?12-days after the injury I have some swelling still and pain running down the length of my arm that feels sort of like I whacked my funny bone, and I wake frequently during the night with waves of pain that subside and then return over and over.


43y/o male

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hi matt

thanks for the question

well rupture of short head of biceps is rare but not as much as you are beleiving

i am currently treating a female patient wwith traumatic complete tear of short head of biceps with some rotator cuff injury. your case however differs from her as she had a fall on the point of her shoulder and the tendon was torn due to anterior subluxation of the humerus bone. coming back to your case, you had no trauma or injury to the shoulder and had a seemingly bening onset, which makes me very sure that your tendon rupture is of degenerative type. that means your tendon was already weak and pathological. tendons are very strong structures that do not tear very easily and you had tendon torn without any sort of tension on the tendon. such a pathological tendon is most likey secondary to degenerative process over a period of time, however your age does not seem to be very supportive of the degenerative theory unless of course it is a secondary degeneration. secondary degeneration happens when the structure is previously injured. so maybe during your early year you might have had some innoccous or subclinical injury to the tendon which had healed partially and then degerated over a period of time [ this is the most likely scenario i suspect, however a detailed history taking would have helped us better]. as per the treatment part , any tendon injury that is traumatic and patient presenting early to the surgeon, the best option is to surgically repair the tendon in young individuals and to go for a more conservative approach for older patient. tendon injuries that are of degenerative type do not respond well to surgical repair as the tendon itself is not normal and has snapped because of failure of a long healing process. thus this degenerated tendon is not going to heal well when repaired surgically. thus from my side surgical treatment will not help you. as per the line of treatment started for you, i would suggest a strong analgesic and anti-inflamatory drug conbination along with trypsin-chymotrypsin combination with local heal application and sholuder immobilisation for atleast 2 weeks. after 2 weeks starting of sholuder range of motion excersises sholud commence. inadequeate analgesia and antiinflamatory drugs and no immobilisation is causing you the continued distress even after 12 days, so this matter should be definitely looked into. now coming back to the seriousness of the injury to short head of biceps we need to understand its anatomy. biceps originates from scapula bone and is inserted to the forearm bone and helps in movements of the forearm.[]

at scapular attachment it helps stabilise scapula during shoulder movements, long head plays major role than the short head. thus after your injury heals , you might feel a discomfort for few months in doing overhead activities with your affected side. yet we have many muscles to stabilise the scapula that will eventualyy take over and the stronger long head is still well functional. also since during the healing process most likely the distal part of the torn muscle will reattach to the humeral shaft or fibrose with the surrounding muscle, thus it will find its own anchorage to the humerus shaft and hence movents at the elbow joint will not be affected. the very main use of short head of biceps is during strong throwing of say a baseball etc. thus in your case the functional handicap will be very limited and if the other muscles are excersised well there will be eventually no functional limitation at all. this is in view that left arm is the non-dominant arm of yours. thus for you surgery is a definate no no, yet conservative treatment should be more specific and the following rehabilitation is of utmost significance. as far as later reconstruction is concerned, it is not at all necessary as short head of biceps is just an acessory shoulder muscle.

Matt 8 years ago

Thanks for the detailed response, I wish my doctor had taken the time to explain that to me.

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

you are welcome Matt

do tell others of this site and service

best of luck , get well soon and any further queries about your injury is welcomed

god bless take care

Nicholas  8 years ago

Hi Doc,

First of all, I want to see this is a rather long story and I hope you read it. My name is Nick and I severed a tendon on Nov. 26, 2007 after punching through a glass window in my door. It was very bad to say the least. Right after I did this I thought that I cut an artery because so much blood was coming out. Also, I couldn't lift my hand up with my wrist. It was just hanging there but I could move my fingers. I thought I had cut a tendon but since I could move my fingers I wasn't sure. You must know that I am living in the country of Ukraine right now and when this happened. It was about 1am when this happened so the ambulance came and picked me up and took me to the emergency room. The doctor said I didn't cut a tendon and stitched me up. That night the pain was excruciating to say the least and I had no pain killers. The doctor gave me some but they didn't work in killing the pain. The next day I visited a doctor at the local hospital to get follow-up. The doctor was about 32 years old and he assured me that I had not cut a tendon. He said in two weeks we would take out the stitches. So I waited like a good boy and after two weeks he took out the stitches. After he took out the stitches and the bandage I could see a small bump on the opposite side of my wrist to where the initial cut was. I pushed on it and it hurt very much and I could hear something like crunching inside so the next day I went to the doctor and told him about it. He did another X-Ray and there was a piece of glass lodged in my wrist. It was about an inch long. So he cut open my wrist and removed it. Now I thought after him removing it my wrist would feel much better and start to heal. After one week I still couldn't bend it right and had no power. So I started investigating the internet and comparing my bad hand to my good hand and I saw a major difference. I noticed when I made a fist or exerted force a tendon popped up in my good hand and it didn't in my cut hand and I could also feel an obvious difference. If you make a fist and follow an imaginary line between your index and middle finger down to your wrist you will see the tendon pop up. It is a very strong tendon. I am describing my dorsal wrist so you know. It was very obvious to me but I thought it might be partially cut so I went to the doctor and told him this and he said that yes I could be right! WOW! What a horrible doctor. The same doctor who said I didn't cut a tendon 3 weeks ago and never even recommended getting some test to make sure. I pretty much diagnosed myself the whole time. After this he referred me to a "specialist" hospital here in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. SO I went there with my wife one day and met with a doctor. He sat me down at his desk and asked me to flex my fingers and etc. I could do everything so he said there is no tendon damage and that it's all in my head!! Honestly he said that but in Russian of course to my wife! I was done with Ukrainian doctors at this point. I just walked out and decided I would have to leave the country to get decent help so I took a train to the Czech Republic where I saw a doctor who told me that it could be partially cut and that an MRI would show if it was cut or not. Now you must know that I recommended the MRI and he said it would be expensive. I found out it cost like $900 bucks! Again he was rather young and didn't seem to knowledgable. I couldn't pay that so I decided to come back to Ukraine and search more. I kind of gave up in Prague because it has become like the USA in their approach to medicine. Insurance based. Bad. Ukraine is still more social but it's bad because there doctors are some of the lowest paid in the world and they know what doctors make in the western world. I am not saying they are bad doctors because of this but it does have an effect. So I came back to Ukraine and it is now 2 months after the incident and I am getting worried because I know tendons need to be repaired very soon after they are cut or it's bad. So my wife asked her friends in Kiev if they could recommend a good orthopedic hospital and they did so we were off to Kiev. We met there with a doctor who first of all said to get an ultrasound which cost $30. I got the ultrasound and it revealed exactly what I feared...a torn tendon. Now I still don't exactly which tendon it is. I think it's the extensor longus or radial carpi..I don't know but I know you know. :-) So anyway I made an appointment to have the surgery. The surgery was done on Feb. 18, 2008 and the incident occurred on Nov. 26, 2007 so about 3 months had passed. The total cost for hospital stay and medicine was $1,000. I paid a lot more than Ukrainian citizens but I earn an American salary and the average Ukrainian salary is about $250 a month so for me that price was great especially since I didn't have health insurance. I don't know what I would have done if this happened in the USA. It would have been bad for me I know. The doctor who did the surgery studied in Austria and is considered to be one of the best in Ukraine when it comes to the hand/wrist area. There are not many hand specialists in Ukraine as you can imagine many of them move overseas to make more money. So I had the surgery on Feb 18 and I had to wear a gypsum splint for 1 month and it came off on 17March. When the splint came off my wrist was stiff as a board. I went to see the doctor at that time and he said that I need to massage the area everyday to break up scar tissue and adhesions and to soak my hand in hot water. Also he prescribed electro therapy. Today is April 6th and I can bend my wrist a litte more but it is still very stiff. I can bend it up much more than I can bend it down if you understand what I mean. In other words I can lift my fingers above my wrist but not below them very well. The doctor is in Kiev and I live in a city that is 8 hours away by train so that is why I don't go to him everyday if you are wondering. I am supposed to go and see him on April 20 and he will do some serious work with the hand therapist there and give me some more directions. Also he said not to lift very heavy things and not to use the hand very forcefully because the tendon is still reattaching itself. I think I put that right. The doctor took many great photos of the inside of my wrist and forearm. It shows the ruptured tendon along with his work and the completed job. I would love to send them to you and see what you think and also your advice on my situation. I know it takes many months before I will be anything close to normal but want to know another doctor's opinion in the USA. I will be returning to the USA on June 1st and may need to visit a specialist for further therapy. Also, I have been taking Glucosamine/Chondroitin supplements everyday. Please respond to me. Thank you for your time.


Nicholas Batt

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hi nicholas

from what you had i can figure out that you had a secondary tendon repair that is repair after almost three months of injury

from what you have said it seems you have a zone 4 injury to the extensor tendons of the wrist

hand and wrist are divided into 4 zones as far as tendon injuries are concerned. in the area where u had injury the tendons have mesotenon. it is a vasculat sheath surrounding the tendon. they are retaqined by the dorsal carpal ligament which acts as pulley and are ensheated into fibro-osseous canals . thus repaired tendsons are likely to get stuck in their canals as they heal. thus the area of repair of tendon requires release of the overlying carpel ligament. thus with wrist in extension a bowstringing of the extensor tendons may occur.

with this back ground lets come back to you.

well the primary health care provider is at fault to miss the injury. however the results of acute and chronic repair do not differ very much . its just that chronic repair is much more technically demanding surgery . also when the ends of tendons have retracted or a portion is destroyed the repair options incluide tendon trasfer or side to side suturing.

so the hand surgeon has done a good job to suture your tendons and to immobilise for a month. now the tendon must have healed to a great extent and rehabilitation is to be followed up step wise.

you had zone 4 injury that are prone for stiffness. but then good and monitorer therapy will give you back a good range and adequeate power.

i am saying this because tendons as they are, are a vascular structures. so there healing is never 100% and they hardly ever reach back to there original performance status , unless a very vigrous and specialised rehabilitation is undertaken.

for you therapy will be required for some time to get back to being 'within normal limit'

taking glucosamine and chondroitin hels in tendon healing thus it is justified in your case.

i guess i have answeared all your questions

if u have any more do let me know

take care

Mark 8 years ago

I am a software developer and have been typing pretty heavily for 20 years now. In the past year I have begun to experience the feeling of stiff fingers in the morning and more troubling a burning sensation on the back of my hands. The burning sensation starts behind my knuckles and runs back towards the middle of my hand, about 1.5 inches along each of the 'flexor tendons', I believe that is what they are called. I do not experience this burning on my thumb. Finally, the burning sensation increases with the duration and intensity of typing and seems to disipate some when I cease typing for a few days. Is this a form of tendenitis, is this a permanent condition, what are some options for treatment other than not typing since that is how I make a living.

I have asked my doctor about this and he syas that it is nothing to worry about but the fact is it is getting to the point of becoming a bit debilitating.

Thanks for any insight.

Nicholas 8 years ago

Thank you very much for your answer Doctor. I really appreciate it. Yes, I beleive the tendon that I severed is the main tendon that radially deviates the wrist, the extensor carpi radialis. Am I right? And I believe he did side-to-side suturing. What exactly does that mean? The doctor here is Ukraine isn't the most explanatory. He is a good doctor and also his English isn't that great so you can imagine the confusion I am in but for the most part I understand what he did. I have some great pictures he took of my tendon during the surgery. I would like to send them to you so you could see exactly what he did. Can I send them to you? If so what is your email? Anyway, the surgery was done on FEB18 and now it is APR11. I took the splint off on MAR 18 and the doctor told me to massage the tendon everyday and too soak my hand in very hot water. He said the tendon is still healing and not lift anything heavy or do anything forceful as the sutures can be undone. I do not visit him everyday because he is in a city 8 hours away. So this first month I have been massaging my own tendon and on APR 20 I will go to see him and he will do some work then with the hand therapist. From your experience how much use can I expect to regain? 90-97%? When can I expect to be back to "normal" again? 5 months post op? I must tell you that now my tendon is very tight. I can bend my wrist up a lot more than down. I can hardly bend it down but I have seen some improvement in less than a month after removing the splint. Is this normal for less than one month after removing the splint?

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear mark

from what you have told me , i can tell you one thing that it is something to worry about

According to me you are suffering from 'overuse syndrome'

in your case you are overusing your hand intrinsic muscles that explains the stiffness of your fingers

also an altered sensation like sensation of burning in your finger indicates either inchemia or pressure on the nerves of your hand

Both these symptoms and there localisation to the particular area indicats affection of ulnar nerve.

read my hub on ulnar tunnel syndrome and do let me know if you have any more questions.

also at this point i would like to start neuroprotective drugs like mecobalamin.

for you activity modification and neuroprotective drugs are needed at present.

certain activity modifications are listed in my other hub, like taking frequent breaks, application of heat, doing frequent stretching excersises etc

this is something that is in an early stage and needs to be tackled with care.

best of luck

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

Hi Nicholas

Sorry for the delay , a weekend conference had held me tight

well first i would like to know your age and what is your occupation, whether your right or left hand is affected and which is your dominnt hand

do send me yr pics. i wd love to see them


P.S. my email is

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hi nicholas

from what i see from the photographs certain things are clear

1. there is complete tear of your extensor carpi radialis longus with partial tear of extensor carpi radialis brevis.

2. your surgeon has done side to side suturing of the tendon and also used tendon graft to anchor the tendons distally too. a pretty good job done.

its a good thing that its your left hand that is affected and only the wrist stabiliser that is affected.

now with tendon repair there is always loss of strength of the tendon, but a continues therapy might help in making the disability disappear.

as you work most of the time on computer, you might face some difficulty in the begining but with continued excersises this should stop bothering you after few months.

about excersises nicholas, they not only help the injured tendon regain strength, they also make the surrounding muscles strong so that they can take over the function of the injured tendon. so in due course of time your other muscles will partially take over the injured tendons functon.

also there are four set of wrist stabilisers whicjh hold the wrist stable while the tendons of the fingers work. these are extensor carpi radialis longus and brevis [ these are injured in yr case], flexor carpi radialis, extensor carpii ulnaris and last one is flexor carpi ulnaris. all these 4 sets of tendons are like 4 pillars. in your case at present one pillar is weak and what we are going to do is strengthen the weakened tendon and also strengthen the good tendons and thus with this treatment hopefully the joint will be as stable as normal and you can take part in contact sports [ luckily the sports you have listed mostly use the dominant hand much more than the left hand] so i guess playing will not be a problem for you,

at present the only concern is to maintain the excursion of the tendon, that is the ability and extent of tendon sliding. to do this you need stretching excersises and application of heat and cold to the affected part . later on strengthening excersises can be started.

y ou can continue to be in touch of your primary surgeon and of course i will help you, but you will need few settings with an occupational therapist and a physiotherapist.

anyways your prognosis looks good to me and you dont have to worry much for now, just take care of your hand. avoid further injuries and keep me informed

take care

Nicholas 8 years ago

WOW!! That is great news then! Thank you for all of your knowledge and advice Doctor. I am very grateful for you. I am going to visit my surgeon on the 21st of April and I will give you an update of what he says.

Also, my left hand IS my dominant hand and I injured my right hand. So tennis should be no problem as I play with my left hand but in basketball I shoot with my right hand. Will this be a problem after I do lots of rehab and strengthen my right hand? Will I be able to use my right hand like I did before and not worry about it re-rupturing? Also, can I play golf and baseball where both wrists are used?

Also, right now there seems to have been some scar tissue buildup because the skin is pinching when I try to bend the wrist. I have been massaging it as much as I can. Is it possible that I would need another surgery to remove scar tissue buildup or will massaging and therapy break up the scar tissue adhesions? In your opinion therapy and time should get my movement back, right?

And I can also see how strong the other tendons have become in my right wrist. It's truly amazing how the human body adapts.

Talk to you soon.


Nick 8 years ago

Hi Doc.

I just wanted to give you an update on what the doctor said since I visited him yesterday. He said I have healed great and then I went to see the therapist and he stretched me out good and gave me stretches and exercises too do and said within 1 month I should almost like normal. He told me to do the stretches everyday every 3 hours. He also me to soak my hand in hot saltwater every other day. I feel much better now and after he stretched my hand I can almost bend it like normal. It's pretty amazing! Thank you for all of your help and I will keep you updated.


Nick 8 years ago

Hi Doc.

I just wanted to give you an update on what the doctor said since I visited him yesterday. He said I have healed great and then I went to see the therapist and he stretched me out good and gave me stretches and exercises too do and said within 1 month I should almost like normal. He told me to do the stretches everyday every 3 hours. He also me to soak my hand in hot saltwater every other day. I feel much better now and after he stretched my hand I can almost bend it like normal. It's pretty amazing! Thank you for all of your help and I will keep you updated.


drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

well as we anticipated you are healing well

it a great news

take care

Elias 8 years ago

hello well i fractured my lower left fibula in two places playing lacrosse. my doctor has told me that it will take 6 weeks in a cast and then another 3 weeks of therapy before i can play again. its been 4 weeks and he has not let me begin walking on it. I was just wondering if this is a reasonable diagnosis because in my mind 9 weeks to recover from such an injury seems very long. Also im not sure if you can help me on this but is there anything i could possibly do to speed up the recovery process

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

Hi elias

well fibula is the smaller of the two bones in the leg and it carries about 1/6 of the weight the leg bears.

anyfracture takes 6 weeks to unite in an adult. so your fracture will take 6 weeks to unite. this fracture union does not mean that the bone is as strong as it was before the fracture. union here is a relative term that can indicate that there are less chances of the same bone breaking under 'normal' activities. even with this union in place i have seen bones refracturing due to excessive load put on the bone or a repeated but trivial trauma. to reach the prefracture strength the bone needs remodelling which is a gradual process and takes months. since fibula is one of the less used bones the 3 weeks period given by your doctor is very reasonable. even then i think it will be early for you to be involved in sporting activity unless your doctor confirms good bony union by taking a x ray at the end of 9 weeks

bone union is a natural process which rarely needs boosting as things might go wrong. there are certain precautions you can take to make sure that this union process continues normally . do not use tobacco in any form, do not use alcohol in any form. keep moving your toes constantly to increase the blood flow to the leg, have healthy food avoiding junk food, avoid putting weight on the leg till bony union is seen on the x-ray or else there are high chances of refracture.

let the nature take it course and 9 weeks is pretty reasonable. [ i would have told you to avoid sports for 3 months straight and then start training gradually to return to the pre-injury level only after 6 months. fractures are to be taken seriously or they start misbehaving]

take care, be well

Moe Hammoud 8 years ago

Hello Dr. Shyam,

Thank you for taking time to answer everyones questions.

I unfortunately cut my left thumb flexor tendon in Zone 1. I had repair exactly 13 days ago 20 hours after injury. My thumb was very stiff after surgery and I am in rehab and physio therapy. I have not been able to move my finger on my own will since.

Yesterday i was doing my passive motion excersices and finished. A minute afteer i finished my thumb brushed up against my pants and i felt a shift or pop , something inside my finger I cant exactly describe it. At this time my hand is in 30degrees bend with my thumb in flex in the splint.

After the incident, my finger is able to flex and extend a further and with a lot less tension when bending the tip of my finger with passive motion. I am worried the tendon ruptured but can this just be scar tissue breaking or ??.. I really dont know since I could not flex my thumb before this or after. But I can go further with my passive motion excersises.

one thing i can do is extend my finger upwards a little bit but is that not my extensor tendons working?



drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hi moe

well as you have informed me , i guess the tendon repair is unduely stressed

any tendon repair is weakest between 5 and 20 days of tendon repair and there really is very less scar tissue at this time.

the increase in extension that you reported also indicates the same

so i am afraid there may be a re-rupture of the tendon

my advice - stop passive rehab, report to your operating surgeon,. he can do an ultrasonography and confirm the diagnosis

and yes the extension of your finger upwards is due to extensor tendons

take care

also check out this article about flexor tendon injuries

Moe Hammoud 8 years ago

Hello again,

So to update I am on week 6 and have switched therapists. I was seeing an overpriced and inexperienced therapist and now finally at a Certified Hand Specialist. My tendon did not re-rupture thank god.

these are the measurements from the specialist.

Thumb MP - 0/83 degrees

Thumb IP - 5/20 degrees

Gex to DPL - 2.5 c m

Sorry it is hard to read the note im giving to my surgeon from this specialist.

I cannot bed the tip of my finger very much at all which is a little worrying. I have been givin excersis such as actively bending thumb to bottom of pinky, passivly bending just the tip of the finger, and scar massages.. deep pressure in circles along the thumb.

I can fee like 3 balls or knots in my thumb around each crease in the finger where it bends. They hurt when i do the massage, I was told this is scar tissue buildup around the tendon.

I was just wondering what you suggest to help bring some movement back?

Thanks so much,


drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hi moe

well it is a good news that there was no rerupture

about your tendon healing, well tendons are a relatively avascular structures and they do take a long to heal. even after healing they might not get back the original strength. we have to be very realistic about the results

the key is slow gradual and specific rehabilitation

at present the rehab u are getting and the results that u have achieved seem to be good.

my word , stick to the rehab programme [there are really no shortcuts]

the scar tissue will arganise in due course and will start transferring force to the tip of the thumb. till then take care and continue rehab

you will be well soon :) :) :)

steve 8 years ago

Dear Dr Shyam:

Thanks very much for sharing your valuable advice. I came upon your pages after searching the net for people with relatively similar injuries to mine in order to find out whether they improved and how much.

On April 19th I borke my left wrist when i fell off my bike while cycling, and had surgery on April 23rd. I had an external fixator anchored at one point in the bones of my forefinger and at the other in my radius, plus three other pins. From the xrays it showed that I had broken the ends of both the radius and the ulna. On June 2nd my fixator along with three pins were all removed. Upon viewing the latest xrays my orthopaedic surgeon told me that, it all looks good and he expects me to recover an almost full range of movement.

But here is my question, its six days since the removal of pins and fixators and my wrist is still extremely stiff, like it's locked in place. i can't rotate my palms to face up or down. What can be the cause of this, and is this 'normal'? If the xrays look 'good', why is there such little mobility in my wrist. Am i being impatient?

Hope you can respond soon.

many thanks


drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

HI Steve

well before commenting on anything first i wd like to know few things

1. did you had any wound over your fractured wrist

2. after how many days of your injury were you operatedand where were you operated and by whom.

3. do you have any burning sensation in your hand

4. does your skin looks shiny and reddish when compared to normal side

5 do you feel any difference in warmth over your wrist [ ask another person to feel it simultaneously over both your wrist]

6.are your fingers stiff too.

7. is there any swelling around your wrist

also it would be very helpful if you can email me snapshots of your x rays and a snap of both your hands to me

coming back to your problem

stiffness in the wrist after fracture healing by an external fixator is a commen occuring that takes about 2 weeks of rehab to get well, so be patient for now.

if yr doctor has said x rays are good then it is just matter of few eeks that u will be well

meanwhile send me the above details and x rays and i will be in a better position to help you

take care

Bryan 8 years ago

Hello doc, I had surgery on my right ankle(9 screws and a plate) on May 16 after a fall at the park, my foot still gets darkish red when I crutch myself to the bathroom, how long until atleast I get the color back?, it used to get a lot darker but not as much anymore, the sugeon said it could take 6 weeks to heal but I'm pretty optimstic about all this seen how they have been treated me on the past, I got the x-ray of the operation and there is a chip that could be seen in the fibula, does the bone disappear or do i have to go back to surgery to remove it? I got a lot of x-rays to show so you could give me an advice on how is it healing and any other inside information you could give me, im taking oneadays for men(vitamins) and a calcium 500, Im 24yrs old none smoker, thanks in advance.

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hi bryan

post operative discloration of the skin and swelling below the surgical area is commen occuring that go away in 6 to 10 weeks. if u are not having any pain itching at the surgery site and fever then i think all is well with yr leg.

about the chip in the fibula- many a times there are small fragments of the bone that cannot be really fixed in that case we align the major fragments and keep the small fragments where they are. the bone healing process produces a lots of new bone and these small fragments get incoporated in the new bone so u dont habe to undergo a repeat surgery to remove.

also i wd like to see x rays of yr ankle so do send me the x rays by email

take care

Evan 8 years ago

I have a weird shoulder pain that is killing me, last night I went to bed at 10:30pm with a minor pain, I woke up at 1:30am and my shoulder was killing me and couldn't go back to sleep. This have been happening almost every day with both of my shoulders, usually the right one is the one that is most frequently in pain but today the left shouldet is killing me.

I have full mobility in both my arms and the pain is not associated to moving them, so I don't think it's either rotator cuff tendonitis or bursitis. But the pain is there, burning my shoulder all day and it doesn't seem to be associated to bones, I actually had x-rays taken on my neck and shoulder and everything looked fine for the doctor.

I have always slept on my sides and there wasn't any problem till a couple months ago so now I try to sleep on my back or stomach but it doesn't seem to help much (unless I go back to sleep on my sides when asleep). What can it be?? What should be my next step? ask my doctor for an MRI to the neck?

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hi evan

a burning pain is always associated with problems of the nerves

shoulder nerves come from the neck

also the fact is that most commen cause of shoulder pain is a neck pathology

so the most logical next step is - as you have guessed rightly- MRI of the neck

few queries frm my side

-how long have you been having this problem

-does this burning cross the elbow

-what kind of work do you do

-where do you live

how old are you.

in India we practise something that is called a therapeutic trial. it means we start treating patient according to out clinical judgement without going for costly investigations to confirm the diagnosis. so if you were a patient coming to me i wd have directly started treating you as cervical spondylosis patient with neck traction, anti inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants and neurotonics.

anyways you can go ahead and get the Mri done

take care

Evan 8 years ago

Thank you, it's good to hear from you.

I live in the US, Chicago to be exact, I'm 31 years old male and work as an algorithmic trader, so I spend most of the time either coding or using the mouse and cliking it hundreds of times per day.

The problem started in my right shoulder around late April early May, and since 3 weeks ago I have it on and off in the left shoulder. I went to physical therapy for my right shoulder during May and although it felt better it never dissapeared completely. Once the pain on my left shoulder started early/mid June I decided to go see a chiropractor but after the first "adjustment" I felt so sick that I never go again.

Now the pain in my shoulders have come back strong and it doesn't even let me sleep for the last 5 days.

I sometimes feel pain in my arm/forearm and wrist but not that often, and the pain is more like a sharp pain for a few seconds and dissapears, like if I were getting painful cramps on my arms. Not like the pain in the shoulders that once it starts it lasts all day.

Right now I'm not taking any drugs. What is neck traction btw? I think I have read about spondilosis before, is it common to suddenly be present?

My MRI is scheduled for next Monday.

J.D. 8 years ago

I commend you for your generous effort to help those in need of sound, clear orthopedic advice and have a question of my own. I'm a reasonably fit, 45 year old man in good health. Five years ago I suffered a distal rupture of the left biceps while working out with a heavy barbell. I had it repaired with good results. About four weeks ago I began to notice irritation in what seems to be the distal attachment of my right biceps tendon just below the crease in my elbow.

My previous biceps rupture was obvious. I heard it tear and my arm lost tension in the biceps. What is happening with my right arm is more of a mystery. It isn't too painful but I do feel it now and then when I pronate or supinate. Curling exercises are painful when my biceps reach a semi stretch position so I have stopped doing them. I can flex the right arm and the tendon itself feels rigid.

Though I'm not sure what caused this I first noticed it four weeks into a physical therapy program for my left shoulder which may or may not have a slap lesion according to the orthopedist who examined it. One of the exercises I was instructed to perform involved maintaining a supinated grip while doing prone horizontal abduction raises and I wondered if this didn't irritate the tendon. I was performing all the exercised prescribed by the therapist up to twice per day every day for three weeks before I noticed the biceps tendon irritation. I mentioned the tendon discomfort to my physical therapist but received no advice. Anyhow, my shoulder is now feeling somewhat better and I've narrowed my shoulder rehab exercises down to those that have less chance of irritating the biceps tendon. I ice the tendon as needed and have not been taking ibuprophen or any other pain medications. Still I wonder if I might have a partial rupture. I'm also wondering how much time I should give my approach of rest and ice. I realize there is a time limit on how long I can wait if a surgical repair is needed.

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hi evans

thanks for all the information

now i get a better view of yr problem

shoulder pain of this type is very commen in people who work a lot on computors. it is a type of repitative strain disorder

you must have heard about ulnar and cubital tunnel syndromes which are again repetitive strain disorder affecting programmers

nerves are like electrical cbles that have to traverse through narrow spaces in the muscles of the arms.

sitting on the comp for long time, needs continous maintainence of same posture for an extended period. this leads to excessive tensioning or thighteness in the muscles. the muscles get faatigued and one feels discomfort and pain. however as one continues to carry out the same activity there is repetive fatigue and strain injury to the muscles . this leads to areas of muscle swelling and abnormal tightness causing entrapment of the nerves passing thorugh them. this compounds the problem. the dull muscle ache now gets compounded with sharp burning nerve pain.

this is what best explains you.

my suggestion to test this theory is stop working on the comp for 2 days give yrself complete rest from typing.

i wd still like you to go ahead with the Mri. but you should start neurotonics like mecobalamin tablets

wish you well

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hi JD

muscle and tendon units are prone to just injuries however a complete rupture is rare unless the tendon is having something called as a repetitive strain disorder or one has really overloaded and overwhelmed the tendon-muscle unit.

your first rupture seems to me as an acute overloading, however i wd like to know if there was any discomfort in the elbow region ,lasting for few days to weeks, before the rupture.

the muscles strains are of three grades where grade one is teaaring of some fibres, grade 2 is partial tear and grade 3 is complete tear.

at present you are suffering from grade one strain of the right biceps muscle tendon unit. you need to rest the part for around 5 to 6 weeks. rest here means to avoid lifting weights . you can do activities like writing typing etc.

icing is of help only for first 2 weeks after that just take rest.

biceps is the muscle that is most powerful supinator of the forearm, so avoid doing the prone excersises you mentioned.

you can comtinue the shoulder rehab for slap lesion with above precautions that i have mentioned

i guess things will be alright soon

take care

J. D. 8 years ago

Thank you for the prompt response to my question Dr. Drashokshyam. As to your question about feeling discomfort in the elbow region prior to my tendon rupture I can't say that I did. I do remember feeling an unusual soreness in the belly of the biceps though within the week prior to the workout that resulted in failure of the tendon while performing a heavy set of preacher curls.

As for my current situation, would you recommend that I wear an elbow brace or sling on the right arm when I'm on the job? I work in a gym training people and often find myself lifting dumbbells or weight plates when helping them get set up to perform certain exercises.

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hi jd

yes you can wear an elbow pouch/ sling for 2 weeks or till you feel absolutely no discomfort lifting a 5 pound dumbbell: whichever is earlier.

the soreness you felt was you biceps tear which was initially may be grade one progressing through stage of grade 2 to finally lead to complete tear. this is especially for regular gym visitors. persons who are visiting the gym for the first few days will feel soreness of the tendons that they have excersised, however soreness of muscles in a person who works out regularly is an alert sign. also soreness of only one or 2 muscle groups is a sure indicator of damage in these muscle groups.. so in future too you have to take care and be alert of these warning signs .

take care, be well

dr ashok shyam

Matt 8 years ago

Hi. I tore a ligament on my ring finger (1st knuckle nearest the fingernail). An orthopedist told me to splint in for 4 weeks and it should heal ok. I stopped splinting it after 4 weeks and a half weeks. It's been 10 days now since I removed the splint and I still can't bend my first knuckle and I don't think I have any control over it, like I do my other ring finger. I try to massage it and bend it a bit every so often. Should I just wait a little more and would I eventually regain movement on this finger? Or should I go check with my orthopedist again? My finger is still a bit swollen, about 5-10% more swollen than my other uninjured finger. It was 80% more swollen when I first injured it when a rope got jerked from my hand causing the torn ligament. Thank you so much for your time and help. I appreciate any kind of suggestion you can offer. Thanks!

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hi matt

ligament injury of the first knuckle , as your orthopedic surgeon has informed u , does not really give an idea to me

anyways injury of such kind commenly are tendon injuries callet mallet finger

read this article and tell me if you have this injury :

if you just have a ligament injury, then it will heal with some more time but if you have a mallet finger you have to go and see your orthopedic surgeon again .

well the bright side is that both the injuries are benign and will heal with time

take care , be well.

Laura 8 years ago

Hello doctor - I'm really hoping you can provide me with some advice, especially in talking with my orthopedic surgeon.

In Feb 2007, I noticed a baker cyst on my LEFT knee. I began treatment with a sports med doctor, who first had me undergo ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis. Then in April 2007 we had the cyst aspirated by a radiologist - it was 8 cm in length, 4 cm in height and 25cc of fluid. They injected cortisone. The cyst returned within 48 hours.

I underwent an MRI in August 2007 which showed: (1) partial ACL tear (2) chondromalacia patella (which I understand is normal for a woman in her 30s like me) (3) a patellar spur

I then went to see an orthopedic surgeon, who prescribed an NSAID (no difference to the cyst after 6 mo) and also physiotherapy to strengthen the legs and possibly help with other problems. The physiotherapist had me do the following - daily exercises to strengthen legs (I'm very skinny, and had lost a lot of muscle on the left leg since I have been unable to put weight on it since December 2006), weekly treatments of ultrasound and laser. I continued to take anti-inflammatories and use the RICE method after painful physio.

The physio did result in strengthened muscles, but the cyst kept getting bigger and hardening. I was unable to get time off of work until this month.

Last week (June 24 2008) the orthopedic surgeon decided to aspirate the cyst again. It was 30 ccs of fluid this time, and much had hardened so he caused a lot of bruising after manipulating the area to remove it. He injected cortisone, and I have used a compression brace and stayed off my feet since. THis is ONE WEEK, and the cyst seems to be back.

I will be seeing him within a week, but I'm really concerned. The cyst is very painful because of its size and location. I have had pain in BOTH knees since December 2006 - the left I think from the cyst OR ACL, and the right because I have been limping for a year and a half. It is also having implications on my back, from all the limping.

The surgeon, so far, has been reluctant to do any surgery, because he thinks I"m too young and also something about the difficulty in healing from the size and area of the incision that would be necessary to address the cyst and/or ACL.

I feel it is imperative to get this problem solved before I go back to work in September.

Do you see an alterative to surgery? Are there questions or options I should raise with my surgeon to get this resolved? My work involves some physical activity (lecturing), and so it's quite important that I be able to get to work and then able to lecture to large groups. ANY advice you can offer would be excellent.

matt 8 years ago

Hi Dr. Shyam. I appreciate a lot you taking the time to answer my question. My injury is most likely not a mallet finger. I can sleep much better now knowing that my finger would heal in time. I was just kind of worried that it has been taking so long to heal (six weeks now). Thank you again.

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hi laura

understanding of the baker cysts is very important for its treatment

cysts are abnormal collection of fluid in soft tissues. there are 2 types of baker cyst one primary where the soft tissues secrete the fluid and the other secondary where the fluid is formed in the knee joint which then seeps out of the joint into the tissues spaces via a small opening on the back of the knee.

the treatment of a primary cyst is aspiration and cortisone injection, however this treatment is doomed to fail when given for the secondary cyst. with secondary cyst the problem lies in the joint where the excess fluid is secreted, so one has to tackle the problems in the joint.

your MRI showed u have a partial ACL tear and chondromalacia. these 2 pathologies are the root cause of your problem and they have to be tackled.

the best way to tackle them both is surgery and rehab.

about the incision , there are minimally invasive surgical options available like arthoscopy.

do tell me if you had any history of knee injury or knee swelling or knee pain before this episode because Synovial fluid caused by repeated effusions may replete the gastrocnemius-semimembranosus bursa (GSB) communicating with the knee joint. Fluid trapped inside the GSB through an alleged unidirectional valve-like mechanism forms a so-called Baker’s cyst. Since a significant association of Baker’s cysts with knee joint disorders has been reported, treatment should primarily address articular lesions causing recurrent effusions. Arthroscopic surgery provides an effective treatment in that both the cyst and associated joint disorders can be optimally visualized and accordingly treated.

precise and effective techniques of scopic repair have had good results with baker cysts, however always remember baker cysts do recur if the primary problem in your knee is lft unadressed

do talk abt these issues with yr OS

take care , be well

Laura 8 years ago

Thank you doctor for your advice! You asked about pain prior to the cyst. Yes, I had pain and the cyst may have been there in smaller form. I wasn't aware of knee swelling, prior to that but I had experienced persistent pain for about 5 months prior to the cyst (that is, from about October 2006). I was also experiencing my knees giving way when standing after sleep or sitting for long periods. My GP didn't bother to look at the knee and simply said that the pain and giving way were "what happens when you get old." My guess is that there was more at play for some time, but I just never aggressively pursued better diagnosis.

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hi laura

as you have told me, you had symptoms of pain with giving way episodes, i can now tell you that the partial ACL tear picked up on the MRI is the primary lesion causing your baker cyst and has to be adressed. the ACL tear is causing knee instability and recurrent 'nipping' of the synovium by the bones of the knee joint. this leads to synovial edema and increased fluid production.

as we have solved the 'mystery' of yr recurrent baker cyst , i hope your OS wd be in a better position to treat you.

take care , be well

Laura 8 years ago

Thanks so much! I have to say I'm very disappointed in my OS, since he is *well* aware of all of this, and persisted in continued attempts to treat the cyst. I will be sure to take your advice into account when I meet with him next week.

Again - I am SO thankful. This is a very kind service you're providing!


sharada 8 years ago

I underwent surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome one year ago. Is it okey for me to workout in the gym using dumbells?

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

well i need to knw a fw things before i can advice you

how old are you, what was the cause of your carpal tunnel syndrome.

are you suffring from any other diseases like diabetes or thyroid disorders

Coralee Sisel 8 years ago

Dear Dr Shyam,

I'm a 36 year old female, I have been having a great deal of discomfort and pain on the inside of my left elbow. I have a very physically strenous job. About a month ago, I was doing a lot of digging of dirt and carrying and as well a lot of heavy lifting. For approximently a month now, I have been having pain in the inside of my elbow which seems to have pain that follows up my forearm (on the top) in two completley parallel lines it feels like it could be tendants. I have been researching on the internet what I could have possibly done to my arm and it seems if anything, it could be possibly golfers elbow but the articles that I have read said, that if this is what I do have, then I should have pain when I curl my wrist, which I do not have.

My pain seems to be at it's most when I extend my arm out straight and when I curl my arm up towards my body, or when I am lifting things even a simple glass of water. I feel as though I have lost about half of my strength in that particular arm. When I continue to work each day (because the bills to need to be payed) I sometimes have some days where it feels like its warm or burning a bit, especially when lifting. When I first injured my arm, I was continously applying ice for 20 min. here and there and it didn't seem to help it. I have just ignored it this week as best as I can because, the ice wasn't helping. I know I need to make an appointment to see a doctor but time to do so, seems to be almost impossible at this time. Is there any information that you could give me to help me with my problem or possibly tell me what it is that I have done to it.

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hi Sisel

well as per the work you do thiese symtoms can be because of two thins

golfers elbow and ulnar tunnel syndrome.

the first one is disease of the muscles where the muscles of the inner aspect of the elbow are overworked and they develop inflammation inside them leading to pain . the manuvers described in books or net are not 100% diagnostic and by the things that you have described in your letter i guess yo might be having a golfers elbow rather than ulnar tunnelsyndrome.

for information on ulnar tunnel syndrome read my hub on the same topic.

the treatment part in both these diseases is same initially.

rest, ice , antiinflammatory drugs.

rest to the part- apply an elbow band it restricts the muscle expansion and decreases the pressure generated and thus plays a role in healing

ice for 20 mins three times a day.

antiinflammatory drugs- acelofenac with paracetamol for 7 days.

we can aseess your pain after this protocol and can decide on further treatment.

Deepak Patil 8 years ago

Dear Doctor, I have been suffering from ankle pain since a month. While I am sitting, it doesn't pain, but during the initial few steps of my walk, the pain steeply increases. It persists heavily for a while decreases then but it is never gone. Kindly suggest me some remedy for this problem...

-- Deepak P Patil

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

Hello Mr Patil

well you will need to answer me some questions

your age, where do you stay, Did you had any injury to the ankle, is your ankle stiff especially in the morning, are you having any fever, do you play any sports.

in the mean time you can start some medications

tab aceroc-P twice daily

tab famtac 20 mg twice daily

also apply hot water to your ankle twicw daily for 10 mins

the most probable diagnosis is a subacute synovitis of the ankle however i would have a better diagnosis after you send me all the details

you are welcome.

Dhannjay 8 years ago

My grand father 82, had Slip Disk problem 3 months before, now he is alright but he discontinued his routine of morning & evening walk hence getting swelling on his feet. Can we use the 'Walking Machine' which shows in TV channels, by means using 15 min. of this machine will get equivalent to 10000 steps or 2.5 KMs walk.

Kindly suggest me whether use of such machines are useful or not.

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hello dhannjay

well i am an orthopedic surgeon and i am not really aware of how 'such' machines function and so i cannot really endorse any for you.

however you can meet a physiotherapist or an occupational therapist who can really help you in these matters.

thank you for your comment

Laura 8 years ago

HI Doctor,

I am in desperate need of advice. I am a 32 year old female. I work out of my home, and have never experienced any greater pain then child birth until NOW:(

Two days ago my husband and I were playing around while hugging and lost our balance and he fell completely on top of me with all his 200 lbs of body weight on my left shoulder. When I hit the floor I heard many cracking sounds ( the sound when you get your back popped or realigned) it was stuck in the same position as when I feel ( hugging him around his waist) I briefly went out and then proceeded to vomit due to the pain and then after regaining myself he attempted to relocate my shoulder. I have been to the doctor however in my small town orthopedics will not see me until x-ray's have been done and I have been seen by a regular doctor. I did this yesterday and now I have to wait until Sept 4 for an MRI. I can not move my shoulder, when i move my arm, try to hold something, or twist to the left I have to hold the top of my lft shoulder to keep it from moving and locking in a very painful place. My doct seems to think it is a cuff tear, where I think it is something more along the lines of a separation, because i feel it move and then i have to manually put it back into a more tolerable position. The x-ray's have not come back yet, but is there anything this x-ray's can show besides a fracture. I can not imagine sitting helpless in this much pain for two weeks, and not being able to see an Orthopedic.

A little more info, I am 5 foot at 120 lbs, husband 200 lbs, at 6 foot. I feel onto stone tile floor with him on top of my shoulder we feel at an angle.

Thanks so much for your site, I look forward to hearing from you soon

Laura D

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hi Laura

Rather unfortunate for you to have the injury

from the history you told me, i think it is a fracture of the proximal humerus.

rotator cuff tears will settle in two weeks

piece of advice. get out from your town and show your shoulder to an orthopedic surgeon. IT IS ABSOLUTELY URGENT .

waiting for two weeks is not good for your shoulder, no matter whether you have a fracture or cuff tear.

check in with an orthopedic surgeon as soon as possible

thanks for consulting me and best wishes

Matt 8 years ago

Hi Dr. Shyam. My doctor told me I tore/ruptured my flexor digitorum profundus of my ring finger. He said I will no longer be able to move my first knuckle but I would still have most of the important function of my hand and finger. He said surgery is possible but not vital for this type of injury. I would like to get a second opinion from you. Right now, it's been 4 months since my injury and my whole ring finger is still a bit swollen. I can bend the 2nd knuckly but not completely. The 1st knuckle is stiff and immovable. My doctor said I need to exercise it everyday with a clay mold and a hand excerciser. Would you recommend or discourage surgery for this type of injury? Also, do you think there's even the slightest chance that it may not be ruptured completely, even though I really can't move it and it's been stiff ever since the injury. Thank you so much for your time and help. Sincerely yours, Matt

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hello matt

well from the history you have given me

i think there is severe tendon injury to your index finger.

such injury should be repaired by an hand surgeon as soon as possible

hand and especially the fingers are very important for activities of daily living

i think you should consult a hand surgeon as soon as possible

kno1 8 years ago

Two months ago I fx my R. prox humerus. I had surgery with plate and screws.

My arm stays swollen and irritated right over the plate. Otherwise, I'm good and have decent ROM. Incision has healed nicely, no fever. My PT said that I may be rejecting the plate and screws. Anyway, how can I convince the surgeon to remove the plate and screws? I actually feel that this plate is limiting my ROM and causing my discomfort. The tissue over the plate and surrounding the plate are always very tender to the touch.



drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hi angeka

well yes sometimes this is a real problem we face in fracture proximal humerus

the solution. allow the bone to heal and remove the plate.

time frame anywhere between 3 months to 6 months.

the plate removal has to be titrated with the discomfort of the patient.

with full ROM i guess we can still wait in your case for about 2 months before removing the plate. if during this period you start losing range of movement or have unbearable pain we can remove it anytime after 3 months.

best protocol. continue therapy, pop in occasional pain killer, wait for a month, get the plate out.

thanks for consulting. hope it helped you

David 8 years ago

Hello Doctor,

I have an Ulnar deviation of fifth finger without evidence of underlying fracture, i was informed of this by rediologist when he took four x-rays from my fifth fingure.

I cant stretch my finger all the way, the finger has an arch. I sustained the injury playing basketball and it happened about two month ago.

I used a splint for a day and I forced the finger to be stretched all the way in which I stretched it but I had a lot of pain since I put to much pressure on the finger so that it would remain stretched all the way in the splint.

The next day I took my finger out of the splint and after a 20 to 30 minutes of not using the splint the finger went back on looking the same way with the arch in the pip.

I did not use the splint, just used it for about 12 hours.

Doctor what should I do? should I keep on wearing the splint for a much longer time and make the finger go under lots of pressure to make it stretched?

Please advise, thanks!

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hello david

before answering your question , i must ask you few things

how old are you

was your finger swollen after initial injury

also if you can click digital pics of your hand and xrays and email me, it would be most useful

David 8 years ago

Hi Doctor,

Thanks for reply to my earlier massage.

I am 31 years old and my finger was swollen after initial injury. I have also pictures from my finger but I dont know how to paste and send it to you please advise how I can send the picture to you. Thanks!

Best Regards,


drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

Hello david

send me the pics and the details on my email

or you can upload on webhart and send me username and password

isisonline 8 years ago


I have a 2 1/2 yr old girl, who borke her collarbone about 5 days ago. We went to the er, and the doctor wanted her to see an orthopedic surgeon. He says that the collarbone is broken, and dislodged. When you look at the xrays the bone is sitting on top of eachother with the top one at a high angle. I took her to the prthopedic surgeon who was rude , and kicked me out of his office. I went back to the er, to see if I really needed to go, and they said yes. Im not sure what to do. Will it heal on its own? It is starting to get a yellowish bruise also.

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hi isis

sorry to hear about your ordeal

frcture in the collar bone of a child is commen and the good news is that it heals very well

all you need is to keep her entire arm in a comfortable poistion

best will be a collar and cuff sling made from simple bandage vailable from the medical store

keep her hand in the sling for 3 weeks and all will be fine

she can take some painkiller syrup, like syrup paracetamol 1 tsp if she has pain, otherwise no other treatment is required for such fractures.

if you have any other query please ask me

David 8 years ago

Hi Doctor,

I e-mailed you the pic from my finger. Did you receive it?

Let me know thanks.


drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

yes david

i received the pics

it was routed to my spam box so the delayed response

you have a rare tendon injury

it is called swan neck deformity

splints you are using are appropriate

however you need to meet a hand specialist and a rehabilitation expert so that you have a fast recovery

otherwise it is a very benign injury with very less lasting effects

you finger might have some less power but otherwise it will be fine by conservative treatment

i dont think surgery will be needed for you

consult your hand specialist

learn about the disease on the net

best of luck, all will be well

isisonline 8 years ago

thank you!

Andy W. 8 years ago

Background: I had a head/neck injury. It was explained to me from an orthepedic surgen that I have a vertebra that moves out of sync with the other vertebras when I turn my head in a certain direction. A neurologist told me that I should do some light resistance training to build the muscles in my neck, and thereby take some pressure off the vertebra and onto the muscles in my neck. So, four weeks ago, I decided to enroll in a gym class at the local college. Since last week, I have begun to experience what feels like sudden jolts of electricity in my neck. The "shocks" can't last more than a second. I believe I experienced it for the first time last week in the gym, and today at school in the library, while sitting at a desk, looking down, reading a book, it must have happened four times. It feels the same as when you get those tests done, where they shock the nerve in your neck with electricity to measure the response times. This causes me to be fairly certain it has something to do with a nerve. I am no longer seeing those doctors anymore. Do you have any more information for me that might help. I live in the US, and like many college students, I don't have, and cannot afford health insurance. Though there are free clinics. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and if you decide to, to answer it.


Andy W.

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hi andy

from what you have told me , you have an unstable vertebrae

the electric shocks you are talking about are called 'lhermitte's sign

and they are a sign of nerve tensioning

what you need to do is to contnue the excerses , wear a soft cervical collar for 3 weeks and start on neurotonic drugs [methycobalamin, pregabalin etc]

take care and all will be well

runningpelican 8 years ago

Good Morning Doc,

I am the mother to a 14 year old athlete. About 2 years ago, she developed tendonitis in both of her feet. Shortly after, she was unable to run more then a mile without her feet experiencing mild pain and heaviness which developed into drop foot. Her school initially sent her to their orthopedic physician, which an mri was done, it showed tendonitis of the main tendon of both feet, orthotics were prescribed, and physical therapy to stretch her tight achilles tendon. None of these things helped with her uncontrolled foot motion at about 1/2 to 1 mile runs. So as a concerned parent my suggestion to my daughter was to lay off of sports for a while. Upon returning to running 5 months later, same scenario. So recently we visitied a podiatrist who ordered a ct scan, which only showed a prior fractured ankle, which has since healed, and im sure came about from her drop foot in running. He has suggested a referral to a neurologist, but I can't help but thinking she has comparment syndrome, and nothing neurological at all. I suggested this to him, but he said she was to young for this. I am really worried and would appreciate any suggestion or help that you can provide.

Thank you so much for listening.

cjsmom 8 years ago

I have a question

I had a SL tear an LT tear and a TFCC tear (along the attachment to the ulna) the arthrogram I had also said additional evidence for ligament tears is seen between the distal radius and ulna. Is this different from the tfcc tear? Should that ligament also have been fixed? Also I had my surgery done 8 months ago and I have been going to PT for 4 months and I have no rom still and my doctor said that the anchor holding the tfcc is coming out and will eventually need to be fixed and that he wasn't sure if it is torn or not. So wouldn't the best thing to do is get an mri or another arthrogram done? and if I need all that what does my recovery time look like?

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

well cjs

do let me know few details abt u

what do you do [job], what's yrs age, which hand is involved, r u involved in any sports acitivity and where do u stay

what were yrsymtoms before u got operated and for how long

why did u go for surgery

and what surgery was done

Matt 8 years ago

I was misdiagnosed 6 months ago with torn DIP ligaments instead of a complete rupture of the flexor digitorum profundus tendon. I just got back from a consultation with a hand surgeon (after getting several "2nd opinions" from different general orthopedic surgeons). He said that in order to restore some movement to my DIP joint, he would have to graft a tendon from my wrist to reconnect the torn FDP which has just retracted to the PIP joint. I asked him if he would highly recommend the surgery since all of the orthopedic surgeons I visited discouraged such surgery because of the "scarring" that it would create. He said that he would recommend it to me because I was still relatively young and may require mobility to my DIP joint for my activities, although the mobility that may be restored would definitely not be 100%.I would really prefer to gain back some mobility for my ring finger. However, I am scared that the "scarring" may affect my PIP joint which thankfully still has about 80% mobility (due to the swelling that never subsided), or that the surgery may yield no significant improvement on the DIP joint. I already discussed these concerns with the hand surgeon. I would say that he is a man of few words and he didn't really go into detail explaining what I wanted to know. He just basically said that although movement would be restricted due to the scarring that it would cause, at least I would have the use of these joint again. My parents, who are very much supportive of me, still doubts that surgery would be beneficial to me since an orthopedic surgeon who is a very close family friend discourages it. I was hoping to get any sort of opinion you might have with my case. Thank you so much for your time and help.

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

well matt

hand surgeries involving tendon ijurires have unpredictable results

the contibuting factors are the state of the joints, the tendon state, the surgery done but most important is the expertise of the surgeon.

the results greatly vary from surgeon to surgeon and the opinions vary too.

still results are very unpredictable and there is lots of dissatisfaction on the part of the patient in most of the cases.

my opinion- if the injury is interfearing with your acivities at home or at work only then go for surgery, but then u can still wait for few months to let yr hand and yrself to get used to the limitation of the DIP joint. most of the time the hand adapts to these limitations. I personally have seen patients working fine wih a stiff DIP joint for all their lives without any limitation.

surgery in this case would be a luxury rather than a necessity, and a luxury that can be distasteful in the end, both to yr pocket and the finger.

take care, be well

gary 8 years ago

i have a distal bicept rupture left arm 3 weeks ago. i dont want surgery since my work schedule is full and cant take the time to rehab. im 46 working fine with the arm now is there some therapy to manage this problem. for the rest of my life or is surgery the only way to go.

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hi gary

well about a tendon rupture, it can be a minor injury, a partial tear or a complete tear.

since u r working fine now i guess u had something of a partial rupture.

for these cases we can really avaoid surgery and go in for a rehabilitation programme.

u have to talk to yr orthopedic surgeon and rehab consultant regading this programme

be well

Matt 8 years ago

Thank you for answering my question Dr. Shyam. Right now I am leaning more on the side of not getting the surgery. I think I'll wait another two or three months and see if I can live with a minor disability such as a non-functioning DIP joint. I've talked to a lot of people about this, some also doctors, but you've definitely been most helpful. You are a blessing to us all that you've advised and helped. I wish you more success. Thank you.

shuhel 8 years ago

i have a humerus midshaft fracture and have been treated non operatively with a plaster. after 4 weeks they put me in a brace as saw healing on x-rays. its been nearly 8 weeks now presently and i the arm is feeling fine, there seems to not much pain but im feeling cracking or clicking on my arm like the bone is moving. i went to doctors and took an x-ray and said that theres no way the bone could be moving as there is suffiecient callus and healing. the doctor even lifted my arm and moved it around and i felt no pain or movement, he says it cud just be muscles but i wanted to know what you think it could be. pls help!

shuhel 8 years ago

by the way im 20 and im non smoker and non drinker. what i forget to mention also that the fracture is kinda like a spiral or oblique and they have now referred me to start pysiotherapy. why im a feeling like cracking or clicking like its moving at my arm when its healing and the doctors send me to physio to start. pls help!

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hi shuhel

well fractures of humerus especially spiral ones are known to respond very well to cast and brace treatment.

as it is 8 week there would be abundant callus over the fracture site.

any bone heals with excess of bone tissue , this is called callus. since it occupies more space and the soft tissues like muscles tendons have to move or slide over it, sometimes there is this crakling sensation. it is mostly a tendon snapping over the callus bulk. with time the callus will reorganise into proper shape and thew sensation will be gone.

another cause of this cracking could be a nonunion of the fracture. however this seems less likely in your case. but do take a digital pic of yr recent x ray and send to me so that i can be in a better position to tell you definitely

my email is

be well

shuhel 8 years ago

hello doctor. i will try and send u a pic of my x-ray. in the meantime where are the symptoms of non union, i feel crackling and clicking at the imnjured site but also a mild one at the elbow so if it was a non union then i would have to feel pain right. and also if my doctors have started me doing pyhsiotherapy then its gotta be a good sign that its not a non union. i have started to move my arm around in simple ways like lifting my arm up as much as i can but right now i have joint stiffness but im in no severe no pain plus as far as i know during the whole time i haven't had a fall or a bang at my injured site. the only thing i cud say is that if im walking along a road for a long time at a long time i do get abit of aching at the injured site, is that normal cause i presume its still healing. your help wud be g8 thanks.

shuhel 8 years ago

just out of curiosity what is the solution of non union if it was the case?

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hi shuhel

as i said non union is unlikely in yr case

these aches ec are commen occuring after prolonged immobilisation

so don worry

as you are able o move your arm fine, is just a mater of time that you will be back to your normal activities.

take care be well

Mike 8 years ago

Dr. Shyam,

I am a 30 year old male and I injured my shoulder while pitching about three months ago. For the first week after the injury my shoulder was extremely sore and it caused me pain to raise my arm above my shoulder. The pain slowly subsided, but still remains when I make a throwing motion. Currently I have a lump in the proximal deltoid about three-four inches from the top of my shoulder. My shoulder makes a clicking sound when I make an (overhead) throwing motion. Further, my throwing shoulder now hangs about an inch or so lower than my other shoulder. Unfortunately, my current situation finds me without insurance, so I have not had an MRI. After some internet research, I ruled out proximal biceps tendon rupture because the lump/bump on my arm is on/in the deltoid instead of the biceps. I am starting to think that my symptons are consistent with a SLAP tear or lesion. The pain only occurs when I make a throwing motion, and the pain only occurs when my forearm is moving forward past my shoulder (toward the release point in my pitching rotation). The pain is a sharp pain that seems to be deep within my shoulder, but toward the front of the deltoid muscle. Do the symptoms I describe seem consistent with a SLAP tear? A rotator cuff injury? Additionally, do I risk further injury by continuing to throw? I have discontinued any throwing activities until my insurance kicks in, I just want to make sure that I do not do any further damage to my shoulder.

Thanks very much for your time and help, your services are much appreciated!

sneadhead 8 years ago

My 8 year old daughter broke her right clavicle 5 days ago. We went to the pediatrician who x-rayed and gave us the diagnosis. We were told to buy a sling from a drugstore and come back in a month. She still has episodes of extreme pain. She is in tears at the moment because it "popped" as she was trying to lie down. Should I make an appointment with an orthopedist? Is there any other treatment that can be done to help?

shuhel 8 years ago

hello again doctor,

i know i have asked you this before but right now 2 months have passed since the injury and obviously i have started physiotherapy about 2 weeks ago. i just wanted to know that when i am walking for a while for like 30 to 40 minutes continously i start to feel aching at the fractured humerus midshaft. and gradually the aching starts to get more severe to the point where its almost unbearable and i have to stop and lay down. the aching at my arm is not 24hours, i only feel it aching when i start walking for a while and gradually the aching gets worse. what do you think is the cause of this aching and do you think it could be permanent or is it just still part of healing, im really worried doctor and i need ur info!

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear mike

yes your symtoms are consistent with a SLAP tear along with a proximal biceps ear [long head tear]

yes it will get worse with furthe throwing movements.

you will ned a surgical intervention for your injuries

be well

[the delay was coz of personal reasons and i apologise for it]

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear sneadhead

the clavicle fractures in childrens heal ver well, bu the period of healing may be painful for he child

we apply a figure of 8 bandage or a commercially made figure of 8 harness with a collar and cuf sling for this injuries so that the child will be comfortable.

only a sling is rather insufficient to immobilise the fracture.

do get an orthopedic opinion and get a figure of 8 bandage or harness applied

u can even buy the figure of 8 harness, of appropriate size, directly from the medical stores and apply it yrself for 3 weeks

the clavicle needsa to be rested for some time, also continue he painkiller medications prescribed by your GP for few more days so tha yr daughter sleeps comfortably

don worry ab the fracture as it will heal well

be well

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear shuhel

well since it is 2 months now

u can get anoher x ray done to check the healing

mail yr xray to me and i shall tell u whas happening to the fracture site more clearly

meanwhile i guess you are having either soft tissue interposition or a delayed union

bu dont worry boh are redily amenable to conservative treament

be well

shuhel 8 years ago

doctor what is a soft tissue interposition?

shuhel 8 years ago

also what kind of treatment is done for soft tissue interposition.

what if its niether a soft tissue interposition and delayed union, would that mean its still healing?

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

well shuhel

its just soft tissue caught up in the healing tissue

and well delayed union means it is still healing.

so its just either of the two

soft tissues that get adhered to the healing bone are mobilised over a period of time by rehabilitation.

shuhel 8 years ago

how long do you think this aching will take for it to go away doctor?

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

get an x-ray and mail me and i can tell u that

be well

Jennifer 8 years ago

I am a 32 year old female from Florida and I have a few questions.

I have a ligament tear that is between the distal radius ulna that by my doctors interpretation is non-repairable. Can something that is non-repairable to one doctor be repairable to another? If non-repairable will I have complications from this in the future and/or as I get older? and if so what kinds of complications and will those complications require surgery?

Also I had an intercarpal fusion w/autograft. My doctor held the two bones together with a screw. Will that screw stay in there or come out? Also will I get full range of motion back or lose my range of motion? Will I have complications from this as I get older and if so what kind? I am right handed and hurt my right hand. So will the fusion effect my daily activities? I am still in a cast and will be for at least another month.

I would greatly appreciate your swift response in this matter.

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

well jenifer too many questions

Can something that is non-repairable to one doctor be repairable to another?


If non-repairable will I have complications from this in the future and/or as I get older?


if so what kinds of complications and will those complications require surgery?

i cannot really comment on this till i know the details . if u have and mri or sonography report u cant mention them

Will that screw stay in there or come out?

u shd ask that to yr surgeon, it depends on what technique is used.

Also will I get full range of motion back or lose my range of motion?

u will have some restriction of motion

Will I have complications from this as I get older and if so what kind?

setting in of early arthritis is a possible but unpredictable complication.

I am right handed and hurt my right hand. So will the fusion effect my daily activities?

well u will eventually learn to modify yr activities as per yr discomfort.

Jennifer 8 years ago

I have the MRI report and it states that contrast extends into the distal radioulnar joint representing a ligament tear. Then I have the doctors surgery report that says this (mind you I tore all the ligaments in my hand.)

The lunotriquetral joint and the TFC were approached through a transversal incision just distal to the unlna, carried through skin and subcutsneous tissue. Hemostasis was obtained with a bipolar. Blunt dissection was carried out down to the retinaculum. It was split in the direction of its fibers and retracted. The fifth and sixth compartments were mobilized retracting the tendon. The joint was then opened. Opening the flap, there was a hole in the TFC that was non-repairable and a flap. The flap was debrided with a rongeur down to new surface and then irrigated.

So I had the first doctor do all the repairs and because one repair failed another doctor did the intercarpel fusion with autograft.

So the second doctor was just looking at the failed ligament repair that was held with k-wires (anchors) nothing more.Because the anchor came loose. Should I ask him about this tear my first doctor said was non-repairable?

If you need any more information or more mri reports i can scan them and email them to you. I greaty appreciate your responses.

Jennifer 8 years ago

I was also wondering what function is that ligament between the distal radius ulna do?Does it hold the distal radius and the ulna bone in place?

Gokul Singha 8 years ago

My wife aged 52 had complete humerus (right arm) fracture on 10 Sep 08 and had ORIF with single plate on 24 Sep 08. But during x-ray the operator turned the arm causing breakage of 4.5 cm bone piece with the plate and screw. Re-surgery was carried out on 01 Oct 08, used three plates and removal of the bone piece. There is no other problem except that wrist cannot be lifted at all. there is swelling around wrist area and the thumb. All five fingers can be moved as normal. Nerve Conduction Study test has been advised. Question: Why I am Not able to lift or control my right wrist even after two months of open surgery of right humerus bone fracture?

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

from what i gather from yr post , is that you underwent the open reduction of the humerus fracture twice within a period of 3 weeks.

it was a case of implant failure

about your wrist what i can tell you is that you had an injury to your radial nerve during surgery.

this is a well known complication of ORIF of fracture humerus. get an NCV done and all will be clarified.

Mjak 8 years ago

Over the last few months I have been feeling lots of stiffness in my arms and feet. I found I was walking with a funny robotic like gait. I went to my doctor who after blood tests determined I had a vitamin B12 defiency and started me on shots. She said this could be causing my problem. Several weeks ago I began having non stop pins and needles in both hands. First it was primarily the right hand now it is both. Again, my doctor said the B12 defiency could do this. Now for the two weeks I am experiencing pain in my neck, difficultiy moving it and a feeling of constant preasure on the back of my neck. The pins and needles in my hands continues. I still have robot walk, lol. I am no longer convinced this is all from a B12 defiency and wondering if this could be an orthopedic problem. I do have osptopenia. Do you think an orthopedist could help me.

thanks mjak

Dana 8 years ago

Three years ago during soccer practice I was tripped and landed on my shoulder and I ultimately ended up with a broken clavicle which was broken into three pieces. I saw the orthopedic specialist and he decided just to sling it and let it heal naturally. Now, three years later I am finding that I can move the bone back and fourth. Also, I am still unable to lay on it for more than a minute without alot of pain to which I have to change positions. I even find myself sleeping with a pillow under it most nights because it hurts. At times it also hurts when I lay on my good side it will ache from being hunched over. I was just wondering your opinion on this. If it might possibly be a malunion from the fracture or what? Thank you for your time!!

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hello mjak

well the symptoms that u have put forth are seen in B12 defficiency.

however it should not have progressed during treatment

a vitamin defficiency occures over a period of 5 to 7 years and only after that the patient starts to have symtoms and so even the cure is slow

however as u have commented yr symtoms have increased so there lies the doubt in diagnosis.

u should be throughly investigated again, by a rheumatologist and by a neurologist.

orthopedics consultation in not necessary at this particular juncture

take care be well

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hello dana

since u had this fracture three years ago and still are able to move it, it can be a non union.

best way for me to excactly know is to see yr recent x-ray. send me yr recent x-ray and i will be able to comment more accurately

be well

trudy 8 years ago

Hi Dr,

I am a 24 year old female.. I was running in the hallway of my house last week ( thursday 27th of November) and I ran into glass and cut my right foot just above my big (great) toe.. I went to the hospital and got 6 stitches,, I told the Doctor I could'nt life my toe upwards and he check the nerves! Silly I know. So I went back on wednesday nearly a week after and told the doctor( a different one) that I can't move my toe upwards he said the tendon has been ruptured and I will need to get an operation urgently! so now it is Friday the 5th of Dec! and I am still waiting for the referal to get the operation.. I am starting to worry alot!! I play alot of soccer and sports and I am scared about not being able to play as well because of this.. Please can you give me some advice? like about the operation? and if the longer I leave it the worse it gets ? yes or no? and how long is too long? I am hoping I can get this operation next week but I have no idea when they will contact me!! also recovery? how long does this take and what happens?

so today I can bend my big toe toe down i just can't lift it.. its constantly feels funny.. like numb ish or tingling... and is just dead and floppy.. I have no problems with any of my other toes or foot just lifting the big one!

I look forward to your response.

trudy - thanks

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hi trudy

well it appears that the extensor tendon of yr big toe is cut

as a sports person u shd get it repaired

tendon repair can be done till about 6 month or even after that tendons can be reconstructed using tendon graft

so dont worry, u shall be all right, its a new age of medicine.

take care be well

Chan Min Park 8 years ago

Hi doctor!

I am a 17 year old teenager living in China!

So I recently broke my finger, well, 7 weeks ago to be exact. (October 23rd) Well I had a cast on for about 4 weeks, then a splint on for another 2 weeks. Now I have taken everything off. The finger is fully healed, I cant bend it fully now but i understand if I do rehab it'll be fine. But the problem is, the finger bends sideways. When they take an x-ray the finger is straightened out. When the finger is straightened out, it looks fine, it's straight. However once i try to make a fist, the fourth finger (the finger I broke) overlaps my fifth finger. When I broke the finger initially, it was also like that. My doctor told me in the beginning I had two options: surgery or cast and I picked the cast. He told me cast will probably not make my finger 100% like before. Some tell me after time, it will bend normally again, but I am still a little worried. Could you help me out?

Thank you so much for your time!

- Chan Min Park


drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hello park

well from what i gather, you had a broken bone in the 4th finger and now it has malunited.

the bone has healed in a rotational deformity. this ia a commenest deformity seen in these cases and it does not correct spontaneously.

however many a times the body adapts to the deformity and the person is not troubled by it.

however if u have a severe deformity, which interferes with ys daily activities, then u might have to undergo surgery to correct it.

so u have a rotational malunion of the broken finger bone and if it interferes with yr activities, u might require surgery for it.

be well

stephanie 8 years ago

Hello Dr.

My 13 year old tore a ligament on her ac joint in her shoulder this past tuesday. She does want to play basketball for the rest of her school years, but I am concerned about her having a surgery. My son past away last year from Trisomy 18, and the thought of another child going under in surgery scares me! I was told that if it heals on its own that the scar tissue could be strong enough to support her shoulder and allow a full range of motion? I was also told that she should be seen again one week after her injury for more pictures? Does it need to be a full week to get the best idea of how its doing, or would 3 and 1/2 days or about 90 hours after the injury be O.K.? One of the doctors I was recommended is seeing patients in a clinic tommorrow?

Thank you so much for what you are doing!


gary 8 years ago

Hi dr. im 46 male have a complete tear of distal bicept tendon. its been coming up on 3 months since the injury. i went to aorthopedic who said he can insert the tendon into the bone behind the musscle on the arm or use a cadavers tendon to reattach the tendon to the forarm. or we just leave it . he said if we cant attach it to the forearm then i can still gain strength by attaching it to the arm bone. im a plumber very upset with the loss of strength. when i had the injury i was told people can live with this your strength does come back. it has come back a good deal of the way but im still bothered by it everyday. do i just wait and keep working the musscle and hopfully in a years time i wont even notice it. or should i jump into surgery before its way to late. the fatigue seems to be better but will that go away too. sorry for so many questions but im just confussed. i would be out of work for maybe 6 months and that has me equally scared.

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear stephanie

well AC joint ligament tears are not a very serious injury.

and the repairs can be done later too.

infact we prefer a late reconstruction.

presently a period of rest and then rehabilitation should be fine for her.

some questions. cand u see any abnormal swelling over her shoulder, is it bony or soft. how was the diagnosis done, what does the mri report say?

be well

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear gary

biceps tendon is a important muscles both at shoulder and elbow

and so nature has provided with fail safes at both shoulder and elbow

at elbow a muscle called brachialis takes care of elbow flexion

however still some limitations remain.

my advice is to continue rehabilitation for another 3 months, see if you can do yr daily activities without mimitation and only then comtemplate surgery if u feel unsatisfied

be well

shuhel 8 years ago

hello doctor again.

i have just seen my orthopedic doctor in london uk and obvioulsy it has been now 16 weeks since my humerus midshaft fracture. i went to see the doctor and he felt out my arm telling me to push in and out with my arm and he has said that it has united now without even me havin an xray done. i finished physiotherpy about a week ago before i saw the doctor and i told her that i still feel a little bit of pain at the site and also obvioulsy the aching which i told about doctor and the phsio tells me that its just musles thats weak and that i should continue excersising my arm to build up strength and mobility. i have spoken to my doctor and he has said the same thing. I have almost full range of motion but just a few niggles. just wanted to know doctor, do you agree with what they told me and that the slight pain and aching is from weak muscle, is this common. they have currently discharged me now.

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

well i will agree with yr doctors

some pain will be there till all the s oft tissues are healed

and well u will gain the rest of the power within some time.

best luck

how to increase vertical 8 years ago

Its a very useful hub for all the beginners and newbies.. Thanks for the pertinent info Keep it up!

mitchell sloane 8 years ago

ROTATOR CUFF MRI RESULTS--PLEASE INTERPRET!?Here is the report from my right shoulder MRI, done to rule out RCT (40yr old male complains of pain for 3 months, diminshed range of motion)Examination consists of oblique coronal, oblique sagittal, axian proton density, and coronal fast spinecho fat-suppressed T2-weighted sequences. The rotator cuff musculature is normal is signal, no atrophy or denervation edema. Teres minor is intact, the infraspinatus tendon is intact. the supraspinatus show some intermediate signal at the enthesis with the tendon margins appearing intact. the subscapularis shows intact tendon fibers with somewhat increased intensity indicating tendinosis. the biscpes tendon is located within the bicpital groove and show normal contour and signal. the biceps anchor is intact. supreior labrum shows increased signal throughout and appears degenerated w/o any displaced fragment appreciated. the posterior labrum below the equator has a rounded focus of bright signal reflecting an intralabral cyst indicative of a labral tear. more inferiorly the posterior labrum has a normal appearance. the anterior labrum at the equator has a cleft appearance and more inferiorly shows increased signal w/o disruption of the morphology. the capsule ligamentous complex appears of normal thickness. the humerus head shows enthesopathic cyst deep to the infraspinatus insertion. jugular cartilage appears well-preserved as is the glenois cartilage. there are no oseous proliferative changes a the inferior margin of the clavicle or acronium with normal morphology of each. there is no synovial proliferation at the AC joint. coracoacromomial ligament is normal. rotator interval appears normal..Can someone with knowledge of orthopedics please translate this into English for me? Thanks

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hi mitchelle

well the MRI is just communicating with yr surgeon in its own language

the labrum is a soft pad that surrounds the joint and yr mri says that the labrum shows some tears here and there and that there is small fluid collection [cysts] around the joint

show it to yr surgeon and he will help u with it :)

be well

shuhel 8 years ago

question doctor!!1

1. so how long does soft tissues take to heal for a person like me?

2. is aching to be expected after broken arm has healed?

3. I read somewhere that aching can be permanent if the injury was severe, if that was the case do i come into that equation?

3. how long does remodelling take and does that play a part for my arm to get back to normal without any pain?

4. when do you think is a good time to return to physical activity after this kind of injury?

P.S sorry for asking so many questions as i am very young and i get worried and depressed about these things. i know it would help if i send you pictures of my x-ray but they dont let me take pictures in hospital. the best i can do doctor is to give you the xray picture of humerus fracture at the time of the accident when it was manipulated back in place, would that be ok????????

shuhel 8 years ago

doctor, i am still awaiting your response for my previous question.

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

:) dear shuhel

soft tissues take anuwhere from 3 months to 6 months to heal [its not just healing it is a regeneration and realignment process to acquire the original framewprk.

yes some form of ache is expected but its temporary.

bone remodelling is a much longer process going into years and it remodels not only the bone but the surrounding soft tissue too.

3 months for normal daily activities and 6 months for sports activities however much depends on the x ray evidence of bone strength.

madhu 8 years ago

Hellow dr.Ashok

first of all thanks for the humanity you are showing to the people,I think this is one of its kind service.Thanks once again.Pl help me

My mother of 65 years old having shoulder pain since a year.We have been to orthopedician four months ago.after taking x-ray and all he adviced some medicine and given an injection on the shoulder.That night she got severe pain but reduced in the morning.after that there was no pain for two months.Again since a month she is geeting severe pain suggest us what to do and where to go solve this problem.Along with shoulder her right hand also pains.It crosses the elbow.Now she is getting pain for both the hands and shoulder.She is not sleeping due to pain,Pl help us.We live in Thane.She can not move her hands to back,can not up stright,we have taken the phygiotherapy also but that also not helped us


drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hi madhu

from what u have told me , i gather that yr mother is sufferring from periarthritis of shoulder simply frozen shoulder.

what is needed is medication and therapy.

since u stay in thane , u can come and see me too

my no is 9869320119

be well

MADHU 8 years ago




drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

subham hospital, opposite spinach shop, at hariniwas circle, thane west

maryegbertpt 8 years ago

Hello Dr

I am a physical therapist, wound and lymphedema certified. I have a patient that just had an ankle ORIF and developed significant edema and cellulitis. She came to us about 4 days post surgery. She did have some edema so I applied some light compression, but I feel it was not soon enough and she developed cellulitis. She is non weight bearing and is wearing a posterior ankle/lower leg splint with the ankle set into neutral. I feel due to the non weight bearing status and inability to perform ankle pumps fluid builds up in the limb. What do you think about applying short stretch compression wraps in the OR? They would be changed in 48 hours and daily after that. Do you think this would prevent cellulitis in ankle fusions or ORIF's? Thank you for your reply.


drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear mary

well edema and cellulitis are two very different things for us surgeons

they are in no way related

post-operative edema is something that we expect and are never worried of

development of cellulitis indicates infection.

causes of infection in an ORIF case has variety of causes, but post operative edema is not really a likely cause

worry with post operative edema is compartment syndrome and not infection.

so please try to look for reasons for the case getting infected rather than focussing on the edema factor

post-operative edema management includes a plaster, elevation, ice packs[if fesible] and enzymes [trypsin etc]. and this works for all the patients in about 1500 cases i have operated of trauma.

if u have any more queries, u r welcomed to continue the discussion

take care, and a happy new year to you too

Cindy G 8 years ago

4 days ago I bumped the top of my index finger middle knuckle. It hurt a little almost a stinging type feeling then turning to stiffness on the side of my knuckle nearest to my middle finger. The next morning I work up with some swelling. Nothing huge, but noticable and tight. The swelling is continued and the stiffness and swelling has now moved to my joint at the base of the finger. There's really no pain unless I move my finger, but nothing intense. It's mostly the swelling that is causing a stiff, stretched pulling discomfort. My Husband told me to give it a week and if I still have swelling go see the Doc. What do you think?

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear Cindy

Go see the Doc

unnecessary delays are not recommended

mark n 8 years ago

hi dr.

i have a non-displaced tibaial pateau fracture to the right knee inside area fron a violent vehicle accident it has been 2 1/2 months so far on crutches in a moving brace.the doc's told me no weight bearing for 3 months and no surgery. but the menscus was smashed and is very painful, it also swells considerably. what is your treatment in thesecases . my doc is avoiding even talking about the knee.

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hi mark

meniscal injuries will require an assesment by an mri or by a direct arthroscopic examination.

how do you know thw meniscus is injured?

if a meniscal injury is found, it has to be tackled with either repair or excision.

many a times the surgeons allow for the rest to take care of the meniscal injury whichworks sometimes. the bleeding inside the joint helps in meniscal regeneration. however after 3 months one should go ahead with an mri or an arthroscopy.

mark n 8 years ago

the joint crunchs in a flex. and it swells daily with some numb ness in the lower leg. there are mucsel spasm on the medial side also.any contact with the plateala area is painful an follow by swelling.i am on celebrex,vicoden es, and percocet which i don't want to take(2 strong).1st mri showed(degradation)in his termsand that was all he would say.that was 11-20-08

Dear Doc 8 years ago

I am 27 years old and my joints crack or pop just about anytime i move, and when I say my joints (feet, ankle, arms, hip, shoulder and chest) i mean all of them. My muscles are always tight as well, It doesn't hurt, but alot of discomfort. This has been going on for about a year now. Do you have any idea what can be causing this.


drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear mark

the problem seems to be much more than what i expected

some problem with your patellar tendon and the infrapatellar nerve

well how about taking a second opinion.

and a second mri too.

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear creaky

some questions for you

is this complain more in the mornings

are any of your joints stiff in morning or swollen

how well can you bend your back

do you booze/smoke? how frequent?

the problem seems to be something close to a spondyloarthropathy, will be able to tell u better after u answer these questions.

be well

Creaky 8 years ago

My joints are stiff, but not swolen. I can bend my back fairly well. It's worst

in the morning, but really all through the day. I use to smoke cigarettes, about 1 pack every 2/3 days. I used to be very active, and on my feet for 8 hours at my old job, with no problems, but now Im at a desk for 8 hours a day and now im starting to have these issues.

1998KG 8 years ago


I have a few questions about an injury I acquired 18 days ago. I fell and twisted my ankle. After my pcp tested my foot he recommended an mri. It showed tennovitis (sp?) and a partial tear in a brevis tendon. At first I had no pain just numbness. The last three nights I have had intense pain in the calf. It starts in my arch of my foot and shoots upward (not past my knee). Is this common of tendon pain? The only thing that stops this stabbing pain is walking and it is persistant if I lie down or elavate that foot. I have been taking tylenol which briefly helps.


drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear creaky

get a rheumatologist consultantation

i think it is one of the rheumatic diseases

nothing to worry thou, these diseases are treatable and u will be as active as you want to be in life

be well

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

1998 kg

first tell me were you walking on this leg with partially torn tendon?

1998kg 8 years ago

Yes, I am walking with a 'boot" removable walking cast.

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hmmn as per my guess, the injury has aggravated or some edema swelling around the injured muscle-tendon complex

while walking the other muscles sheild it from harm but at rest when the gaurds are down the muscle aches

start on antiinflammatory medications, limit activities for a week and take hot water compressess.

be well

Lynch 8 years ago

Hi my name is Lynch I am 32 year old male from the US.

I have a problem with my left pinky finger. About a year ago I had surgery on my left hand. TFC repair and after surgery it was bent. It is always bent. I had 3 1/2 months of physical therapy on it but nothing. My doctor says it is a tendon that is causing it to bend like that. He said the tendon is tight. Physical therapy seems pointless, is there anything that can be done to make it "normal" again? It really is annoying cause it makes it difficult to use my hand properly. Please help thanks


Lynch 8 years ago

I forgot to ask. When I had the surgery for the tfc could something have been done to that tendon?

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hi lynch

a few details

where is the finger bent

did the deformity occur after the surgery

can you correct the deformity and straighten the finger by manipulating it

do u have any pain in the finger

do u have any weird sensation in the finger [heaviness, numbness]

was the finger hurt anytime

is it possible for u to send me a pic of yr bent finger

be well

Lynch 8 years ago

The finger is bent at the main knuckle above the palm. the middle" phalange? (is that correct term)

Yes the deformity happened after surgery.

I can correct the deformity and straighten the finger by manipulating it. With the other hand of course. Yes there is pain and the finger feels "heavy" Like when I try and move it there is weight to it and can not move it properly I have never hurt the finger it was just like this after surgery of the tfc surgery. I can send a picture just tell me where I can send it to. Thank you so much.

Haven 8 years ago


I'm the mother of a 22 year-old female in rural US. Our health care is not like in a city. She broke 3 ankle bones - tibia, fibula and "cleaved" the tarsus. She is 22 months from the injury and surgery (done immediately to save the foot.) There are 9 pins and a plate in the ankle. She is grateful to have a foot but the pain is still a terrible problem. She cannot stand for very long, walking even several blocks is painful, running is out of the question. The ankle swells almost daily. X-rays show good healing and tarsus remains healthy. She ices, takes an anti-inflammatory as needed, massages and elevates the foot. She feels the pins may be loose. Is pain of this type normal after nearly 2 years? Are pins routinely removed at some point? Would removal of the pins effect her pain level. Thank you very much for your opinions

Theo 8 years ago

My x ray looks exacly the same as fig 10. I am going for a check up in a couple days. Would you opperate on this or let it be? Im hoping they will not need to.


drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear lynch

send pics on

Nikki Ribble 8 years ago

I am a 20 year old female and I have been out of high school since June of 2006. I had an osteochondroma removed from my knee when i was in 8th grade, i was about 13 years old. I think i recently discovered a smaller bone growth near the surgical site where the previous growth was removed. Knowing you were only practicing for 6 years I'm not sure if you know the answer to my question. Can osteochondroma regrow? I mean its not that painful right now..Every once in awhile it hurts to go up and down stairs. Please message me back.

Jim 8 years ago

My problem started when I came home from work and went to sleep. I was awakened by a severe pain in my middle finger that hurt so bad, I literally didn't wanna try and drift back off. The finger then began to swell and i was unable to make a fist anymore. As this continued, the whole hand began to hurt and two weeks later, my other hand began to feel weak and lose strength. Well the Dr gave me a steriod pack and it took the swelling down, but with me working a job wiith repeaditly frequent hand movement, it came back like three days after. About two weeks after that, my left foot began to ache. it was like this is spreading. I have had blood work done and everything came back negative. x-rays came up with nothing. Physical therapy made my hands ease for an hour and I was right back like I was. The only other medicene I have been told to take by the doctors was ibuprohen which hasn't helped whatsoever. Right now, I am fatigued, while aching in my wrist, forearms and biceps, and triceps. I honestly feel like I have weighs strapped all over my body. They keep tellin me at the moment that it is just tendanitis thats making me hurt all over which is crazy in my opinion. I need HELP!

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author


cause of pain after 2 years wd be probably a loose implant

many patient benefit from implant removal

if we are sure about the bone union we can remove the implant at this time

so consult yr surgeon and get the implant out

be well

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear Theo

the fracture will require surgery, i am afraid. but in long run everything will be fine

be well

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear nikki

get an Xray. that will answer all of yr questions

and yes osteochondroma can grow back

be well

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear Jim

from what you are telling me, the best i can deduce is that u r having either some rheumatic disease or gout

can u tell me yr age and

do u take alcohol.

have they tested you for rheumatoid factor, serum uric acid, HLA B27 and ANA

let me know the results

be well

Nikki 8 years ago

I don't want to get an xray and make a fool out of me if its only scar tissue or something. I just don't to sound crazy because its been so long since the surgery and i have probably stopped growing so i thought bones don't grow anymore after 20. The dr originally told me I would be on crutches for a week. I was on them for two months. didn't go to school for a week because my ankle got as big as a softball and never fouind out why. I just don't want to look like a hypocrandriac or something befcause its been so long and it is the same thing, its smaller so its harder to feel.

Jim 8 years ago

I am 38, always been extremely healthy, what ever it is just appeared over night. They did bloodwork for everything I presume. As far as checking specifically for them I am not sure but was told I had no diseases going on. I though It was Carpel Tunnel since the foot hurts only about once a week. My hand hurts at the moment down the side, along with the middle finger which is still swelled after 3 months and right on the carpel of the wrist. The forearm and biceps still feel fatigued and as if they had been in a boxing match.

Nikki- Different question now 8 years ago

I know have another question about my left ankle. about 2 years ago i was on a stage behind a basketball hoop and i was being dump and i was jumping off of it. well, I landed on my boyfriend foot and my ankle rolled both ways. I felt the worst pain of my life. I felt horrible stretching and tearing. It was the night before thanksgiving so I just used crutches for 2 days and iced it. I even bought an ace wrap. It was almost a week before i went to the dcotor because it was hurting soo bad. The doctor was really old and just said it was a sprain and sent me on my way. I was walking with horrible pain at the time. I went home and started to cry because my ankle was stinging inside the bone and i thought for sure something was broken, xrays were negative. Awhile later I went back to the dr because my ankle was really swollen and would usually stay that way. He said i just have nerve damage and gave me some kind of anti-inflammatory and sent me on my way, no xrays, nothing. To this day its still tender to touch and it swells up after showering. What is wrong with it? I mean i have really bad insurance and i don't really complain about my ankle but im just curious. Thanks.

Lynch 8 years ago

Did the pictures come out all right or do you need me to resend?

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear nikki

take an X-ray

about the ankle u had a serious grade 3 tear of the ankle ligaments which was not treated well

xrays are not normal in these cases, however one need a good orthopedic surgeon and special x rays views to understand these injuries

the doctor u visited seems incompetant in this regard and has treated u in a very casual manner

now ur ligaments have tried to heal with thick fibrous tissue, that pains when unduly strecthed

as for as the present condition - get an xray- that wont certify u as hypochondriac- trust me

be well.

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear jim

take a neurologist opinion

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear lynch

i think one of yr nerves is been injured during wrist surgery

and that has led to the non-functional tendon in yr finger

discuss the same with yr surgeon

hafiz 8 years ago

doctor i have this pain in my upper right side back close to my shoulder blades. its like a sharp pain that comes and goes and also i get this burning sensation as well. i went to see my local doctor last week and he gave me a CO-CODAMEL painkiller. i think it has reduced the pain but not completely. i have had this pain now for 2 weeks but i think the pain has eased but now i am also feeling pain close to my neck like the pain has spreaded or something. recently i had a serious injury to my left arm and i was required to do physiotheraphy after recovery. one of the excersie involved me squeezing my shoulder blades inwards, and i did this when i was doing push ups and did it 40 times 3 times a day. i did this for roughly 2 months and thats when i started feeling the pain i have described above. do you have any clue what it could be doctor?

Nikki  8 years ago

Thank you. i thought i had a grade 3 sprain. So what would an orthopedic surgeon do? I don't understand why my xray was normal. What can they do for it now? I just don't know. I mean should i go to an orthopedist or an podiatrist? you seem like a very good and thorough doctor. How did it try to heal with thick fibrous tissue? What does that mean? What would an xray do for it now?

Steve W. 8 years ago

Hi Doctor,

Steve W. 8 years ago

Hi again Doctor,I had arthroscopic surgery on my right knee in October for a tear in my medial meniscus which went well.At the same time I noticed pain on the outside of my right ankle,I thought it was from walking funny from the knee pain.The pain never went away so I had an MRI done revealing I had a partial intrasubstance longitudinal split tear in the peroneus brevis tendon extending from the level of the tibiotalar joint to the peroneal tubercle of the calcaneus.There is also mild tendinopathy in both the peroneus longus and the brevis tendons.There is also fluid within the peroneal tendon sheath compatible with tenosynovitis.There is moderate marrow edema in the calcaneus in the region of the peroneal tubercle,likely reactive to the previous image changes in the peroneal tendons.I am a 49 year old runner and have been running fairly avid for the 18yrs.I do remember trainig for a marathon in 2006 and my ankle bothering me than especially in the mornings being stiff and sore no real swelling and would subside during the coarse of the day enabling me to run by late afternoons and complete the marothon.I have done 8 marathons,and I do remember rolling my ankle in the past but not specifically to this injury.The surgeon I saw recommended surgery he said he tries not to suture the tendon for anything forein in there is not good.He said he has had good results with this procedure but could not gaurentee that I would not have any pain after healing.I would be in a cast with no weight bearing for 2wks and after that a walking boot with weihgt bearing for 3mo.He said I could resume running in 4to5months.I am wodering how long of atear this is and what you think.Thank You Steve W.

Lynch 8 years ago

If I have injured one of the nerves, is there a name for it?

What can be done to fix it, more physical therapy, splinting, splinting it with a pin or surgery?

I ask you because my surgeon said physical therapy but after 3 1/2 months of physical therapy nothing has changed. What test can be done to know for sure?

I thank you for all your help

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear hafiz

i think you have trapezius muscle spasm

trapezus is a big flat muscle that covers the most of the upper back

u need to take some muscle relaxant and take hot water foementation regularly about 2 to 3 times per day

be well

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear nikki

please do not confuse

the x-ray is for the knee

and ligament injuries are managaed by orthopedic surgeons

i, here, cannot give u an overview of working of the medical institution. if u have a geniuine orthopedic question please restrict yrself to it

thank you

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear steve

u have an overuse tendinitis which has caused injury to yr peroneal tendon over a period of time

this can happen to sportsperson like you

if u need to pursue yr runnin the best thing is to get it repaire, undergo rehab and hope for the best recovery.

leaving it untreated is just going to worsen it and will restrict yr sporting activities

be well

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear lynch

sorry about the mistake , u have a tendon injury not a nerve injury

the tendon name is extensor tendon to the little finger

one of the slips of the extensor digitorum superficialis may be stretched during scopy procedure

these injuries are very very rare

u need to meet yr surgeon again and he will examine u and tell u exactly

als u can ask ur therapist directly if he thinks yr tendon is injured

be well

jess 8 years ago

Hey Doc,

glad to have found you, I am in grave need of some help,

2 months ago I was hit by a car.......unfortunately my knee took most of the impact which resulted in a total knee dislocation, 3 ligaments were torn and the 4th was damaged. As a result I had reconstruction surgery with graphs from my own knee a few days later. This left me with 6 screws in the knee.

Now 2 months later i'm in physio 5 times a week and using a brace to increase flexion, I can currently bend it to 95 degrees on my own, the os told my pt no more than 110 degrees, my question is whether this 110 degree restriction is for my intire life or just for the time being, is it possible to gain back my ROM after such a surgery? I'm in my 20's I can't live without ever bending over.

thanks so much


drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 8 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear jessica

the present restriction of moment is temporary

it is to safegauard you from damaging the reconstructed ligaments

do not worry you will regain all your movements

be well

James Greene 7 years ago

I had a complete rupture of my left distal bicep tendon. It was repaired and im doing well. I am 18 weeks post op and my ortho doc wants to release me to full duty. im a paramedic. Is this to soon?

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear James

three months is adequeate time to start activities of daily living in biceps repair

however do not lift weight or do heavy work till 6 months

be well

James Greene 7 years ago

Thanks for the response, I will talk with my ortho doc next week. I will keep you updated. Thanks again

Jay 7 years ago

doctor, im feeling some aching on my left arm. its my upper arm mainly but sometimes i get a little aching on the lower arm too. anyway i broke my left arm roughly 5 months ago and it was a complete mid fracture but its healed. just a couple of days ago i slipped and thats when i started feeling this ache. its not pain but more of an ache. can u help?

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear jay

get an Xray done to rule out injury to the healing bone

my opinion, its nothing serious , just some injury to highly sensitive healing bone tossue

nothing to worry, as it does not appear serious, but do protect yr arm for about 2 weeks more

be well

Clark 7 years ago

hi, i wanted to know, what are the symptons of bone cancer and also whether someone who has had say a broken arm or leg quite a while ago which has held is likely to get bone cancer?

Sharron 7 years ago

How old must a fracture be to show up on a bone scan?

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear clarke

bone cancers are of various types with variety of presentations

commenly they present as swelling at a particular site

less commenly as pain in the particular bone

fractures never lead to cancers so no risk of somebody with a broken arm or leg to have cancer

although other way round is true

sometimes bone cancers also present as fractures called pathological fractures

be well

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

bone scan will detect fracture very early

as soon as bone is fractured one can detect it on a scan

however bone scan is very less sensitive meaning it cannot differentiate a fracture from infection or other lesions

be well

mark n 7 years ago

this is my mri report can you help de cyrpt it???

injury was started with tibula plateau frature on the inside right knee in violent roll over accident.

1---proximal acl is not well-demostarted and may be partly torn,clincal rehabilitation for stabiality is recoomended. what is this

2--trace distal patellar ligament tendinosis. what is this??

3--- probable partial to near complete tear of the femoral attachment of the fibulo (febular???)collateral ligament. is this a lcl tear??

4--changes compatable with prior sparain of the proximal medial collateral ligament. what does this mean

5 --medial mensuci subtle oblique signal to posterior does not contact articular surface and is not definitive. ---is it torn .feels like it

Jay 7 years ago

so doc how long do you think this ache will take to go away if it is injury to highly sensitive healing bone tissue?

What if it is injury to main healing bone tissue, what happens next?

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear jay

get an xray first please

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear mark

1. there might be injury to your Anterior cruciate ligament [acl] of the knee which is the main stabiliser of the knee jiont. in view of obscure injury they have suggested rehabiliation for it.

2. some inflammation or blood accumulation at the site of the patellar tendon insertion

3. yes that means a lcl tear

4 this means that you had previous injury to your medial collateral ligament too

5. this is really inconclusive spillting hair stuff

what you need now is to get an arthroscopy done to confirm these lesions

none of them are definately confirmed by the mri

be well

Jay 7 years ago

hi again. i went to my local GP doctor and he assesed my arm and said an xray was not needed so he gave me some ibuprofain pain killers to ease my aching which is always constant. so far i feel as though the ache is receeding but it still feels sore, what do you think doctor?

Jay 7 years ago

sorry doc but i'm waiting for your response?

Dianne 7 years ago

What could cause an intense burning pain in the lateral portion of the kneecap whenever I bend my knee or squat? It causes no pain at any other time.

Thank you.

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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear jay

i have already given u my comments

we further need an x-ray to confirm or refute our speculations

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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear dianne

how old r u

how long is the pain since

did u have any injury to the knee

does the pain disappear when u straighten the leg

JAAM 7 years ago

i had orif on my right humerus, mid shaft spiral break 4 weeks ago. i now have swelling/numbness/needles and pins in my thumb, index, middle and half of my ring finger. will this subside? i am going to be starting pt next week.

hankster23 7 years ago

Hi Doctor,

I am 38 years old. I was practicing a martial arts called Aikido last Monday, 6 days ago, and I was performing a lot of very hard blocking with my left forearm. After the practice, my forearm was in a lot of pain. I iced down my arm and took 800mg of ibuprofen for the pain and possible swelling. My arm seems to be getting a little better, but it is still very sensitive to the touch. The night of the injury, my forearm hurt much more when I moved my pinkie finger. That seems to be better. It now still hurts when I bend my wrist and hand back. I can function very normally during the day, but the strange thing is that it aches at night. If I move my arm in the slightest at night, a strong dull aching pain seems to engulf my forearm for about 20-30 seconds, waking me up. Do you think I need to go get this evaluated by an Orthopedic specialist or do you think that with time it should get better on it's own? Any thoughts on why it aches so much at night? Thanks for your help.

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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

it is likely you had a muscular injury with hematoma formation in the muscles of your forearm

as far as sensitivity at night is concerned , it is related to something about the nervous syatem which becomes more sensitive to such pains at night

do not worry you should be well in another 2 to 3 weeks time

be well

Mark in Detroit 7 years ago

I had a distal biceps rupture on my right arm last summer (I was 52) and had it repaired about a month after it occurred (my doctor's receptionist set my appointment and didn't seem to indicate that it should be repaired immediately). My doctor repaired my arm and it seems to have healed well. The bicep, however, doesn't extend down into my elbow like the one on my left arm and the tendon seems very thick. Besides the vanity issue, I now have chronic tendonitis in my elbow. When I work out at the gym, my right bicep can't get a proper contraction and the muscle is shrinking. The muscle is obviously at a mechanical disadvantage. What happened here and what can I do?

hunta007 7 years ago

Hello Dr. Shyam.  I am a 49 year-old male.  I am an avid weight lifter.  On Jan. 7 of this year, I was doing curls on a preacher bench when I felt the pop and burning in my left arm and my arm dropped with the weight of the dumbbell.  I had not bruising nor swelling.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the presence of mind to see a doctor and instead, just rested the arm for a period of about a week and then tested my ability to get back into the gym.  It only took about 2 weeks to be back into my routine workout regimen, but while using lighter weights with the injured arm.  I have been working out regularly without noticing much weakness in my left arm.  While I am not sure how I could have missed it for the past 2 months, early last week, I noticed that my bicep looks deformed such that it no longer reaches the elbow joint.  I did extensive reading about distal bicep tendon ruptures and discussed my situation on many forums.  I suspected mine to be a partial tear and went to see a GP 6 days ago.  He concurred re: a partial tear.  I have an appointment to see an Orthopedic doctor 9 days from today (next Friday). 

It has been two months since the injury and I don't notice much strength loss.  I am concerned re: the retraction of the bicep from my elbow.  Perhaps it is vanity, but as well as lifting weights to stay in shape, I also lift because I like to look muscular and fit.  The gap between the bottom of my bicep and my elbow due to the retraction is really bothering me because I am very self-conscious of how weird it looks compared to my good arm.

If I do have a partial tear, is it possible to think that I can do weight exercises to minimize that gap such that I can get that area to grow again... even a little?  Or is surgery the only option to have that come back.  If I can expect to get some growth to fill the void in my muscle, am I just too anxious and it will take more than the two months I have been working on it? 

I live in Hawaii (Maui) and we have somewhat limited resources at our avail as regards medical care.  My carrier (Kaiser) has only one orthopedic surgeon on the island.  When I spoke to the orthopedic area about my appointment, the nurse indicated that the Dr reviewed my file and said that I am not high priority because it has already been two months... so waiting another few weeks will make little difference.  In your opinion, if I can't get the lower biceps deformity to be somewhat rectified by weight training, am I not a candidate for surgery?  I really want to have my bicep back to somewhat of how it looked 3 months ago.

I should mention, I am concerned re: nerve damage via surgery in such a small medical market here.  I am a guitar player and my left hand is my fretting hand.  I am also a computer professional who needs to have full use of that hand.

Thank you so much for any advice you can offer.  I am very happy to find this forum and you. 

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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear mark

the biceps tendon has two attachment s at the elbow

one is the main attachment that is attached deep to the elbow bone the other attachment is to the superficial area on the inner side of elbow

the repair that is done is done to the deep part only this might lead to some cosmetic problems.

also after a tendon repair the muscle does lose power of about 30 %. this loss in power may not be significant is daily activity however on heavy activities is may show up some reduction in muscle mass

continue the rehabilitation process

get regular consultation with your operating surgeon as he can better guide you as he knows the extent of tear and the quality of repair

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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear hunta

as mentioned in the above post the biceps has two insertions over the elbow and even a partial tear will give the cosmetic problem

also as only the main tendon is sutured some part of cosmetic problem might continue to exist

as far as function is concerned you will have some limitation with heavy activities but it should have no effect on your efforts to keep fit

in my opinion dont worry about the cosmetic part too much

be well

hunta007 7 years ago

Thank you Dr. Shyam. 

As yet, it has not been ascertained what percentage of rupture I have.  If I may ask, given that I have a partial tear and that it has been nearly 9 weeks since my injury, am I still a candidate for surgery or is it too late/risky for that?  With a partial rupture, does my candicacy for surgery decrease or does the risk of successful surgery decrease with the amount of time that transpires from this point?

Also, I assume there is still some tendon/muscle connection to my forearm, so if I do not have surgery, is it feasible that the remaining muscle can develop somewhat to eliminate some of the cosmetic deformity?  The deformity is most pronounced when I have my hand palm up and flex my bicep.  When my hand is palm down, you can barely notice the retraction.  Does this imply anything to you re: degree of rupture?

While you have not examined me nor do we know the percentage of my rupture, do you recommend I have surgery or do you think I should not?

Thank you again.

Lin Liangtai 7 years ago

Was this a human femur shown in my article in my above blog at and at

I will pay if necessary for you to find any mis-identification of cells, tissues, organs, etc. in my article.

ritchie 7 years ago

i broke my arm while ago but its healed, anyway i havent taken an xray for 3 months, so is it safe to take another xray, and can xray lead to bone cancer?

ritchie 7 years ago

i broke my arm while ago but its healed, anyway i havent taken an xray for 3 months, so is it safe to take another xray, and can xray lead to bone cancer?

Terry 7 years ago

Good Afternoon,

I fell with all my weight hitting my hand (like a karaty chop) on my left hand and underwent sugery on my left ring finger mending the bone and repairing the collateral ligaments. I had major swelling in all fingers along with my hand... I'm still under the care of my sugerion and go to Therapy twice a week however I'm starting to get these knots in the palm of my hand. I started with 1 and now have about six.... I know I still have a long ways to go. My ingury was on 11/6 had surgery on 11/17 and was back to work in 6 weeks and like I said to date still going through Therapy due to I'm only 100% in 2 fingers compared to 5. What are these knots coming up in the plam of my hand?

ed 7 years ago

Hi doc, I was injured in a car accident in oct 2008. Torn labrum in my right shoulder. 12 oclock to 6oclock anterior. Had surgery 12/17/08 three screws and anchors. about a week ago i noticed during therapy I was getting a squeaky sound coming from it. No pain with the squeaky sound. today at therapy the sound got worse, more like a crunching sound and caused alot of pain. Any thoughts on what it is. still waiting for call from ortho. thanks

Rosemarie 7 years ago

Dr Ashok Shyam,

A year ago I injured my foot and was treated for a badly broken toe, but just yesterday found out that they missed a long stress fracture at the top part of my foot that should have been stablized at the time of injury for up to several months. Since that was not done then, they are having me wear a surgical boot for 4 to 6 months now. I've heard that stress fractures never actually heal anyway. What is your take on this? Do stress fractures heal? If so, can this occur a whole year after injury? I'm worried that I'm crippled for life here. I hope you have good news that this can turn out successfully still.

Stephanie Beck 7 years ago

Dear Dr. Shyam,

You helped me with one daughter and alot of fear a few months ago; thanks :). My other daughter has a knee injury now; which I'm hopeful will be fine in time. She injured it jumping over a hurdle, in track, a month ago. She says her level of pain is still the same, though. It is her left knee; after she has been sitting with her knee bent and under her right leg, then she straightens it and feels a sharp pain. After it is straight the pain turns into feeling sore with no throbbing pain? She is still running track, long distances only, with no hurdles. She had stopped track for a week and when she started again she said it did feel a little sore then. We don't want her knee to receive a worse injury. What do you think it might be, and should she not be running, even if it doesn't usually hurt when she runs?

Thank you so much,

Stephanie Beck

Blake 7 years ago

I do a lot of cycling, weighting and weight training.

Towards my lower knee/upper right calf (right knee), a stingy/prickly pain has developed. It feels like i am been pricked with a needed for 5 seconds or so and then dissipates. It occurs infrequently, and has only come about recently.

I am very concerned. It isn't natural.

Please give my you advice.


Blake 7 years ago

I do a lot of cycling, weighting and weight training.

Towards my lower knee/upper right calf (right knee), a stingy/prickly pain has developed. It feels like i am been pricked with a needed for 5 seconds or so and then dissipates. It occurs infrequently, and has only come about recently.

I am very concerned. It isn't natural.

Please give my you advice.


Tom Hagan 7 years ago

I injured my left leg ,and have to use a crutch to keep weight off mt left leg. which arm do i pet the chuch under, left or right.

Hannah 7 years ago

Hey! I have several questions about the muscles in the neck, in particular: the sternomastoid. Is it connected to the collarbone, or first rib? Is it considered a flexor and extensor when turning the head? How would I model it and how it connects to the skeletal system? Does it split in to two muscles that are connected in different places? Thank you for taking your time to answer my questions.

Lisa Henderson 7 years ago

Dr. Shyam,

My ex-husband had an accident in October and tore his right biceps tendon. He did not receive surgery until November due to his employer not submitting the paperwork to workers' comp in a timely manner. The surgery was very aggressive, the bicep had receded 7cm and was very difficult to pull back down. It was reattached to the bone with a button. About two weeks after the surgery he started getting spasms and severe cramps in his arm. Both are painful but the cramps are excruciating. He gets the spasms sporatically, but he gets the cramps, in which his forearm muscle and the bicep both tighten up and completely draw up his arm, every 2-1/2 to 3 hrs., 24 hrs. a day. He has been having this problem since November. He is seeing an orthopedist and a neurologist and neither of them have any idea why this continuing. He is taking physical therapy but it's not really helping because he keeps getting the spasms so they have to stop, they have performed various tests which show nothing, the neurologist has performed a nerve conduction test, and even tested him for MS. He is receiving botox injections but they don't really help either, they weaken the muscles a little, but that's it. He was told yesterday that they would do another MRI and see if maybe a nerve is caught in the scar tissue, or somehow got out of place during the surgery, and if they don't find anything he may have the spasms and cramps for the rest of his life. I refuse to accept that. There has to be something that can be done or some way to find out what's causing the spasms and cramps. He cannot use his arm at all, he can't dress himself, he can't shower himself, he can't even hold a bottle in his right hand in order to open it with his left hand.

I have been searching the internet trying to find some information about this, but haven't had any luck, then I saw this website and I'm praying that you can help.

Thank you for your time.

vene 7 years ago

I am a 47 year old female who is 70 pounds overweight, on 2/1/09 I broke my ankle in three places and dislocated it as well. I had surgery on 2/2/09 to insert screws and pins. Two weeks later the staples were removed and I was placed in an aircast and was told not to put any weight on the broken ankle. On 3/8/09, I was instructed by my surgeon that I can now walk on the ankle and while at home to walk in tennis shoes and when I return to work to use the aircast for the first 2weeks back at work. I inquired about therapy, the surgeon instructed me to raise up on my toes and shift my weight from strong to week ankle. I am to do this every hour for 5minutes. I am active in many sports which require the shifting of weight on my ankles and quick stop and go movements. Should I be in some type of guided physical therapy and is this the norm? I have never broke any bones before this, should I seek a second opinion?

Abeer A.J. 7 years ago

Hello Doctor.

About 4 years ago I jumped of the stairs, and I hurt my ankle. and my mom took me to the hospital and I did the X-rays And Stuff, they said that none of my bones were broken, so I didn't need a cast. But the pain was always coming back for periods of time. about 3 years later I went to another doctor complaining about the same ankle, he did another X-ray and told me that I had torn my Ligaments befor and that they should have put a cast on it. so he gave my physiotherapy I went with it for about a week but the pain got worse not better so I stopped. then I went to another doctor who gave me a MRI and a CT scane but all the results were perfect and nothing seemed to be wrong with my ankle. he gave me some exercise I could do at home, and that was about 3 months ago, but my ankle is not even a tinny bit better. and one of the other doctors I went to said that my Ligaments might have goten longer, he said that if it didn't get any better in 6 months we'd have to do surgery but I'm scared, because he's not sure about it -_-!

the thing that seemed to confuse the doctors was that my ankle was never swollen. that my whole foot changed color when it hurts. the color will stay for about two days and the pain will stay for 2 weeks or so, it would fade away but come back when I walked even for the shortest distance. knowing that I'm only 14 and that I've been using cains for the last few months.

I know I haven't asked a question but I want someone elses opinion

Thank you for your time.

Tom M 7 years ago

I had a distal rupture of my biceps 1997. I was without insurance at the time, so I chose not to have surery. Since then, I've noticed a slow, steady atropy of the muscles of arm below the elbow, most notably my hand and little finger.Recently, I started expeiencing a tingling and numbing of the outside of the little finger, extending up the hand. Also I've just noticed that the nail on the little finger has diminished to 1/2-2/3 tthe size of that on the non-injured limb.

Have you heard of this before, and is there anything I can do about the numbness and wasting?

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

first I apologise to all the hub page community

i have been myself unwell for a month and hafl and was unable to attend the queries posted in this forum

i thank you for the continued support for this hub

Dr Ashok Shyam

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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear hunta

i think you should avoid surgery

be well

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear hunta

i think you should avoid surgery

be well

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear lin

i am not specialised to comment on this topic

be well

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear lin

i am not specialised to comment on this topic

be well

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear ritchei

you should take Xray of your arm to see the amount of healing

Xrays do cause cancers but when exposed to beyond a certain amount, otherwise people working in Xray department will not be willing to work there

the risk of routine Xrays of causing cancers is almost nil.

be well

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear terry

the knots in your hand are most probably fascial thickemings that act as trigger for pain and also cause stiffness.

continue with your therapy at present and u may require release of the knots later on

be well

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear terry

the knots in your hand are most probably fascial thickemings that act as trigger for pain and also cause stiffness.

continue with your therapy at present and u may require release of the knots later on

be well

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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear ed

i think the sqeaking sound is because of one of your suture anchors getting loose

do get an mri for confirmation

be well

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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear rose marie

stress fractures do heal and heal well

but i should know which bone is fractured

please send me the name of the bone injured and preferably the xray on my email.

be well

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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear stephaenie

i think your daughter has injured her joint capsule of the knee joint

it is another of the ligaments of the knee and the healing time is 6 weeks with complte rest from stressful activities

so please ask her to stop training and take rest and hot foementation to the knee

if knee is presenting problems in walking get an mri straight way

be well

thanks for yr faith in me :)

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear blake i apologise for the delay in response

i think the prickly pain u r getting is pretty commen in atheletes like u

it is form of muscular pain.

as u know muscles are made of sheets of muscle fibres

its one or two of these fibres that snap under stress and then cause such kind of distress

dont worry it should get well in around 3 weeks

do rest the part, avoid overloading on the knee and take hot water foementation. u will be well

thanks for faith

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear tom

the answer to this question is very debatable but then most use ful is to keep it on the injured side itself

however according to my experience it depends on the patient whatever he is comfortable with is the best position

be well

Justin 7 years ago

Dr Ashok Shyam:

My name is Justin, In november I did something to cause a stress fracture in the the middle of my fibula. I have rested best as I can but I am a strength and conditioning coach and my job is still standing and demonstrating exercises. March 18th I consulted with my Ortho and he said the fracture was healing and to give it 4 more weeks before resuming activity. I ran lightly yesterday for the first time doing maybe 6 200yd jogs. It felt fine at the time, today I have that slight ache in the back of my calf that is not DOMS. Should I be concerned or is slight ache normal? I am rather pressed for time to train as I am going into the police academy May 18th. Should I continue to ease into running?

Thank you

Celia 7 years ago

Dr. Shayam,

What would you suggest for a knee that has a MRI result of:

1. Estensive tear and maceration of the posterior horn and body of the medial meniscus.

2. Large medial popliteal fossa Baker's cyst with moderate knee efusion. Moderate amount of fluid in the medial and lateral soft tissues of the knee.

3. Severe chondromalacia of the patella diffusely with moderate chondomalacia of the medial joint compartment and mild chondomalacia of the lateral joint compartment.

4. Chronic tear of the posterior cruciate ligament with marked bucklong.

5. Mild sprain of the medial collateral ligament.

I show horses so I want to stay active my knee is currently quite swollen. I had lidocaine shots in it. That helps to keep the pain down. Would you reccomend surgery?

Lynn 7 years ago

Thank you in advance, Doctor! I cannot find the answer to my question anywhere else. I have a torn meniscus from a downhill skiing accident. I am also overweight at 65 inches tall (female) and exactly 200 pounds. I understand that the surgery/recovery success would be much better if I lose weight before surgery. Here is my question: What is the tradeoff between taking 6 months to a year to lose the weight and having a better outcome with the downside of doing additional damage to the knee during that 6 months/year? I don't know if I should stop damaging it by having surgery now vs. walking on it trying to exercise while losing weight to get a better outcome? My level of pain varies unexplainedly, but is always painful, ranging from approximately a 4 out of 10 to downright tear-causing worse-than-labor-pains agony. Thank you for your website and your time.

heather  7 years ago

I had a torn ligament in my ankle on the outside, and they repaired it with screws to restablize it. I am have really bad pain in it after barely turning about 7 weeks ago, My question is do the screw need to come ou? or does it sounld like they need to come out? I also am unable to bear weight at all on the back side of it

Lidu 7 years ago


My feet shape is a bit not normal. My fourth toe is elevated than the other ones. When you look at my feet you can see it sticks out. It seems that it comes from down the bone. I went to get it check and the answer was only operation. Whats your point of view?

Jeff 7 years ago

I was having occasional pain and loss of strength in my biceps at the shoulder. I had an MRI and the Dr. concluded the shoulder area end of bicep muscle was rubbing on the bone causing the occasional problem. The answer, before it ruptured and with insurance at the end of the year, he had the muscle moved attachment move lower, so it didn't rub. It has been 6 months and I still have very little strength. I have been following all the trainers and rehab to get the strength back. My Doctor said I should have the size back and most of the strength back by now. Is there any way the nerve to the muscle didn't get attached right? And so it couldn't respond. The Dr. said there might have been irritation at the neck, when I had the spinal block. Will this eventually come around or will I have to have something else looked at?

dantescritic 7 years ago

Thanks for the service doc.

20 year old male

I believe it is called the Lateral Malleous. About a month ago I felt a bruising feeling 1-3 cm above my inner ankle though saw no discoloration of skin or anything of the sort. I went to my general doctor after about two weeks because a lump had formed. The doctor felt around and said it was a liquid filled bump, probably a ganglion cyst. He said come back in a week but I called and called and he gave me a referral to an Orthopedist. The Orthopedist got me to do some x-rays and said he didn't see anything to worry about in the x-ray and only saw some slight calcification in the bone "Broke my ankle 2 years ago". Now he is sending me to get an MRI for the same place.  Usually when I wake up or wear socks the lump is much smaller although hard like a small pebble, sometimes not hard at all.  Other times it is large like a grape and hard. My questions are, is he asking me to get an MRI because he suspects something serious or is it standard procedure?

Doc also said "Not to worry" but I guess he says that to everyone right?

Robert Hammond 7 years ago


6 days ago a fell down a slight of stairs. slamming my elbow on the third step causing immediate pain ang tingling down my ring and little finger. I went to an orthapedic sugeon that said I have a bruised nerve and that it will take a while to heal. I still have tingling in my fingers. Any idea of how fast these symptoms will subside? What should I do to help speed recovery?



brian 7 years ago

i broke my fibula 1 week ago, doc put me in a boot and said when i go back to see him in 3 and a half weeks i will start putting pressure on it, meanwhile from time to time i get burning pains around where its broke, is this normal? thanks

ashish agrawal 7 years ago

sir, i got fracture in 4th metacarpel head on 3 march 2009. i undergone through plaster of paris for 1 month. but after removing plaster it got dislocated and situation got deteriorated, then doctor suggested me for physiotherapy, i did it fro 1 mnth . bot after so many days what i find, that i am not able to make fist and that joint is not working. and when i get up in the morning my fingers get stiff and it does not take load and a little bit swelling is also there. would you please tell me how time will it take to my finger to get normal and i eill be able to carry load.

Dr shahzad  7 years ago

Hello Sir ,i am a doctor ,i have done my MD from Ukraine in 2007 and i have cleared MCI screening test in India.Sir i want to become a orthopaedic surgeon ,i want to do my MS (ortho) from ukraine of russia .what will be your suggestion,and will i be able to work in India .my email add is please help me out .thanx

Dr shahzad  7 years ago

Hello Sir ,i am a doctor ,i have done my MD from Ukraine in 2007 and i have cleared MCI screening test in India.Sir i want to become a orthopaedic surgeon ,i want to do my MS (ortho) from ukraine of russia .what will be your suggestion,and will i be able to work in India .my email add is please help me out .thanx

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear justin

sorry for the delay

i think you should continue your training, some aches etc are commen but will go away with time

nothing much to worry

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear celia

exteremly sorry for delay

yes a surgery for this case is a must

be well

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear lynn

extremely sorry for delay

well i will suggest you to go for surgery immediately

be well

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear heather

sorry for the delay

well i think the screw should be removed immediately

be well

rebecca betson 7 years ago

i fell akward on my right hand yesterday fell on the back of my hand with my thumb stretched out im in a lot of pain having pain up my arm i have had a schaphoid fracture on this hand before and by my thumb towards my wrist i have a lump. i went to a and e last nyt they just looked at my hand and said i had stretched the ligaments and put a splint on it they didnt xray it which i think they should have what do you think?

rebecca betson 7 years ago

i fell akward on my right hand yesterday fell on the back of my hand with my thumb stretched out im in a lot of pain having pain up my arm i have had a schaphoid fracture on this hand before and by my thumb towards my wrist i have a lump. i went to a and e last nyt they just looked at my hand and said i had stretched the ligaments and put a splint on it they didnt xray it which i think they should have what do you think?

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear rebecca

Xray is a must in your case

please get the xray done as soon as possible

forward any queries after u get the xrays

be well

drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear lidu

sorry for the delay

and well surgery is the only option for u

be well

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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear jeff

i guess the muscle end that was detached has not taken up the attachment [this happens sometimes]

best is to wait and watch for another 3 months

be well

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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear dantescritic

well i think it is a routine mri

what u r describing is indeed a ganglion cyst

be well

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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear Robert Hammond

it takes 3 months to 6 months for complete recovery

u can take nervetonic suppliments [methycobalamine, folic acid etc] to speed the recovery

be well

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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear brian

u should contact yr doc if the pain has not subsided till now

some nerve might be getting entrapted there

be well

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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear ashish

finger stiffness after hand injury is very commen

u shd continue therapy and shd have regular followups with yr surgeon

it might take 2 more months to resolve

be well

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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear shazzad

i have very little idea abt the query u put forth

but i think both the ukraine and russia ortho degrees are not recognised in india

so better talk to official persons regarding this

be well

brian 7 years ago

how long is it until you can walk normally again with a fractured fibula after you start putting weight on it? thanks

leah Lemoine 7 years ago

Hi Doctor, Thanks for offering help like this to so many people! Especially to all of us who refuse to go to the docotr! On a different note, I am becoming worried about my knee. On/around the outside right corner of my left knee, it hurts! I think the pain is associated with a vollyball game when I fell completely on it. At the time of the accident, my knee became swollen and I could see a popped blood vessel. A couple days later, a bruise formed, but there was no pain. I went on with my life and then, about 3 weeks later the pain started. Now, if I sit too long with it bended, put direct pressure on it (goto a standing position using my bunked knee), straighten and bend it, it all hurts! It even makes a popping sound everytime I bend it and the pain is achy and sometime dreadful--especially up/down stairs. The pain even wakes me up when I am sleeping. Ready for the weird part? When I run on it (I play soccer) it doesn't really hurt, and even feels better the next day and doesn't even really bother me during the night when I sleep. What could this be? I just don't get it!? Why would it hurt doing little things but feel ok when I play sports? I hope you can help me! Thanks, Leah Lemoine, 27 yr old female

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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear brian

this depends on what kind of fracture and where in fibula one has the fracture

however in general the time period is of 3 weeks and can vary depending on the above mentioned variables

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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

Dear Leah

according to me, you have a posterior horn tear of the meniscus

do get an mri done of your knee

[abt the weird part, the meniscus is one of the static stuctures in the knee and the posterior horn comes into play at extremes of movements so the pain on bending and straightening. while playing the dynamic muscles are into play that offload the static meniscus]

Be Well

Leah Lemoine 7 years ago

Thanks, Doc. Can this thing you say i have, heal on it's own or will i have to get surgury?

Jess 7 years ago

Hello Dr.

I was involved in a tragic pedestrian vs. vehicle accident last Nov. Which resulted in a total knee dislocation with four torn ligaments. About a week later I was operated on and had my acl, pcl and lcl replaced using synthetic ligaments and the mcl repaired. Everything . It has been 8 months at this point of my rehabilitation and I'm missing 8 degrees of extension and have 90 degrees of flexion. After constant physio I tried to bring this to the attention of my surgeon for the last 3 months, he eventually took a closer look at my x-rays. He noticed that I have a small ossification in the posterior of my knee and suggested that this was blocking my mobility. He went on to say that it is impossible to remove due to the location and the risk of complications.

Since then I have then I have gone for a second opinion and this doctor suggested that I need the scar tissue removed and didn't feel the ossification to be problematic. He wrote a letter of suggestion to my current sergeon,(arthroscopic lysis of adhesions with gentle manipulation). My current sergeon says that it is not scar tissue but the ossification blocking me. I'm very desperate to get the function back in my knee, at only 28 years of age I cannot believe that nothing can be done about this ossification, if this is the problem. I know that it is hard to make a judgement without first seeing me. But any advice would be truly appreciated. Is it dangerous to remove from the posterior as he stated? it seems to be atteched to the ack of the tibia, not directly in the joint space but close.



Nancy 7 years ago

My significant other, a 58-year-old male, has been walking around on a very painful hip joint for 3 years with what he though was severe arthritis (a doctor's diagnosis). Some days he has been in agony. Other days he feels better, never pain-free but at least able to ignore it for a day or so. Yesterday he went to another doctor at a free county clinic (he has no insurance) who told him his hip was dislocated! Now he is waiting for an orthopedic doctor to review the x-rays. I am not even sure what questions to ask, but to start: What is the likely treatment for a 3-year-old hip dislocation? Surgery? Physical Therapy? Everything I have read focuses on emergency treatment immediately after the dislocation, not on an old injury.

Susan 7 years ago

have been going to chiropractor for several months for si problem. recently began having trouble walking. My right leg feels like someone is raising my knee with a string so I almost hop forward when walking. Went to PT and he did some testing, pulled on my leg from the ankle and felt as if hip was popping in and out of place with little resistance. Have an appointment with Ortho in several days to get her opinion on labral tear. Am having no pain but hip feels as if it must be swung forward when walking. Can labral tear cause this type of abnormal gait? What do you think

colm lynch 7 years ago

i have a minor intrasubstance tear of my proximal acl.Iwas unsure weather it would be safe to use a skipping rope with a knee strap on

colm lynch 7 years ago

i have a minor intrasubstance tear of my proximal acl.Iwas unsure weather it would be safe to use a skipping rope with a knee strap on

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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear lynch

you need to undergo a period of physiotherapy after which you will be fit to play any sports you want

be well

Shawn 7 years ago

hello dr. im 22 years old, about 2 months ago i had a custom orthotic in my right foot only to heal the nuvicular bone. so i only wore an othrotic on my right foot only while walking and exercising and after a week i had a knee pain and a lower back pain and the fat around my waist was uneven. my left side was fatter then my right side but im not that fat, but i was surprised because ive had a straight waist and everything my whole life. and now im seeing a chiropractor to maybe even my waist out but NOW im dealing with pain in my right knee, some time i wake up and i have pain in my one or both feet and my right knee and kinda my right side hip gets uncomfortable sometimes, a little but not much. the chiropractor took an x-ray and said that my sacrum or pelvic was unleveling a little. sometimes i have lower back pain. this is surprising because ive had straight body and i also had my back looked at in at school for scoliosis. so now what should i do? or whats the problem is exactly? will my waist even out?

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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear shwan

well why did u have to wear a custom orthotic in the first place.

also are u suffering from any other illnesses like diabetes or hypertension

Well according to me this is a postural problem secondary to change in the gait following your use of orthotic device

if u can please dicontinue the use of orthotics, start excersising and u shall be well

in case my reply do not satisfy yr query do detail me your situation with apt background

be well

lmj 7 years ago

Hello, im a 45 year old female. im 12 weeks into a fractured ankle due to a minor crush injury with a fork lift at work. the os said bones in fibula were in good alingment and no surgery needed. now 12 weeks of being in a cast and mondays xrays show no fracture healing!!!! now in boot and getting ct scan ive already had a mri why would i now need a ct scan? he is now talking possible bone grafting with a bone growth stimulator. when i asked how come this is taking so long he said i dont know. could these be because its a crush injury?

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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear imj

what u have is a clear case of delayed union.

the are many reasons for bone to go into delayed -union, starting from severity of injury, the bone injured to general health of the patients. the resons in many cases cannot be pin-pointed.

the next step is to confirm the diagnosis. a CT scan with multiplanar reconstruction is best modality to assess the delayed -union.

when a delayed union is confirmed a surgery to bone graft or fix the bone with plate or screw and then bone graft it has to be undertaken.

In Your case i would suggest u to continue the brace for another 4 weeks get a x-ray after that to check union and if the bone is still not united to go ahead with CT and surgery

Paul 7 years ago

Dr. Ashok Shyam,

I have had elbow pain for the longest time, and when I saw my orthopedist, he diagnosed it as tendonitis and gave me anti-inflammatories, which did not help. 2 weeks ago I found cracking my elbows by bending them backwards helped ease the pain, but since two days ago I have felt a tingling sensation around the funny bone area in both elbows. I can push in on a nerve where the funny bone is, although you cannot see it protrude with the eye, and I feel the sensation much more than normal. I believe this is an ulnar nerve injury due to the tingling sensation in my hand being around the pinky, as well as the funny bone area. It is strictly in those 2 areas. I have just today started back on anti-inflammatories, as well as vitamin B pills and an elbow brace that keeps my arm fairly straight, all based off of internet research I have done. What would you recommend I do in this situation (any non-surgical advice you could give)? Also, seeing a doctor is not in the picture, due to health insurance cancellation in 5 days, but if you think this is a problem that would require surgery then I really don't have much of an option. I am just worried because I am only 18, and lift weights often, and I don't want lifelong hand paralysis or muscular atrophy in my hand.



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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hello paul

well what u have seems to be some ulnar nerve irritation

there are many causes for this

but mostly is is very bening disease

there is no way there will be any paralysis or anything bad happening to u in recent future because of this

i have already written an informative hub on this

rean my hub on ulnar tunnel syndrome

this thing will mostly not require surgery

what happened is a temporary irritation , dont worry

keep me posted thou every week abt yr condition and do renew yr insurance if possible

be well

Paul 7 years ago

Thank you for the quick response Doctor. I read your hub, and from that I will start my at-home treatment, and will keep you updated every week about my condition for your advice.

Paul 7 years ago

Thank you for the quick response Doctor. I read your hub, and from that I will start my at-home treatment, and will keep you updated every week about my condition for your advice.

chiffeee 7 years ago

I had a fracture on top of my humeral head (left shoulder) the broken bone was removed in 2nd surgery because first one wasn’t successful to put that bone back on top of the humeral; the supraspintus was connecter to existing bone. But after five years and lots of pain I still don’t have complete movement in my arm. Last doctor I saw took an MRI from my shoulder and the report said:

Unusual contour of the humeral head with loss of the greater trochanter. There is some significant blooming artifact along the region the greater trochanter should be as within the deltoid muscle assumed to be related to prior surgery. No full thickness tear is noted to the rotator cuff. There is some tendinopathy at supraspintuse tendon.

The doctor I saw told me I need a shoulder replacement in future. Is there anything I can do right now to have less pain and prevent a shoulder replacement?

Thank you


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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

your shoulder had gone stiff due to surgery and also the bony contour is lost means setting in of early arthritis of the shoulder joint.

decision abt shoulder replacement will depend on yr age

also meanwhile you require a very goal oriented physiotherapy sessions to recover the range and gain the muscle power back. the physiotherapy will also decrease your pain and will postpone the need for replacement to a fair extent. Since it is the left shoulder [non-dominant] i guess with reasonably good range and very less pain you will be able to get along comfortably.

be well

Henry 7 years ago


I've been diagnosed with AC Joint seperation grade 2. I can't get into an ortho till next week. I'm going nuts wearing this sling. I've been told for every day i wear it i lose 1-1.5% of my muscle in my arm. I'm very active and was an avid weight lifter prior to the injury and am 43. Do i seriously have to splint this thing and "rest and ice" for a few weeks? Right before X-rays i was lifting almost normally, seems they are being overly cautious. When woud it be safe to start lifting again? From here on out would you suggest lighter weight and more reps? Should i avoid any further weight lifting that involves the scapula like squats where the bar comes across the clavicle? Are there certain weight lifting moves that are detrimental to the AC joint in particular?

Henry 7 years ago


I've been diagnosed with AC Joint seperation grade 2. I can't get into an ortho till next week. I'm going nuts wearing this sling. I've been told for every day i wear it i lose 1-1.5% of my muscle in my arm. I'm very active and was an avid weight lifter prior to the injury and am 43. Do i seriously have to splint this thing and "rest and ice" for a few weeks? Right before X-rays i was lifting almost normally, seems they are being overly cautious. When woud it be safe to start lifting again? From here on out would you suggest lighter weight and more reps? Should i avoid any further weight lifting that involves the scapula like squats where the bar comes across the clavicle? Are there certain weight lifting moves that are detrimental to the AC joint in particular?

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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hello henry

well ac joint tear is a serious injury

ligament tears take 3 weeks to heal

take rest for this period and then undergo a slow rehabilitation.any weight lifting will cause strain on the ac joint so no weight lifting for these 3 weeks is adviced

please do not underestimate these injuries which in no time might turn into repetitive strain injury and limit your professional activities severely in long run

Be Well

Paul 7 years ago

Dr. Ashok Shyam,

I have been wearing elbow braces for 4 days now, all day and in my sleep as well. The tingling feeling has subsided greatly, although there is minor, dull pain when the braces are removed for a prolonged period of time (about an hour). It seems to be healing the ulnar tunnel sydrome well.

How much longer do you recommend that I wear the braces, and how long after the pain is completely gone should I wait before going back to working out 4 days per week?

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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear paul

you seeem to be responding very well

coz 4 days is quite short time to expect such a good response

you should continue the treatment for atleast 6 weeks

you can go for work after you complete 2 weeks of treatment.

if possible you should also take some multivitamin + antioxidant pills that help in these cases

keep me posted

Be Well

Andrew 7 years ago

Dr. Shyam,

I am a 26 year old male and have been very active my whole life. About two years ago I was doing 50 yard sprints at the park when I felt a sudden sharp pain in the outside of my left knee. I limped home and it was tender for about two weeks after (I could walk on it but it felt like it was bruised). Ever since then it has not given me any problems except for when I try to go for a long jog, after about 1 mile of jogging I feel a slight pain in the outside of my knee (but it is bearable) and then after about two to three miles I start to feel aching around the back of my knee. The pain/aching in both areas is bearable but it limits me from jogging at full pace and taking shorter strides.

I would like to participate in marathons and possibly triathlons in the next few years but this knee problem is holding me back. I’m not sure if taking ibuprofen or some type of pain killer will only mask the pain and make things worse? Also, I play in an adult hockey league and my knee does not bother me when I play hockey?

...sorry for the long post! just trying to be thorough


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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hi andrews

well according to me you had suffred from a capsular injury to the knee

may be a small meniscus injury may also have happened

the best way would be to get checked by an orthopedic surgeon , get and mri and bde with it rather than keep on wondering what it is

hope u heed with the advice

Be Well

andrew 7 years ago


I am trying to schedule an apointment with an orthopedic surgeon this week. I was kind of hoping you would tell me its nothing major. lol...I read that I should be taking glucosamine every day?

Thanks for your help!

Sherrie 7 years ago

Good Afternoon.

I want to say thank you for providing this service. My question: I am post op by three weeks for rotator cuff, a bur, and sanding down a frature of the ball joint. I experienced immediate pain relief, and was so excited that I returned to my normal duites right away. I had no post op information except to move my arm as I could. A week later I was hualing garden hoses around my yard and felt a pop in my shoulder and immediately experienced a hanging feeling with radiating pain down from my shoulder to my fingers. The pain and the hanging feeling are progressively worsening. I contacted my doctor, but he was on vacation and was seen by his PA. She said I needed an MRI, and that it is possible an anchor had dislodged. Now when I asked her to explain, she side steped the question, gave me pain pills and scheduled me to see the doctor, of which I have seen yet due to he hasn't returned from vacation. I am very concerned that I have re-injured my shoulder, I can't move my arm now without a jolting pain and a continued hanging feeling. I feel is if I am discolating my shoulder as a lump apears from the front view of my shoulder and when I move my arm up I feel a pop and the lump goes away, and the pain decreases...Can you provide me with any information of what might be going on?

Henry 7 years ago

Hi, i wrote you about 7 days ago. I have no AC Joint separation, but was told my pain was likely d/t tendonitis near the Rotator cuff. The sling is gone but i was still told 4-6 weeks of no heavy weights. They also recommended Physical therapy as he felt one ligament/tendon was being over used while the others were underused (?). Anyway, if there is no tear involved isnt' that an excessive time to not do any excercize involving the shoulder other than therapy? It seems i should be able to use weights as i tolerate. Does a tendon or ligament really need that much "rest" to reform? They said there were some "roughness" on the ball that connects to the cuff irritating it. Does heavy weight really irritate it that much? IT seems any movement would iritate it and unless i get surgery it's just going to be part of life. Also, how can "lower weight more reps" be less iritable to the cuff than heavy weight less rep?

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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

dear sherrie

well according to me , your suspicion is correct. you are dislocating your shoulder. it may be due to anchors giving way. anchors are devices that are used in rotator cuff repair to stitch the torn tissue to the bone to provide for stability of the joint.

you definately need to see yr surgeon who will be able to tell u in detail, till then, i am afraid you will have to render by the advice given by the PA.

Be Well

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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

well henry

its good news that u dont have a ligament tear.

talking about a shoulder tendonitis, it fall in the category of repitive strain injury. As you would have well guessed by the name itself its an injury that occurs over a peroid of time due to repeated small injuries. these small injuries may have occured in course of yr atheletic activities and since you continue yr activities , these injuries never really get time to heal. these injuries then lead to roughness of both then tendon and the bone and this inturn causes more of these injuries. the injuries accumulate over a period of time to become symptomatic as is the case with you.

basic aim of treatment is to allow time for healing which is really variable depending on the amount of injury. 4 to 6 weeks is a reasonable time.

how can "lower weight more reps" be less iritable to the cuff than heavy weight less rep?

this requires understanding of the joint. if any tendon is injured in the joint , the other tendons take over its work so that the injured tendon gets some releif. when u do lower weights more reps, its these supporting tendons u are strengthening that will inturn off load the injured tendons more effectively. more weight less reps will directly put strain on the injured tendons.

Henry 7 years ago

thank you Doctor. One last question, I've been planning a vacation in early October, and had been working out to get into "beach shape". With the Shoulder tendonitis, although everyone is recommending 4-6 weeks rest, it seems reasonable that I can still lift, just not above 80-90 degrees of shoulder flexion and of course lower weights with more reps. I was also told i could likely work on Bicep and tricep as well as legs. The Therapist stated at worst i'm just prolonging the "inflamatory stage" but i feel if i do what i mentioned to tolerance while strengthening internal/external rotation & scapular protraction excercise, i should be in good shape and have plenty of time to recover while on vaca! I'm also utilizing a supplement Myogenix tissue and joint repair to hopefully help

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drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

hmmn well henry

i will suggest u to leave the shoulder alone for 4 weeks , meanwhike tione the rest os the body and the elbow and wrist also and start light excersises of the shoulder after 4 weeks.

one should respect the injury and give it its due.

be well

Paul 7 years ago

Dr. Ashok Shyam,

In my ulnar tunnel, there is no more tingling feeling in my elbows. There is barely any pain in the affected areas either, only after the braces have been taken off for a long time do I feel only slight discomfort. I feel that in 4 days, the 2 week period, my symptoms will be completely gone.

However, the elbow pain that I described to you two weeks ago, the pain not associated with the Ulnar tunnel is still there. The pain is not there when I am not exerting force, however it is there when I do certain activities. The pain is concentrated around the very top part of my upper tricep head and on the ball of my elbow. I have had MRI's and Xray's done a couple months ago and they showed no problems. What could cause this pain, and what should I do to stop the pain? It is tolerable, but ultimately it will affect my lifts and hold me back.

Frank 7 years ago

Dr. Ashok Shyam-

I am wondering what my treatment may entail from a knee injury I have sustained just over one week ago. I will give the details of my MRI.


Mild thickening of the proximal medial collateral ligament could be a sprain.

There is a cortical impaction fracture with prominent trabecular microfracturing and indentation of the superior cortex with prominent concavity, prominent superior concavity involving the anterior half of the mid to inner portion of the medial femoral condyle. The superiorly concave impacted fracture of the proximal medial tibia undermines the anterior horn of the lateral meniscus. There is abnormal increased signal intensity in the far anterior horn likely reflecting a meniscal tear. The impacted fracture is approximately 2.0 x 3.0 cm in proximal dimension. There is minimal increased signal intensity in the medial anterior margin of the distal medial and lateral femoral condyles which may reflect additional areas of bone contusion. Prominent edematous changes seen, greatest in popliteal fossa. There is a moderately large joint effusion. There are small medial popliteal cysts. The medial meniscus appears intact.


Prominent focal cortical impaction fracture involving the anterior medial femoral condyle with a crescentic superiorly concave post-tramatic depression of the articular surface which is approximately 25.0 x 30.0 mm in transverse dimension. There is a prominent irregularity and fracture of the cortex with prominent adjacent trabecular microfracturing extending into the medial tibial plateau. The superiorly concave bony defect undermines the anterior portion of the of the anterior horn of the lateral meniscus with likely tearing of the far anterior horn of the lateral meniscus. There is a moderately large joint effusion and prominent edema surrounding the knee. Questionable minimal contusions involving the anterior medial and lateral femoral condyles.

Could you please let me know what my treatments may be? Thank you for your time.



Paul 7 years ago

Could it possibly be bursitis? If so, wouldn't anti-inflammatories work? I'm at a dead end.

H D Jones 7 years ago

2 years ago I was working in a refrigerated warehouse and began getting a shooting pain from my elbow up my arm when I moved the joystick in a particular way. Then I had bad pain in my hand that felt like a cramp without the tightness. It was very painful and made lifting painful. After taking off work the pain in the hand went away but I found out I had medial epicondylitis and was treated for it. This was thru workmans comp. Well a couple of months ago the pain came back in my hand for no reason I can figure out. I reported it to the orthopedic and he asked the insurance company to refer me to the hand doctor. They refused saking if the elbow caused the hand problem.The pain will leave after a day or two but seems to return at random times. What could this be?

Roselle 7 years ago


My 2 year old child walks with a limp and his right foot is not as flexible as his left foot. He is left handed and he barely uses his right hand. I also noticed that his right hand is usually in a tight fist. We've had him xrayed and the the doctor said he does not have hip dysplasia. He advised for us to take him to the beach and make him walk in the sand then observe him for the next 6 months if there are improvements.

What do you think is his condition? By the way he learned to walk late (1 year and 3 months) and he sits with his feet like that of a frog (bent and towards the back).

Hope you can enlighten me on his condition and treatments. Thank you and more power!


Mike 7 years ago


I had complete ACL reconstruction in 2006. It was a graft using the patella tendon. No damage was done to the meniscus or MCL. Post op recovery went fine. I began a new work out regimine that included running before working out in Jan of 2009. I could comfortably run 2 miles at an 8 minute pace with no pain or discomfort. In late May I ended up on a treadmill that had a loose belt. I stumbled, and fell off the side of the treadmill and landed straight legged on the same leg that had been operated on. It was slightly painful but no popping sound. I believe i continued to work out on it, but it did not feel right so I stopped. slight swelling but nothing to terrible and a little bruising on the interior portion of the knee joint. I still had some minor swelling only after exercising (low impact, such as cycling, walking, or eliptical) also, my knee began to click a lot more than it ever used to. I still have complete full range of motion. I have had numerous x rays and an MRI with contrast and structually, nothing seems to be wrong. I have had it looked at by 3 different doctors. None of them seem to have a cure saying it will go away over time, perhaps up to a year. The last Dr suggested a shot of cortisone. I accepted an had a terrific week of no pain. The swelling disappeared and the clicking minimalized a little. The major source of pain now is the patella tendon that connects to the shin. That area seems less dense than the opposite leg and I attribute that to the harvest. I cannot run across the street or take and aggressive step without a burning pain onsetting immediately. I can still cycle, but even swimming hurts it a bit. My question thre part, 1)is this arthiritis and will it work itself out over time? 2)is it possible that i did do some damage to my knee that did not show up on exrays or mri and 3 drs cannot seem to figure out why I am having pain still? 3) how come when I point my foot a certain way i can feel a difference in the knee?

Thank you very much in advance


gabriela 7 years ago

Good evening!I\'m a romanian girl and i need an answer,an advice,pls help me!what\'s mean \"credocerebrala spino fredrich\" .i have a friend who was diagnosed with this disease and she wana know if she has any chance not to be paralyzed anymore.she has 27 or 28 years and she is paralyzed for 7 years.pls help us!

jack r 7 years ago

Hello Sir,

After lifting a heavy log a year and a half ago, I developed a limp that has never gone away on my left side. I am in no pain at all, but have a minor to severe limp depending on how long I sit. The longer I sit the molre severe the limp. What could be wrong.

John W 7 years ago


I am a medical student who recently suffered a laceration to my left medial knee. At the ER my joint capsule was injected with methylene blue to determine if it was perforated. This test was negative. For about 5 days afterwards I had 3+ pitting edema around the joint due to extravasation of fluid. That has now subsided and the stitches have been removed but there is still swelling within the joint and I do not have full range of motion(partially because I do not want to reopen the wound). In any case my knee feels unstable on full extension and I am starting to worry about it. My knee was injected 7 days ago, and there is no damage within the joint so why is it still swollen and is this something that will resolve with time? Is this normal progression following a methylene blue test? Thank you for your help.

lmj 7 years ago


Chase 7 years ago

Dr. Ashok Shyam,

Hi I'm Chase and both of my shoulders are clicking when i raise them or make sudden movements. There is also some sharp pain sometimes. What should I do to solve this problem?

Mary 7 years ago

Dear Dr.

I was wondering about the anatomy of the Posterior Cruciate Ligament. Does it actually hit/touch the tibial spine while flexing the knee. otherwise, why would so many surgeons want to save the eminence during PCL retention? Thanks.

Mary 7 years ago

Dear Dr.

I was wondering about the anatomy of the Posterior Cruciate Ligament. Does it actually hit/touch the tibial spine while flexing the knee. otherwise, why would so many surgeons want to save the eminence during PCL retention? Thanks.

Shirley 7 years ago

Thank you for offering this forum. 6-7 weeks ago I fell and apparently injured my index finger. It did not appear injured until a bruise appeared several hours later and the next morning there was marked swelling over the knuckle and back of the hand. My doctor was certain there was a fracture, but there was no evidence on eray. I was referred to a hand specialist and placed in a splint for several weeks. 2 more sets of xrays still show no fracture, but the doc says it sure presents like a fracture. After the 3rd set of films he decided it must just be soft tissue injury. Now, almost 7 weeks later, the bruising is gone. There is still some swelling that feels kind of hars in between the knuckles and directly over the index knuckle. I have full ROM, but it feels weak and somewhat akward. It only hurts occaisionaly, which is kind of a piching or burning sensation. It can be very painful if stressed or bumped. It looks a little red, but does not feel hot. Will this just take time, or should I go back to the doctor.

sudhir sengar 7 years ago

hello Doc

i met with an accident arnd 13mths back. i suffered frm femeur fracture in both legs. doc nailed my legs with titanium rods. they also done bone grafting on my right leg, but not in left. my right leg is ok, but there is a pblm in my left leg. calus is almost 80% formed, but there is stiffness in my leg as skin was also lapsed during the accident. they done skin grafting over that which wasn't fully to overcome this stiffness my doc advised me cycling & walking. but after doing cycling, pain starts in my left leg.

doc can u pls tell me, is cycling is good or bad for me as my left leg is not fully doc says its ok, few others says it will create more gap in between the bones. pls help me sir.

Matthew 7 years ago

I am a cheerleader and when i was catching one of the girls her elbow jabbed right into my forearm and at the time i lost control of my hand. It just seized up and it was tingling all the way up my shoulder and down to my fingers. After the athletic trainer massaged the muscles and iced it down it got better but for a few days when i would bend at the elbow or tried to grab something tight my hand would spasm. For a while my forearm was tender and was bruised. Also when i would bend my arm at the elbow it would get really tight and i would have to fight it to get it back strait. It's been about a month now and everything seems to be back to normal but the tendon on the back side of the elbow where in between my bicep and forearm feels larger than the other one but it doesn't necessarily feel swollen. It feel like it just balled up in that one spot. I didn't think it was a tear because my bicep didn't ball up like i saw in pictures but it does seem to be weaker than the other one when i flex it. I'm wondering if you think it's a tear or a rupture of the tendon and what can i do for it besides surgery.

Jennifer W 7 years ago

Hello Doc.

Having had Snapping scalpula with lots of pain, I had my scalpula resected 3 weeks ago, the surgeon retracted my muscles instead of cutting them. How long should I be off work for. I am still in quite a bit of pain when I use my arm for more than a few minutes. I work as a support worker with the elderly, I'm afraid I will be made to go back to work to soon, and hinder the healing process. Could you please give me an idea how long this will be before I should return to work. I seen a physiotherapist yesterday, and he said I should beable to go back to work in a week on light duites. I said to him I have to see the Doctor on Oct. 14 th and he will decide. Is this Physiotherapist trying to be too compliable to wsib. I forgot to tell you this injury happened at work 2 and a half years ago. I tried cortisone injections and Naperson. The only meds that actually help with the pain are tramacet. Anyway I was helping a client of mine out of the tub, a lady who had previous strokes.She lost her balance and she grabbed onto inbetween my neck and my shoulder. I jerked my shoulder back and ever since I had been in pain, and i worked with that pain until shortly before my surgery. Sorry to tell you so much. Please give me an idea how long I should be completely off work. The surgeon's assistant said around 3 months. I didn't get the chance to ask my Doc. So that is why I would like your opinion. Thank-you

Cindy 7 years ago

Hi my name is Cindy and I am a 30 year old female from florida.

Last year I had a tfcc debribement and I am still having ulnar sided wrist pain. Could this be due to an ulnar variance?

casey mallary 7 years ago

my knee has ben locking near my shine it comes and goes and my thigh bugs me when i move it up and down on my left side

Kayla 7 years ago

Hi Doctor,

I am a 17 year old female and I just dislocated my left knee again playing football. I think this is the fourth time this has happened to the same knee. Every time my kneecap goes back in place on its own, I have never had to put it back in place myself. But this time I saw my kneecap all the way on the left side of my knee, but still it went back in place. I have been icing it every 20 minutes an hour and elevating it, and I plan on getting an MRI done just to be sure no ligaments are torn. Right now it is swollen and I have the pain on the right (inside) of my knee. I am trying everything possible to heal fast because I am at the end of my volleyball season and I really want to play. I am getting a brace for my knee that my trainer told me to get, but I want to know if it is the best brace for me or if there is a better one out there I should get instead. She told me to get the J-Lat Knee Support Knee Brace, but I was also looking at braces such as the DonJoy Tru-Pull Wraparound, the DonJoy Tru-Pull Advanced System Knee Brace, or the DonJoy TPAA. I don't know which one is best for me and I need help please.

Thank you so much.

Sarah 7 years ago

Hi Dr. Shyam

I am 24 years old and at 15 yrs of age, I had arthroscopic surgery on my left knee. My lateral meniscus was abnormally large and apparently created strain and lots of scar tissue in my knee that had to be removed during the surgery. I am now having pain again in my knee, and I'm wondering if it could have something to do with my meniscus still. The pain is most apparent when I extend my leg out all the way or bend it all the way up. Also, every time I take a step with my left leg, the pain is more. Looking directly at my knee from a front view, the pain is directly to the bottom left of my knee cap (on the interior side of my left knee). I can palpitate the soft tissues there also and feel pain when I do this. My knee has never been completely the same since the surgery 9 years ago, as I could always hear popping and crackling sounds whenever my knee would bend. The best I can describe the pain sensation is likened to a bruise inside my knee...not a burning or sharp sensation. It also hurts to turn my knee to the side, and it's almost impossible for me to sit "cross legged" anymore. One other symptom that I've had a few times in this same knee is a feeling of the joint getting "caught"...for example, if I was sitting down on the floor and start to get up, the joint will lock in place then all of a sudden pop back in place causing me a great pain for about a minute, then subsiding. Any information on what you might think this is would be a great help, as I don't have insurance and don't want to spend the out of pocket money to visit the doctor unless completely necessary! Thanks so much!

Donny Stinebuck 7 years ago

Hi, I saw your post and was hoping you could give me some advice. I broke my fifth metacarple and deeply cut my middle knuckle by punching a mirrored door. Stupid, I know. Anyway I can't raise my middle all the way now. Its been almost three weeks now. When I try to lift it all the way there is a deep ache in the knuckle. It seems like It may be getting slightly better. I don't know if it will though. I don't have insurance and the hand specialist wants 100 dollars down to even see me and 750 down if surgery is needed. I don't exactly have that kind of money on hand at the moment. Do you think the function will return on its own or is surgery needed? Thanks for any advice you can give. Donny Stinebuck

Ummmm 7 years ago

Think the doctor is on a long vacation or something. His last answer was about 2 months ago. Good luck trying to find an answer

jacky 7 years ago

hello doctor! i workout kinda, do a little of martial arts and lately im getting some elbow pain while doing tricep exercises...its kinda a sharp pain and it hurts when i bang the outer bump elbow on hard surface or just resting on it. is this tennis elbow? i dont remember ever injuring it though...both elbows. i also hear clicks when i bend my elbow!

tyler 7 years ago

Hi, most of the muscles in my body (thighs, calves, arms, even hands) tighten up when i rest for too long (sit down or just stand without moving). I play football so it is hard for me to accel at my position because I can't properly accelerate off the line because of the muscles in my legs tightening. They are not cramps and i've tried stretching, hydrating, and eating bananas but nothing seems to help. Please help if you have any answers. Reply back if you need further explanation.

Leah 7 years ago

I hope you can answer this. I'm 18 years old. I've suffered all my life, since I can remember ankle problems, before I start I would like to say, i've been to physical therapy, I've had orthotics, I've even been to Shriner's hospital. None of these have helped me. I've had swelling in my ankles and they roll out when I walk, I can't play sports, walk for a long period of time, or wear heals. I easily can sprain them. They swell hurt and bruise even when I don't put pressure on them. I also experience when I stretch and my ankles point downwards I get a throbbing sensation from my foot to my leg it almost feels like a pulse. I also get a numbing feeling for time to time. Please help.

Jen 7 years ago

A few days ago I slipped on a hardwood floor and accidentally came down in a sort of half side split. My left hip has been very tender since this incident, particularly when getting up from a sitting position, in and out of cars, or when I attempt to roll my hip in a stretch. I don't think I tore anything, its just sore. What home treatments do you recommend for alleviating my discomfort?

Lisa 7 years ago

Hey Doctor

i would like a second opinion for my knee injury. the injury occured in march on the bus where it stopped suddenly, my foot was caught on a puddle on the floor and the leg either flexed/extended badly. there were no abnormal sounds from the injury nor swelling, but for the next 3 weeks it was very difficult to walk/run on it, going up and down the stairs and i had to limit the movement as extending the injured side caused pain. during those first couple of weeks it felt as if it was going to give away. i was unable to let it rest properly since i was in the middle of a tough uni semester, therefore i was walking on the injured knee. i noticed that during the doctors when i was lying supine and was asked to turn and lie face down that sort of twisting movement was quite painful on the knee.

i decided to get an xray and ultrasound done as soon as possible but did not report anything. i saw a physio a few times where they thought it would be patellofemoral pain.

it did start to get slightly better but i wanted to get an mri scan done to make sure. i remember during november after my mri on november it was quite painful to walk on and i would usually develop a few warm- red spots around the knee cap.

i saw the specialist today and he was a bit in a rush but he indicated that all is fine and what i need to do is physio and muscle strenghtening. but there was something that was bothering me afterwards that i wanted a second opinion.i got the copy of the report which indicates:

the axial fat suppressed PD sequence was degraded by patient movement artefact

there is no significant joint effusion. there is a tiny amount of fluid in the medial gastrocnemius semimembranosus bursa

Patellofemoral compartment: quadriceps tendon and patellar ligament are normal in appearance. retropatellar/femoral trochlea cartilage is intact

lateral compartment:no meniscal tear detected. there is no signicant chondral wear or subchondral marrow oedema or cysts. the tibial cartilage is intact

medial compartment: no meniscal tear detected. there is minimal surface irregularity of the central femoral cartilage laterally. there is no significant subchondral marrow oedema or cyst.

bones, tendons, ligaments: there is no high-grade bone marrow oedema to suggest recent fracture. PCL,MCL, LCL are intact. probably non-acute small partial thickness distal ACL tear with scar remodelling.

i do have images of the mri scan if required.

your help will be greatly appreciated. thank you for your help


drashokshyam profile image

drashokshyam 7 years ago from thane west, maharastra, india Author

sorry friends

had a family matter that drained a lot of me

will be avaible from now on

i apologise for the inconvineince

chez 7 years ago


one week ago i cut the palm side of my thumb on some glass it seemed quite deep, couldnt have stitches as it took a large part of the skin off. Anyhow the wound is healing but i cannot bend the knuckle joint fully and it hurts when i try to, my thumb is slightly swollen. please can you help me as i am worried sick i have slit the flexor tendon, am going for drs appointment tommorrow but i dont think i will sleep as im worried so much. thankyou for any advice.

Kyokushin45 7 years ago

hi doc,

I'm a 32 yr old karate practitioner. Last week during kumite (fighting) i received a blow right abovemy left knee. I heard a crunching sound and fell straight to the floor.

I went to the ER and had x-rays done. No bone fracture but the doctor said she feared an injury to medial collateral ligament. If the ligament is torn, how long will it take me to heal and get back to karate ?

Thank you very much

lgps 7 years ago

Is it possible to have a plate and screws removed from an ankle after 17 years? The doctor said this could be done after the surgery but it never caused a problem and I never followed through. Now I am 59 and have some autoimmune issues and metal allergies. I would like to have the hardware removed but am afraid I've waited too long. I realize I need to see an orthopedic surgeon but am curious about your opinion.

Debbie 7 years ago

I was playing kick-ball and hurt my foot. Have been off of it for 6 weeks and can't get into a ortho until December...when I picked up the report from the MRI I had Friday it mentioned these things...marrow space SIX times, there's talk of contusions, edematous changes & tendonosis.

I am on crutches and have been for 6 weeks thinking it would get better. Does it appear broken from the wording above?

Maria 7 years ago

Ok, I'll tell you my little journey to how I ended up not being able to move my toe... It was a while after I started karate and I didn't know that when you kick someone hard, without even knowing how to kick is very bad. I was sparring, and well, I kicked a boy a roundhouse and my big toe on my right foot popped. Pain, swelling... but I didn't think much of it, so I just kept doing everything normally; yet every time I sparred again, it swelled up again, and the excruciating pain came back; once again, I didn't think much of it, and just used my left foot to kick. A while, about 5 months passed by and I sparred a girl, and well, this time the pain was worse than ever, and I had no choice but to go to the hospital (the toe was blackish and very swollen... it looked like a marshmallow T.T). Well, the doctor said it was fractured and put a cast on it. 6 weeks (or was it 8?) later, cast-like splinter was taken off and the doc saw that my toe was only 'movable' from the 1st joint (metatarsal) and not the second (distal phalanges); but he said there was nothing to be done "for one toe" and laughed it off. At the time, I was just glad I was going to be able to spar again; yet, it's been a year since the splinter-like-cast was taken off, and I've gained no motion from my second joint. Now, I can't put sandals on because I can't grasp the shoe (no bending, remember?), can't walk on carpet because it gets 'stuck' , very painful, and yes, I can't spar normally now.... Is this normal after 6-8 weeks of immobilizing the foot? When I went to the orthopedist for a recent toe injury where I fractured my 2nd and 3rd toes from my left foot (I know, very unlucky toes) and he checked and said that it that the big toe was still fractured. Does this seem serious? Will this ever get better? Please help, I see no hope

simple d.r 7 years ago




simple d.r 7 years ago




Ian 7 years ago

HI Doctor,

I am an actor in the theatre and I think I did something on stage last week to tweak my knee because I have been having odd sensations on the inside of my right knee and sometimes my left knee. I've also noticed a lot of clicking and popping. It's not that painful, just kinda uncomfortable feeling and a little strained. Is this likely a meniscus tear that will just go away with ice and rest or will I need a doctor?


Helen 7 years ago

My husband cut his tendon (not all the way through) in his index finger (one that runs along the top) 3 weeks ago (near the base of his finger)...he was treated in emergency where they stitched it together and gave him a splint to wear. He has been in a lot of pain since and had a lot of swelling that is still happening. He has seen our family dr a couple of times who doesn't think it's doing as well as it should. The specialist he saw seems to think its fine and will see him again in a few days to see if he can start physio yet. Couple of it common to be still very swollen after three weeks? (double normal size at times) and how easy is it to tell if the initial repair failed?


prashant 7 years ago

My mother in her 70's broke her left leg. The surgery was performed to mend the fracture. A support rod was used in the process. It healed well and after a few months she was able to walk again without any support. One day she complained of pain and swelling. X-ray showed the supporting metal rod has broken causing infection. Whats going on in your opinion. Can the support rod break?

Jonny 7 years ago


Would appreciate your advice on an injury I sustained when doing martial arts. I suffered a transverse fracture through the distal radius (no displacement or angulation) and a minimal avulsion fracture arising from the ulnar styloid process. There was no soft tissue damage at all. I'm trying to work out how I did it.

1) Could this be caused by someone grabbing and twisting my hand?

2) Could this be caused by punching something with the back of my hand? To be clear, I remember going to punch a hard bag, but as my fist came to the target, my hand/wrist buckled, and I ended up impacting the back of my hand. (So when I hit the bag, my hand was in the flexed position and I impacted the dorsal side of my wrist).

Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated.


zuno85 7 years ago

hi ,

my mom is getting operated on 24 this month , she is undergoin a knee joint replacement surgery , doctor told that as i have the same blood group as of mom he told me that he would require abt 2 bottles of blood, the thing is that i am a regular user of weed/THC and i have been on it since last 8 yrs, will it be okay if i supply 2 bottles of my intoxicated blood to my mom my age is 24yrs , wont it cross react with any anaestheitics, cardivascular , sedative drugs given to my mom during her surgery , actually i cant tell my parents that i m on weed and i cant give blood, i m just tensed that my blood doesnt create any complications for her, i have refered many books and blog sites it said that it doesnt effect that much, but m not convinced, i tried other ask the doctors site but i didnt get any reply , pl reply me and tell me exact implications of it , if its okay with you then you can email me on,

awaiting your reply , zuno

me23 6 years ago


I am holding off getting an MRI because I have lived with the following for at least 7 years.

when I wake my right knee (medial side - if I were to guess where vastus medialis connects to knee joint) hurts - stings. If i bend it seveal times before standing it is less painful. I run about 15-20 miles per week and have to go warm up 1/4 mile but it is not painful more uncomfortable. there is a small popping sound when I knee bend at the top of the patella -you can feel this between the intermedius and medialis.

do I need to get an MRI? - could it be a tear? can i do strengthening exercises for the quadricep?

I do not want to stop running and I can run without pain - but the morning makes my knee feel weak.


Olivia 6 years ago

My son is two and I noticed that after he gets out of the car, he's limping and dragging his right foot. Last Friday it got to the point to where he started crying while he was in his car seat. I've been letting him sit in the regular seat with a seltbelt over him. He's not crying, but when I get him out of the car he's still limping. And it will last 20 minutes and then he's running and playing again. I took him to the doctor, got X-rays done, and everything came back normal. The doctor says that maybe he's just putting too much pressure on his right leg, but I know it's more than that. Please help!! I'm not sure what to do.

JustinDiggs 6 years ago

Hi i have very bad opain in the shoulder over the past 3 weeks have had ongoing problems over the past 2 years but 3 weeks a go i was watching tv had my left arm behind mmy head brought it down to side and heard a very loud pop in shoulder have had very bad pain since then worse at night for some reason had x rays and mri of rotator cuff done caomes back normal i have previously tried physical thereapy and it was no help the pain starts in the front of the shoulder by the chestand goes along the outside of the shoulder and has very bad pain in front of shoulder and all the way down to the elbowand i have no strength with arm outstretched in front of me any help would be greatky appreciated i have done some research and the next reasonable step for testing seems to be an arthogram ??? any helpis appreciated thank you so much

Justin Diggs

nisar ahmed 6 years ago

Dear sir,

i have an accident on 26th of dec 2009 and as a result my left femur was broken in accident.5th january 2010 i had a femur surgry and a im rod was fixen by my surgeon,inside femur.

I want to ask you some questions that how much time i need to recover from this injury? my age is 28, and what are the precautions i should take.

another question is that ,can i remove this rod again in the future.

kindly reply

George Buust 6 years ago

I got braces fitted about 2 months ago now, i refused to have the mould done as I am burdened with Emetophobia. Instead of the mould the orthodontist opened my mouth wide and took a few photographs. I was wondering whether this would be done again, or whether because i had the braces on the mould had to be taken.


vern1234 6 years ago

hi- i was wondering...last weekend i took my friends 80+ lb dog out and he was playing, I tried to get out of his way but he changed directions and hit my left knee on the medial side. I did not hear a pop and it was very cold out and didnt hurt at first. Then later it was excrutiating, i went to the er and there wasn't anything broken. There is a little bruising and swelling and mild instability i can only move straight or rotate laterally. I iced it and did well and did some friction massage. My knee cap popped and my knee started aching, then I did something and it popped again and no more aching. Then I was getting out of my car and hit my knee it popped and now it ached again. Maybe its silly...I can go up the stairs but not down. I can sit on the couch and bend my knee and it doesnt hurt it just gets stiff. If I accidently turn my leg more medial the pain is sharp and takes my breath away. Also wondering if he hit my sartorius my hip hurts and from keeping my leg straight my adductors are killing me. I have been taking glucosamine and aspirin, they gave me pain killers but it makes me feel horrible. I was wondering if it sounds like a type 2 sprain with possible bone bruising? How long before I should attempt squats. Can I walk on my treadmill? I cant afford an mri right now. thank you anything helps!

beckydoran 6 years ago

Dear doc, I am sitting here in pain trying to figure out what to do next. In july 2008 I fell while running in heels and sprained my ankle (thats what i was told) and continued to walk on it, i finally went back to the doctor and made them look again, and found out that I had total syndimosis failure, they scheduled an appt, and had 2 screws put though my ankle, those screws were removed this year in july 2009. Since then my old doctor has stopped taking my insurance, at my last appt they found that the fibular head tword the knee was also "loose" which caused a floating fibula i guess is how he said it. I was walking on saterday and my whole leg felt like it was on fire and since have had horrible pain near where they put the screws in and my knee. I went to see a new orthopedic who said that i had possible sublaxation n ot sure what that is, but i should do PT and it will make it go away... I am not sure how he could tell that I didn't mess up my synidimosis and or dislocate my fibula, he took no x-rays and no mri, he didn't even do the squeeze test, he looked at my foot, and my knee and said you need to do physical therapy.I mentioned the floating fibula and he said that i would not be able to walk if that were the case and moved on. This is now the day after that apt, and it hurts to walk, he prescribed 2 500 mg naproxon twice a day, and 1-2 vicodine for pain as needed. I'm worried I really hurt something but he didn't want to look or didn't care. it feels like my bones are pulling apart when i walk on it, so after a few steps it hurts. I'm not sure that i should be doing the stretches he recommend since it hurts really bad, like send you to the floor crying hurts, and i can barely walk if i'm not medicated.

Worried... and in pain


Brian 6 years ago

I fell from a distance and broke my left calcaneus and tibia plateau three months ago. The tibia plateau fracture was a Type IV and had to be surgically repaired with a plate and multiple screws. The calcaneus was broke into 4 peices and it was also repaired surgically with a plate and screws. I am three months out and working painfully with a physical therapist. I work as a technician so I use ladders and carry heavy loads often. The question no one seems to want to answer is if I will ever be able to go back to work after these injuries, everyone I talk to will not give me a clear answer. Should I be preparing myself for a new career one less active and on my feet or will I be okay? Your honest response will be greatly appreciated.

peter rasmuss 6 years ago

5 weeks ago, I had bicep tenodesis ,acromioplasty,labrum repair, and 1/2"off of clavicle, subscapularis irrepairable

I,ve been diligent with pt and wondering if it,s normal to feel pain,and snome snapping sensations in top of shoulder ?

Is this scar tissue?, should I be stretching more or less, as I am worried about frozen shoulder,

My pt says better to risk bicep tendon re injury than frozen shoulder.

Any thoughts

Thank you kindly for your time

Jedd 6 years ago

Hello Doc,

I was diagnosed with partial proximal hamstring tear in mid November 2009, the injury actually occurred mid October 2009 (playing soccer). After getting a MRI... my Ortho doctor suggested hamstring curls, series of stretches etc.. after couple months of this and nothing else my symptoms did not change... So went back to ortho.. he suggested blood spinning but insurance didn't cover it.. So my second option was PT. I went 3 days a week for a month learned more stretches they did deep tissue massage and used the machine to (ultrasonic?) do get anti inflammatory ) into the injury... I also did hamstring strengthening exercises while at PT. I would get sore and some days the pain would be better... I was told to start light jogging etc... Long story short, I believe I have proximal hamstring syndrome...all the symptoms fit... pain while driving or sitting for long periods, pain radiates don the leg into calf etc.. I want to play soccer again and it i ran run and just deal with the pain so be it.. Just wondered if the hamstring could be healed and the issue I am having is with scar tissue and the sciatic nerve. Or do i need to go back to doctor and tell him my concerns?

Thanks Jedd

Mel 6 years ago

Hi doctor,

I am a dancer, and for a month or less my left hip keeps on cracking/popping whenever my leg comes down from a high kick, or a fan kick( where you circle your leg up in the air) It cracks every time I do it. It doesn't hurt, it only hurts if i do it over and over again. It is uncomfortable to hear a crack every time I lift my leg up. What is it? what I should do? Any remedies? Is it normal?

katfeet profile image

katfeet 6 years ago from merced ca

I had carpal tunnel release surgery done on both hands. One on may 20, 2009 10 months ago (right hand) Left hand was done June 18, 2009. Since the surgery I have had nothing but pain weakness cramping and numbness. My hands at time turn extremely red and get really hot. I had a MRI done on my left elbow 2 months after the left release was done and the results of that MRI say that there is "edema see in the carpal tunnel and in the ulnar nerve as it passes through the carpal tunnel. Is this normal for AFTER the release surgery??? Please hurry I need this answer fast. Thank you Kathy

denise 6 years ago

My son had an RTA three and a half years ago where he suffered serious injuies =- one of which was a double fracture of the pelvis.

He is in the process of a compensation claim at the moment - The orthpaedic surgeon who was dealing with one of the medical reports said that in his opinion a full recovery should have been made after about 9 months. Three years down the line if my son sits too long or walks a long way then his pelvis aches - would this be due to the accident? - he has been asked if he wishes to be re-examined for his claim but he is unsure because it has taken such a long time up to the present time.

He is 24 years old - should he be getting these aches? or is it due to the accident and should he be re-examined. Will he suffer later on in life?

Thia Frasier 6 years ago

I had a severe horse accident six years ago that resulted in my breaking both bones in my left wrist. Five surgeries leter, my wrist was fused and my ulna was shortened. The plate was removed because it was causing problems. Things have been fine for the past few years, until last night. I was playing volleyball and was knocked down hard by a teammate, during which I came down on the hand of the fused wrist. I felt a crack and pop, and the previously fused wrist had some movement and pain. I had x-rays done, but they could not see a break. This is not surprising due to the extent of damage from the previous injury and subsequent surgeries. However, there is definitely movement at the place where a normal wrist joint would flex, so I have no doubt it is broken. My question is, would the wrist mend itself, or re-fuse, if I immobilize it with a brace for six weeks? Or is this something that might need surgical intervention? Thanks!!

millbud 6 years ago

SOME ANSWERS AND 2ND OPINION WOULD HELP SOOOOOO MUCH!!! I started having right shoulder pain in 2007 - finally after doctor to doctor, doing every kind of therapy and injection, I found a Dr who said it was a labral tear. He said he fixed it, but after that not much relief. That was Sept 2008. In November 2009, I had serious pain, couldn't get out of bed, etc. Saw another ortho who performed surgery Dec 15, 2009. I just saw him but am having SEVERE pain often. It is in the back sometimes and he says it is from the muscles being strained. When he did the repair, he said the labrum was torn completely off the shoulder. We are 4 months out and I still cannot do regular daily activities a lot w/o having moderate to severe constant pain in the back and all the way down my arm and often in the front where the surgery was repaired. I finished PT - am I missing something? Is it supposed to be this way? Or did he miss something? I just want to be somewhat functional w/o having to take muscle relaxants or pain meds, etc. What do you think? This is a prayer from God, I used to be an athletic teacher and it was my favorite thing in the world, and that dream has vanished..... What do I do?

Tim Herberg 6 years ago

I was wondering what kind of side effects are common with athletes who are in training while on accutane. More specifically i was wondering about reduction speed, join/muscle pains, any associated muscle weakness, and also if it is possible to see any gains within a training regiment while on the drug? Also i was wondering if the side effects are reversible or not?

i know the question doesn't excally only have to do with orthopedics but any insight you have would be much appreciated

thank you


Theodore Angelides 6 years ago

3 weeks ago I noticed pain (left knee) and inflammation, so I took anti-inflammatories and the pain started to go away but never stopped, I stopped exercising for the 3 weeks fully, after the 3 weeks though I started walking again and after another week I did 5-10mins of jogging twice, the 1st time was good but the next time some of the pain came back, so I went for an MRI, I have been told that I have a small radical tear in the meniscal root of the lateral meniscus. The medial meniscus appears normal. Mild mucoid degeneration in the body of the medial meniscus mainly in the capsular surface without signs of complete meniscal tear as the signal changes do not contract the articular surface. The cruciate and the collateral ligaments are intact. There is mild lateral tilding of the patella. The is moderate attenuation of the patellar cartilage mainly over the lateral patellar facet indicating chondromalacia patelli grade II. There is a trace of joint effusion.


There is small radical tear in the meniscal root of the lateral meniscus.

I almost do not understand any of this and the only orthopedic doctor I can arrange for an appointment is 2 weeks after today. Please can you give me an insight in what do all these things mean? Will I be able to lift heavy weights again? I do understand that squats and steps are probably out of the question for a few months or years, please help, should I wear a knee strap? How long do you believe this will take to heal if it will ever completely heal. All help is appreciated

Thank you very much for your time


Carolyn 6 years ago


11 weeks ago I tripped and fell hurting my shoulder, after an xray I was told I had a grade 2 seperation. I start P.T. about 2 weeks after the orig. injury. I fell again on the same shoulder a week or 2 later. I have since stopped P.T. by Dr. orders due to pain it caused, but continue exercises at home that do no cause as much pain. I had a cortisone shot through the back of the shoulder 6 weeks ago. I had an MRI last week and just got the results. The Dr. said there is fluid at the AC joint, poss. ligament damage, slight impingment and I believe a small bone spur. The MRI did not show any tears. The pain is greatly improved from when I first injured it, but I am not pain free. Pain is with any movement that is not straight out in front. I have clicking in my shoulder, and at times feel like I need to make it pop like cracking your knuckles, at times if I have over used the shoulder it feels like it is in a vise and continual aching pain for a day or two before it lets up, pain is not at the top of the shoulder but in the front of the joint and at times a sharp pain in the front of my arm. The Dr. wanted to do another cortisone shot which i declined since the 1st on caused so much pain. At this point I'm just frustrated by how long it is taking to heal.

The MRI was done without contrast, I have heard that without contrast some things can be missed. Is this true? If there is only a grade 2 seperation is this amount of time for healing normal. If I continue to have pain with movement at some point should I see an orthopedic dr.

Thank you

Marjorie 6 years ago

I have an anterior tibialis muscle herniation. I have not had an MRI to diagnose it (just an educated guess from numerous doctors). I have had it for 10 years now and it hasn't gotten worse or better. All I was given is a compression sock to wear, since those can be a pain I just wrap it with an ace bandage when I workout (which is the only time it bothers me). Considering I workout 5 days a week I'm beginning to wonder what my other options are instead of wrapping it for the rest of my life. Is the success rate high on fixing these or can it cause future complications? What about surgical scars? I appreciate any information you can give me since it's hard to find anything on ATMH.

Thank you

Flower Child 6 years ago

I am a student in 6th grade and I need to know what a orthipedic does and what is in bones. I thought it would be cool to show the class that I asked an orthipedic...

Todd 6 years ago

Is it common to have an intact Bakers cyst on the calf? I have been referred to an Orthopedic surgeon and will have a second MRI done to include the knee. The first MRI showed the intact Bakers cyst which is about 2-3 inches down from the bend of the knee (on the inside not the back) on top of the calf muscle. The next MRI is 6 days from now and my Ortho consult is 8 days from now. I'm afraid this could be somthing else, I am in pain, my life and job are on hold but nobody seems to be in a hurry to help. All the information I am finding refer to an intact cyst being right at the knee not inches below and those that cause severe calf pain are ruptured. The doctor has ruled out DVT by ultrasound. Should I request a more aggressive approach? Any suggestions or information on this topic would be appreciated.

SID 6 years ago

i went through open knee surgery in october 2009. avulsed ACL , Medial capsule tear, medial collateral ligament tear and medial meniscus tear . plaster for 2 months . after that i started knee flexion exercises , but till now i have only got 75 degree active movement, almost 6 months have passed . plz suggest the way out, do i require any surgery and how long will it take to be normal?

george 6 years ago

My 10 yr old son sufffered a distal femur f/x 7 mos ago while playing soccer. SH-II. x rays at 6 mos show good recovery and no signs of growth disturbance.

does the complication rate really decrease from this point forward?

Dan 6 years ago

Dr. Do you answer any of these questions any longer?

Rajesh 6 years ago

Dear Doctor, My brother was operated for leg fracture and pins&removable plate were put. It`s observed that the small tip of plate is visible at ankle after 45 days post surgery. We are very much worrying about possible infection as it is exposed to outer world.Doctor told that the plate can be removed once the bone is properly fixed and the skin get healed on top of the surgical area from where the tip of the palte is visible. Please suggest what can be done for this? Is there any need for skin grafting? Thanks & Regards, Rajesh Kasireddi

Katie 6 years ago

Hi, I've recently been diagnosed with what is a labral tear after partially dislocating my shoulder. It didn't show on my MRI, just physical tests, but my doctor is suggesting an arthroscopy to confirm. If they do the arthroscope and there is no repair needed, how much pain would I be in from the procedure? How many weeks would the recovery be?

Ed 6 years ago

Hi, I fractured/displaced my radius and ulna whilst skiing about 12 weeks ago. I had an above elbow cast on before replacing it with a shorter one once it had partially healed.

I missed my follow up physio appointment and really want to know if there are any excersises I can do to help it and also how long it will take it to get back to normal.

My wrist is still reasonably unflexible but the most worrying pain is if I put my palm flat on a surface and try to put any weight on it. It hurts the back of my hand near the wrist and in my wrist too so I can't support any (much) weight on it. For example if I try to do a pressup or push out of a chair it really hurts. However if I straighten my wrist and push up with my fist clenched so their I'd no bend in the wrist it doesn't hurt.

Does this sound normal?

How long does it typically take to return to normal? How can I help it get better ie what excersises??

Thanks for your time and please let me know


Confused 6 years ago

this is pointless, since nobody responds

Greg 6 years ago

I had an anterior inferior labral tear surgically repaired on my left shoulder 2 months ago. I'm extremely athletic and am significantly ahead of where my DR and PT originally projected. I've noticed however that ever since the injury ,even after surgery, whenever I flex my left pectoral my left bicep tendon (i believe the long tendon) protrudes out almost an inch by my armpit. I'm worried that its damaged in some way and i'm worried about injuring it. Is this something I should be worried about or is it just a inconsequential side effect caused by the injury?

Mary 6 years ago

Hi, Dr. I have a cavovarus foot as a result of a neurological birth injury. I'm a 55-year-old woman now and the foot is deteriorating (I'm almost unable to walk barefoot) and I'm contemplating surgery. But I want as few procedures as possible to recover at least 30 percent of the function of my foot and as little NWB time as possible. Do you think it's possible to get a plantigrade foot with only a gastroc lengthening and tendon transfers?

Thank you for your answer.

namratasawant 6 years ago

Sir Please hlp me out regarding this problem.The problem is actually suffering my 12 year old cousin (brother).I had sent a comment to you earlier but dont know it has been reached to you or not.Sir My brother is suffering from bone problem as in His one leg he cant touch and walk as he walk on toe(leg),that his he cant touch his heel.gradually because of no balance he started raising his second leg and that to he raises from heel and walk on toe.both legs heel became very stiff.One major change we could see in him is his elbows are also getting stiiff and if formed a please tell any surgery that make him well.we did a lost of told now to do biopsy of leg.please asap let us know what to be done as he is tender age.I am hoping of a miracle.Doctor we are so worried.pllll let us know what can be done

Mike 6 years ago

Dr. Shyam, I am a bus driver, and because I am tall and have long legs, I push on the gas and brake pedals with the ball of my right foot only. This causes my foot to tilt with the outside of the foot closer to the floor than the inside. In other words, my foot is constantly angled inward at the ankle. As a result, over time my right calf seems to have atrophied as I cannot do even one calf raise with that leg (using body weight only), but can do several with my left. When I walk, most of my body weight rests on the outside of my foot. My question: do I need to have surgery to correct this, or are there exercises I can perform to get more even distribution of weight on that foot? Thank you!

broccoli90210 6 years ago

Hi. I was diagnosed with bicep tendinitis, mild inflammation, almost a month ago (caused by an old injury i had almost for a year, in upper right back shoulder or the scapula region, and mostly improper and insufficient rest). I am 19. I am wondering if it would be advisable to where a shoulder support. Also, I would like to know if electric shock treatment can help heal faster. Thank you for your time. Best regards, L.

anne austin 6 years ago

Hi, my husband was recently hospitalised for septic arhtritis of the knee, an athoroscopy was performed and he had a 7 day course of iv antbiotics followed by 600mg tavanic and 500mg rifadine orally each day for 21 days. My question is, are the prescribed anti-biotics appropriate and how to^prevent a relapse/re-infection.

I would like to thank you in advance for your time :)

stacy 6 years ago

my daughter was grabbed violently by a large woman who dragged her 40 feet. she was grabbed with the person's thumb on the inside of my daughter's elbow (front arm) the mri and xray show no tears or injury. my daughter is in pain, her right arm makes a popping sound every time she extends her arm it is very loud sound. she cannot lift heavy items and is in pain alot. she states she can feel "something" move against her bone (i think it is her tendon) she was diagnosed intially with a severs contusion and now with Lateral Epicondylitis but it is interesting that she is diagnosed with a repeatative movement diagnosis when she does not use the arm that was pulled. her injury is in her right arm and she is left handed. she was twisted and pulled elbow and shoulder. how can she be in pain when there is nothing showing up on the mri or xray? what should we be looking for? what is wrong with her??? please advise, I can send any additional information you may need.

Ashley 6 years ago

My son Jacob in 13 months old, he fell over the arm of the couch on 8-15-10 and broke both the radius and ulna closer toward his wrist. the bones weren't alligned but the said it would heal fine. he had a cast put on on 8-17. 8-23 i brought him in cause the cast was too loose and he had gotten it wet. They told me it was fine. I brought him back on 8-25 because his hand started slipping back into the cast. They put a new one on. x-ray'd it again. They said it had moved some but still in an acceptable healing position(i saw the xray and felt that it was not! i got sick looking at it).Theyalso flattened the back part of his upper arm, it looks painful but they said he would be fine. This same day he had a fever of 102.4. I had to keep him home from daycare the next day and he seemed like he was in pain so i just kept giving him motrin and his tylenol with codine most of the day, but i dont think he had a fever that day. Today 8-28 he had a low fever of 100.7, diarrhea and has thrown up 2 times already this am. he seems ok when hes awake but he only stays up for about 20 mins then has another cat nap for a bit. i dont think he has any viral issues because i think that his brother and i would have caught somthing by now and no one in his daycare is sick. i think it has somthing to do with his arm. i called the er and they said the symptoms have nothing to with his arm but i dont think they're right. i read somthing about sepsis it kind of has me worried. do you have any suggestions for us?

Elizabeth 6 years ago


My mother is 79 yrs old weighs 200lb. She recently had a hip replaced. 13 days after surgery while being transferred from the john to the wheelchair her legs gave out and she fell to the floor. The assistant could not hold her up but did let her down gently. Either way the result is a hairline fracture of the femur of the hip replacement. Someone told me that due to the hair line fracture, she will loose 20% of walking capabilities. She does have to have the other hip and the knees replaced. There is nothing but bone on bone. She is on none weight bearing at the moment. Q: is it true that she will loose the 20% of walking because of this hair line fracture?


Confused 6 years ago

this hub is a bottomless pit of questions.....NO ANSWERS!! Dr. Pls either answer questions to show life, or pull the site down....thanks.

Lahama 6 years ago


Ok, about two and a half years ago I tore ligaments in my right ankle... a year after that i sprained it.

It still hurts to this very day!!!!! I wear a brace.

Do I need an x-ray? Plzzz Help!

Melony 6 years ago

go to medhelp if you want answers

Alex 6 years ago

doctor i have a problem,

i get pain in the elbow region on the left hand while doing pushups,

it will go if i stop doing pushups,

and also the pain wont be there at the begining but after doing some reps!

could u suggest some reason or step to make it go......?

LisaOakCreek 6 years ago

Hi Doctor,

I have been recently told that I have delamination on the femoral condyle and a cartilage lesion. Is this the same as Osteochondritis dissecans? I have been searching for treatment options and there does not seem to be much information on the web. Can my condition be corrected with surgery. At this point, the recommendation was to try injections of hyaluronic acid.

jonar 6 years ago

in 2004 i had an accident while playing basketball with my friends.i had a bad fall then affecting my elbow.i didnt mind it but later i was experiencing pain on my elbow during cold weather condition and it also affected mobility of my arm esp.the flexion of my elbow.i decided to undergo operation on 2007.after operation operation nothing had change, flexing of my arm is still difficult(cant be flex at 90 degree angle).i went to another doctor to had an opeartion again so as to correct my fracture in preparation of me applying for police officer i underwent 2nd operation.after that doctor required me to go on physical therapy..the therapy was ok and i currently im able to flex my elbow 11o-12o degree.i decided to have an xray today to see if the operation really successful,yet the result showed a deformity in the radial head and distal humerus.also noted is the narrowing of joint spaces.just want to ask if these findings on my xray can affect my performance esp. in actual rigid (physical) training?

your comments will be much appreciated..thank you very much.

jonar uy sagun (pnp applicant 10-0967)

Marji Curran 6 years ago

Hi there

I have just had x rays of my total hip replacent done as I have had sciatic like symptoms down my leg but since my revision 5 years ago I have trouble with short sharp pains in my hip. The x ray shows that I have a loose separate screw situated in the soft tissues of the upper thigh immediately posteriorly to the prosthetic femoral head and acetabulum.Do you think that this could be causing my pain? could this screw be hitting nerves etc. It got so bad one night after I did sciatic stretches, before it was discovered there, that I was incapacitated and ended up with bruising down the back of my knee and leg and inner thigh.

Anthony 6 years ago

hi, I just had sugery on my hand for a ripped flexor tendon on Oct 22 this was the 2nd stage of the op my question is when I try to bend the finger it would bend the stiffen, i cannot bend to a 90 degree angle only about 45 degree.When I apply pressure with the other hand then release the finger would rise no matter how much I strain wondering if this is normal

Trace 6 years ago

The chair I was sitting in collapsed at work. I tried to catch myself with my elbow on the table beside me to no avail. The underside of my arm bruised from trying to avoid the fall. I started noticing rotator cuff problems in my shoulder about 4 days later. Is this normal for the symptoms to appear this long after my incident?

winona_lmg 6 years ago

I dislocated my shoulder last November 10. THe doctor put it back without surgery. Two weeks after that, I started participating in PE (volleyball) again and I'm participating in a dance for school. Nothing bad happened... I want to start playing tennis which as we know is very intense for our shoulders...So... when do you think I can start playing tennis? oh and swimming? I'm fifteen by the way... Thanks! :)

Sarat Chandra  6 years ago

Hello Doc,

This is Sarat from Hyderabad.I'm of 23 yrs old, working as a s/w engineer.I have a problem with my legs. It seems like i have bow legs,i found that i have a gap of 1 inch between my legs(I don't know whether it is due to weak thighs/or is it due to bones)..

i'm lil bit hesitant to wear tight pants due to this.. can you please tell whether there is any solution for this problem. Whom i need to contact/ does it need any surgery? can it be curabe??

thank you sir

Faith Shives 6 years ago

I've gone through 3 back-to-back

e-coli infections for which I was taking Cipro & they were & all 3 were Cipro-resistant; well, on the third day of the third infection I when I stopped taking the Cipro

terrible things started happening to my spine & my neck & my head & the muscles in my back--

1. my head started going around & around & around & around & around in circles & I couldn't stop it;

2 If I didn't rest or lie down or sit down , or, on the other hand, if I rested for too long without getting up & walking around or doing something for a period of time, I would gradually feel this stabbing swelling throbbing muscle in my left side beginning to build up & if I didn't get lie down or sit down soon enough, no. 3 would happen.

3. my spine would collapse sort of turning me in a counterclockwise motion & I would collapse to the floor in a couterclockwise circular motion or my neck & my head would just start spinning crazily like a top.

4. and for a while I would be partially numb & stiff in some parts below my waist & my neck.

I'm just taking one day at a time because this still hasn't completely gone away. That's why Mark & I can't make engagements any more with anyone on the calendar, or we can only do 1-2 hour outings at a time because of whatever this monster is in my spine. It gets worse with rain & snow & air pressure & I have been diagnosed with arthritis. But I noticed these newly described symptoms above popped up when I suddenly went off Cipro; my urologist (I call her Dr. Lucy) & her LPN (Tracey) had noticed my neurologist's instructions (Dr. Lawrence Eilender) that I should not take Cipro (because it causes seizures) so Dr. Lucy & Tracey called me that day (the third day on the third course of Cipro during the third e-coli infection) & started me on Bactrim to finish off the E-coli & after that on low-dose Bactrim preventively for a short period of time.

When I visited my arthritis doctor, Dr. Lydia Lasichak, when I told her all the above symptoms of what was happening to my spine & neck & back & head, she said that in addition to Cipro being a problem, infections cause flare-ups of arthritis.

So this might be a case of situation SACU Situation all Cipro-ed up together with SAAU Situation All Arthitis-ed Up. I'm simply noticing the symptoms along with / together with the timeline.

I have been warned by the company & pharmacists & MD's that Cipro has a nasty history when it came to joint areas. I read from some readers in online Chatrooms that Cipro had done damage to their backs. My knees & ankles & other joints have been fine since/all this time while taking Cipro-'til now; it's just my spine/back/somewhere in my lower body that's been affected.

5. A while back while showering I felt & heard this strange cracking knuckling muscular like-sound in my back around my pelvis/tail bone--it didn't hurt--I simply thought: "What the hell was that?" I reported it to my husband, my doctors, everybody else important--nobody thought anything important of it so we all just ignored it. Then these big flare-up symptoms occurred upon suddenly ceasing Cipro-Crippro (I started doing a typo & decided to leave it that way : D Cheshire cat grin!).

This spine & neck trouble could also be affected by my herniated discs, but, like I said, these 5 new symptoms all popped up in connection with Cipro.

I don't know if I have to wait 'til the Cipro is out of my system & the spine/muscle/back symptoms go away or if there's damage & if there is--God forbid!--it's permanent! I hate to think such a thought.

And, of course, it could be a combination of everything: Cipro, arthritis, herniated discs, infections, etc.

6. I got a new kind of seizure that I've never had before. In other seizures I've fallen to the ground before & vocalized & stayed conscious & been able to hear & understand Mark ("Faith, can you hear me, are you ok?") and in my head I've been able to form words into a response & been either paralyzed & unable to answer or simply vocalized (no words or sentence). This time with this new type of seizure (I had it twice) I stayed conscious & vocalized when I fell to the floor but when he asked me those same questions, the first thing that was different was my sight: my eyes kind of saw in a dim dark grey green orange color (in the previously described type seizure my eyes were seeing in broad daylight--no dimness) - the second thing that was different was that inside my head my brain was unable to form words & sentences to respond to him, so all that I could do & all that I did was simply keep vocalizing to him, making sounds every time he asked me a question & my head kept going around & my body went around or & jerked. At other times my body jerks, too, when I'm entering into states of relaxation, I mean BIG jerks, not your usual run of the mill falling asleep jerk.

I've asked the people in church to please pray for me because I really, really, really don't want this Spine situation--Cipro--whatever it is--to be permanent. I really, really, really pray it resolves itself or heals itself. I really, really, really pray this isn't permanent damage or that this can be be repaired somehow or can & does heal itself. At home we've been doing massage, Ibuprofen, Hyomax, a little bit of red wine, physical therapy stretches, periods of activity followed by periods of rest, T'ai Chi. The spine situation had gotten so bad that it had compromised my urethra & my ability to catheterize three times a day--that's why I need to use all the above methods because I really really really need to get all that urine out. No explanation necessary on that score. Mark has been very, very helpful to me in this department, God bless him. He's an angel & I thank him & God every day & thank God for him every day.

We'll keep in touch. Hope to hear from you.

Lowaldo 6 years ago

Labral Repair/ Stiffnes before and after operation with bicep/upper arm pain.

Evening Docter

I hope you can help please.

I had a stiff left shoulder when I lifted it upwards and backwards and got tired quik.That was for a year or so.I allready had spasm and pain when I presses on certain area leftof the shoulder. After 2 bad falls playing cricket I had plenty o spasms in the scapula area and pain down the arm and bicep. Had a clicking sound aswell. After 8 Physio sessions etc there was no improvement. Went to specialist and underwent a labral repair together with removing lose cardlidge.

After 3 months I still have the stifness of the shoulder and the strange pain down the biceps/upper arm. According to the pro's all the pain is reffered from the scapula, since the muscles went into spasms during the injury and therefore the scapula needs to go back into the correct position with exercises. I do have dull pain in the shoulder/scapula area, which reliefs in seconds if I press on the spasm area myself.

If i stand/sit upstraight and push my shoulder backward I get a similar pull of muscle in die bicep/upper arm area.A shooting pain down across the arm, almost across the bicep, almost on the outer side of the arm. I had 4 sessions of physio after the operation, but that was to loosen the scapula as the arm could not rotate through 45 degrees. It still is not 100% loose though.

The type of pain I had before the operation is defenitely gone, and I can do exercises which I could not do before, so I believe the main probem is fixed...or at least 1, but I believe there are still musle problems? The feeling in the bicep is what irretates me..feels like something is pulling or a nerve like feeling...When I stretch my neck to the right and stretch my left arm downwards to get a good stretch, the stretch goes goes bit down the upper arm wi th a bit of a dull feeling down the reliefs some pain for a while. Stretching the neck left again, I sometimes feel the shooting pain/shooting stretch. I really feel negative a it is not getting right. The shoulder felt good a month ago, I thenplayed some cricket, an now all of a sudden the pain I felt before the operation is back, the stiffness and shooting pain. Just makes me think somewhere the is a mucle or nerve problem. If I or the Physio press on some spasm round the scapula there are some similar shooting feelings down the arm.

If you can help me please. I went to a top specialist in South Africa. Please ask if you need more info. Thank you.



Lori-BC 6 years ago

Thanks Dr. Shyam for providing this service.

7 weeks ago, I roll over very far and very hard on my left foot, heard a loud POP and was in immediate pain. Went to the ER, and after x-rays were taken was told I had a "few" breaks at the base of the 5th metatarsal. There was question of a pin as the break that goes across the bone ended close to the joint space, but didn't invade it, so no pin needed.

There are two breaks: One is a "splinter" looking breaks, with a 4mm gap, and the other goes straight across the bone at a slight angle, starting just where the bump is that juts out on the base of the bone and going up from there, ending where the 4th and 5th metatarsals meet.

I was put in a snug cast by the emerg doctor, told no weight bearing for at least the first week until the one-week x-ray was done. Then go to my own doctor to have a cast change at the 2-week mark (as foot position was in a dropped foot position and cast was very loose), and he tells me that I don't even need a cast, it's just for peace of mind, to put weight on it unless it really hurts, etc. That didn't match what the first doctor had said when he gave me instructions, and my foot hurt alot, so I elected to have the cast, though I felt like I was being a wimp because of my doctor's attitude about it. I've had a 3rd met hairline fracture in the past, and that was treated with a tight shoe, no crutches, and my doctor was treating this break as if it was the same thing, but I knew it was more than that type of break.

I have an x-ray at 4 weeks, and my doctor's clinic has the policy of "you don't hear, it's good". I didn't hear anything, so assumed all was healing well. I have the 6-week x-ray, go in to see another doctor (as mine was all booked up for weeks), she tells me all the x-rays so far have shown no evidence of healing at all, she thinks she may be able to see a bit in the distracted break, but isn't sure (no radiologist report back yet at this point), they can't take the cast off, that this type of break is often hard to heal, and is surprised when I say I'm putting weight on it.

I now think I have a Jones fracture. I am waiting for a callback after the radiologist report comes in and a consult is done with an ortho. (small town, so ortho is in a city some distance away).

What I'm upset about is that I asked my doctor (the one who said I didn't even need a cast) if it was a Jones fracture and he said no, and then he didn't tell me it wasn't healing at the 4 week mark, and meanwhile I am thinking it's healing and I should be working at putting weight on it as soon I will be out of a cast, needing to wear a shoe and go back to work. If I'd known it wasn't healing, I wouldn't have been so aggressive in putting weight on it, or not put any at all.

What I need to know from you is: Which of these two diagrams show the correct margins between Zone 1 and Zone 2 fractures? or or

I know where my fracture line is but the margin seems different in every diagram, so want to know which one is correct.

Thanks so much!

Manpreet 6 years ago

I am going to get custom orthotics. The chiropodist is charging me $ 350 Canadian dollars. What should i be aware of the quality of orthotics other than the orthotics fit properly?


brent hobbs 6 years ago

i have had a three level cervical fusion it c5,c6,and c7 with plating was doing good after 5 months returned to work and after 5 days reinjuryed neck.but we can not find any other problems in the area that was problem know is neck pain down into shoulder blade around under arm into pit and inside of arm to the elbow when i lean my head to the side or back my dr says cervical sprain how long to get better seems to be getting worse it has been 5 months thanks

Angelo 6 years ago

Hello Doctor,

Our names our Angelo Antonio and Brandon Pengilley, two seniors at Desert High School located in Edwards Air Force Base, California. We are contacting you in hopes of getting a few of our questions answered for science fair, and possibly some direction or consultation as to where our project should head, and if it is headed in a plausible direction.

Our science fair project will be testing the effectiveness of athletic tape in terms of preventing bone fracture in common wrist and ankle injuries. As far as carrying out this experiement, we wanted to know what materials would best represent the wrist and ankle, as far as the bones, tendons, ligaments, etc. Now the ankle and wrist being one of the most complex structures in our body, we were also wondering if a "close-to-accurate" model would be attainable to create. Our experiemental design has already been thought and planned out, and if you are interested in knowing more about it, we would be glad to explain it to you. If you could please get back to us with any sort of answers/resources, it would be greatly appreciated


Angelo Antonio & Brandon Pengilley

Kateryna 6 years ago

Dear Dr. Shyam,

On November 28th, 2010, I sustained a knee injury while skiing. The MRI confirmed a complete ACL tear with damage to the posterior horn of the medial meniscus. I'm contemplating whether I should do a surgery now or try conservative treatment first and then do a surgery. I'm not an elite or professional athlete, I'm a physical therapist and stay rather active doing recreational sports (skiing, hiking, bicycling, etc). My main question is, does it make a difference to undergo an ACL reconstruction as soon as possible after the injury or 6-9 mnths later? Would a later ACL reconstruction affect my outcome?

Thank you sincerely,


Geoff 6 years ago


I am currently working on a research project and would like to gather some research on cannulated bone screws. The main question is, what are the current problems associated with cannulated bone screws? Specifically, do they break, if so, when, why, and how?

Thank you for your time and consideration.



sunilroy_007 6 years ago

Dear Sir

Good Morning...

I Need information,if u don't mind could u please help me to know....we are bit of confusion and tense on this... 2 years ago my wife hand got fractured, in that time we met one of the Ortho specialist in our city and he did operation and done with 2 steel plats for both bones(left hand), but after wards we never met doctor again, but recently my wife getting bit of pain on the hand, so we met to same doctor and as per his suggestion doctor removed steel rods, finally he was saying that still one bone is not perfectly jointed due to some tissue was created in between gap for one bone but another bone 100% jointed said., so now he is saying one more thing due to some difficulties i have not taken one screw inside but don't worry about the screw it will not happen anything, but we are not trusting him, so kindly if u don't mind could you please help me to know whether if there is any screw inside with bone is it creates any problem??

looking from your kind reply.

Thanks & Best regards


Benny 6 years ago

Dear Doctor:

I fell last May and landed 6 feet down in my shoulder. From the X-rays the ER doctor said it was a type 3 AC separation. I was then referred to an orthopedic surgeon. That doctor said I should just live with it that there is no surgical treatment. After months of thinking I need a second opinion I went to another dr. She also said that she would not advise surgery and that I could do therapy. I have found that there are surgical treatments for this but it seems like no one wants to do it. What is your opinion of the best treatment of this injury?

Thank you,


beautifulbliss424 5 years ago

Hello, 3 months ago I had a ganglion cyst removed from the top of my wrist. The incision wouldn't heal, so they went back in and removed the sutures that were supposed to dissolve. They hadn't dissolved. A few weeks went by, and it still didn't heal. So, my doctor had me back in the operating room, and he removed a large amount of scar tissue. It has been a month since then, and my incision is healed. However, it is painful when I bend my wrist. It feels like my index finger tendon is stuck to the scar tissue or something. Could it be possible my tendons are damaged? Will I ever be able to bend my wrist? Thanks!

Cheri 5 years ago

I fractured the 5th metatarsal, probably a Jones fracture - just above the joint. of my left foot. I was given a walking boot instead of a cast, but it allows a good deal of movement (hence pain). Am wondering if I received the wrong kind of boot. The "shop" didn't seem professional and had no idea how to put this boot on - the certified person was not there today. What kind of boot should I have? Do I need to sleep in the boot? How long do I need to keep weight off of the foot?

Thank you.

jros 5 years ago

I had a motorcycle wreck an fracture and dislocated my wrist also lost Scaphoid and half of lunate what would be your diagnosis.

ot 5 years ago

ciao, im looking to strengthen my ligaments in my elbow somewht similar to someone recoverying or preventing tennis elbow , however i do not suffer from this instead im preparing for college baseball after years of not throwing, when i played in highschool i felt great amounts of pain there and want to be on top of that.


Quentin 5 years ago

Hey, I am 22 years of age and have broken fibulas on each leg skateboarding,had orif on my left leg for my femur,and tiba,acl,pcl,and lcl reconstruction on my right leg,partially torn rotator in my left shoulder,and a torn ligament in my right thumb after a car accident,. My doctor told me that I would be able to run normally again after pt,and signed me off to work agian while I was bedridden. Once I tried working again I continued to experience pain and fatigue even after doing the stretches and exercises he showed me and was laid-off.At the time I thought he was doing me a favor because my insurance was about to expire so I wouldnt be able to see him by the time he said I would be whole again.I thought that what he told me would eventually be true bcuz hes a doctor,and had me convinced that I was superman because i was 20. Its been 2 years and not only am I still having problems with all my post op,but I am developing back and hip issues as well and am not able to sit or stand for over an hour without intense pain. Do you think I should apply for ssi until I find a career that doesnt put too much stress on my body?what happens if I see another doctor who insists I will get over these problems just because I am young??

mvb 5 years ago


i am contemplating having flat foot surgery. the doctor wants to lengthen my calf muscle, tighten my posterior tibial tendon, and put is a sinus tarsi stent(hyprocure). how do you feel about this surgery? i would rather do this surgery than my other option which the other doctor i went to called the "all american procedure" or "the works" which is a way more aggresive surgery. where they fuse bones together, calcaneal osteotomy,calf lengthening and kidner procedure. so i dont know what do to any advice would be great.thankyou

csp 5 years ago


I have shin splints, and am feeling these bumps on the medial portion of my distal to mid tibia. What are these bumps? They are tender, and shin splint pain has limited my ability to run in the past, and has not completely resolved even with months of rest. What are my treatment options?

Thanks for your help

Marko 5 years ago

Hello Doctor!

I had an acl operation 4 months ago and I am sometimes worries how is my graft holding and I like to self test my acl laxity by sitting in having my knee in 90 degrees angle and then pushing my lower leg forward to see how much it moves.

Is this kind of self test harmless or can I damage my graft or other parts of my knee by testing my knee like this by myself

Thank you

andrea olivares 5 years ago

hello doctor!

quick question, i recently slightly fractured my elbow and dislocated it, it was popped back into place and i was put in a splint and told to see ana doctor afterward, that was 7 weeks ago and du\e to important circumstances i was unable to go see a doctor, my elbow feels much better and i do things reletively normal, by rewrapping the splint, but i cant yet bend my arm out, is that somthing to be extremely worried about? i dont have much pain at all, i just cannot stretch it out all the way.


Ms. R 5 years ago

dear doctor, i am a woman 26 years of age and am 5.1'' height. i am interested in taking Dr. Ayurveda herbal body growth formula approved by Ministry of health in India Can i know will it help me to increase my height atleast by 0.5 inches and do these products have any side effects on the system. Also if these are just scams what are the ways by which i can increae my height by atleast 0.5 inches. Would be awaiting your reply

hi doc. 5 years ago

hi i m dhwanil. i fell from bike n hurt ma left an MRI scan n following is the conclusion:

1 mild anterior translation of tibia over femur with no obvious tear of graft.

2 no obvious intercondylar roof osteophytes or intercondylar roof direct impingment on the ACL graft.

3 possible undisplaced fracture with adjecent bone contusionin the posterior aspect of lateral tibial condyle.

4 moderate synovial effusion.

5 grade III linear hyperintense altered signal in the body and posterior horn of medial meniscus reaching the inferior articular maargin, suggestive of tear.

pls suggest what is the treatement fot the above case....thanks

Micah 5 years ago

I've had some onset knee pain getting progressively worse for about 4 years now. It's to the point now where I'm having a difficult time doing everyday stuff. To give you a brief history; I grew up very active in sports; football, baseball, rugby, wrestling, snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding. I've always had extremely tight hamstrings and have recently also developed some lower back pain.

About 4 years ago after surf session I began experiencing a sharp pain in my knee when walking up and down stairs. It's since gotten worse where now, whenever I play a sport, other than simply running, both knees experience this same debilitating sharp pain when walking up stairs, bending down, and always when running backwards.

About two years ago I had a x-rays and CT scans done and the surgeons said that they didn't see anything out-of-the-ordinary and ruled out an ACL and meniscus sac tear. I went into physical therapy and because of my tight hamstrings they thought it was a strained popliteal. However the stretching and treatment has not worked.

In doing some research online I'm starting to think I might have patellar tendinopathy. Whenever I'm playing sports that require a lot of jumping; basketball, volleyball, skateboarding, my knees hurt during the activity. I can't jump well and seem to have to constantly take it easy on my knees.

I'm only 30 years old and feel like I've got a 60 year olds knees. Please help.



Kara 5 years ago

Hello Doc. Thank you so much for providing this service.

I am a 37 year old female runner. In addition to running I also enjoy other forms of cross training. I push my body pretty hard. I am currently 4 weeks post surgical for microfracture on the medial femoral chondyle as well as lateral meniscectomy. I had a lateral meniscus repair in 1997. I am still 2 weeks away from being able to bear weight. As I sit here reading my MRI report I find myself falling further into despair as I fear my running days may be over. Would you mind reading the results of this MRI and telling me what you think my future long do you think it will be before I need a knee replacement? The results are below?


1. There is truncated and irregular appearance to the posterior third and middle third of the lateral meniscus in a patient who has a history of prior mensical surgery. Thus the findings are consistent with a mixture of postoperative changes and tearing of the meniscal remnant, with tearing most prominent within the posterior third of the lateral meniscus.

2. There is chondral damage involving the posterior aspect of the lateral compartment on both sides of the joint. Changes are maximal in the posterolateral femoral condyle . In this area there is an approximately 15mm area of grade IV chondral damage.

3. There is partial thicknes chondral damage involving the patellofemoral compartment.

4. There is focal full-thickness area of chondral damage involving the anteromedial femoral condyle.

5. The collateral and cruciate ligaments are intact.

6. There is tricompartmental osteoarthritis

Thank you in advance for ANY feedback you can provide!

u.abhi19 5 years ago

hi sir,

im abhishek ,

while playing cricket (leather ball) hit the top of my right ring finger . its a dorsal pip dislocation , initially i dint consult the doctor as i dint know it was serious but after 10 days i consulted a general physician . he splinted my finger with a finger cot for 2 weeks . after removing the splint.there was an open wound on the dislocated knuckle and the doctor told that its due fungal infection because few drops of water wet the splint and it created moisture . so after i removed the splint after 2 weeks , as it was an open wound , it again took 2 weeks for the wound to heal . so totally 4 weeks . and the finger was immobilized for the entire period and im unable to bend the finger ! the degree of bend is probably 3 to 4 degrees only ! and also i never realized that the finger cot splint was splinted very very tightly ! so following are my queries ,

1 - the xray before splinting and after splinting are same i.e dislocation was not reduced . can an ortho reduce the dislocation after 2 months ?

2 - and when is surgery needed ? im not sure if the volar plate is fractured , but the dislocation is of simple kind ! i think physician dint reduce the dislocation initially , which is the cause of my problems ! im consulting an experienced ortho tomorrow ! but i am worried if everything will be fine ? its been 2 months and finger is very stiff !

3- as i had never been splinted before i dint know if the splint was tight , but after removing the splint its been 2 weeks now and the top part of finger is totally numb ? what may be the reason ?

4- i observed in the x-ray that the gap ( tiny gap between two bones in the pip joint is overlapped i.e no gap ) so how to get that required gap in pip as i think it it necessary for bending the finger !

thanking you,

please reply to the earliest as im really really worried sir !

Collen332 5 years ago

I appear to have ruptured the tendon pulley between the first and second knuckles on my left ring finger one week ago. I was crimping on a hold and heard what sounded like a chicken bone snapping followed by small amount of swelling, I cannot weight the finger,and has no bowstring look. I have full range of motion, there's minimal swelling, and if I dig in with my other fingers, I feel pain, but otherwise I mostly don't feel it. Do I need to have surgery on my A4 pully or just leave it in a finger splint for 3 to 4 months? I injured my finger rock climbing

JERRY 5 years ago


sadie 5 years ago

if i have metal plates and screws in both arms am i able to go into a tanning bed?

ldb 5 years ago

my wife has a foor problem and her Doc ordered her to use a cast boot. But the boot dosen't fit well she has very small feet but large leg due to being walking all the time. What should be done to help this problem. A small boot fits the foot but will not fit her leg but a med. boot fots her leg but is 5 inches to long on her foot? Thanks so much.

george henry 5 years ago

i have a few ruptured disc that are now at a 10mil and i have no insurance and need a surgery. the pain is killing me and i don;t sleep and all i do is suffer and want to die. is there any help out there for me. i live in orange county californa.

Toby 5 years ago

Dr. I was in an automobile accident. I am a 46 year old male. Although I have not been to the doctor or gotten an x-ray I know I have broken my 4th metacarpal. My knuckle is gone and I can hear a clicking near the mid bone. It does not hurt all that much. I do not have the money or insurance to go to the doctor at this time.

I can move my fingers and even make a fist (not tightly though) I figure if I immobilize it with a boxer's splint that it should fuse together in 6 weeks. My question is I have noticed two types of splints. One that immobilizes your fingers straight and one that immobilizes them with a slight (15%?) angle. Which would be best to use?

I can

Cynthia 5 years ago

My mom slipped and fell sitting on a cemented floor five days ago. She couldn’t stand nor sit. But she can move her legs. She was taken to the hospital and her x-ray was taken. It took a long time before we get the results and according to it:

Osteoarthritic changes are noted in the margin of the lumbar vertebrate with narrowing of L1, L2 and L5 to sacral 1 disc spaces. Line of weight bearing falls anterior to the sacral promontory.

I hope you can enlighten me on this. What does the this mean, please? Thank you very much.

shanti 5 years ago

please Dr. reply to me asap you gave solutions to many and now iam one among them who require your suggestion

my nephew who z 3 months old is missing right hand down from the elbow .i met a orthopedician in banglore ,he says that problem can be solved in 3-4 sittings after 2 years with transplantation and regenerative technology .is it better option to go for treatment or is there any other solution ? please find it for me the best solution.thnq very mch .

Cindy 5 years ago

Need help

rsebag 5 years ago

Hello Dr,

I was scheduled for a high tibial osteotomy due to massive pain from genu varum (bow legged. pain in medial side of both knees. However medial cartillage in good condition. Pain due to pressure form bow leggedness.)

The surgeon started the surgery by doing a diagnostic arthroscopic surgery to check the condition of the lateral cartillage. He found the lateral cartillage contained chondromalacia damage and aborted the surgery.

I asked him, why can't he just make the tibia angle zero degrees instead of loading everything on the lateral side (from varum to ~7 degrees valgus) of the knee? He told me you can't do this. You must either load the weight on the medial or the lateral side.

Is this correct?

thanks a million

Kai 5 years ago


Not sure if you are still answering questions, but might as well give it a shot. My right knee (or lower leg I should say) is about 30-45 degrees crooked outwards. There is no pain or anything, unless I run for longer than a few minutes. It also makes it very difficult to balance if I try to walk normal (I walk on the side of my foot as a result).

As I have lived with it for a number of years, I do not think much of it, but it is starting to bother me (not pain wise, just the idea - and it would be nice if I could run without feeling like my muscles are being twisted).

I do not have a doctor and all my research has lead me no where. I do not know if this would be considered knock-knees as it is only one or knee out of alignment or whatever else there is.

alisonfmac 5 years ago

My brother had a fusion of the bones in the left hand 4th digit. Since this time the finger has been bent in toward the palm. It is worse than before the surgery. Is this a normal risk/complication of the surgery or a poorly preformed procedure?

Amir 5 years ago

Hi Dr.

I want to put my father ill health related question with you. My father who is currently in his mid 70's was diagnosed with oestoarthritus around 02 years back although he has joint pains for last many years.. Since then he was on pain killer and preacautions to avoid increase intensity of disease..

But now for the last 05-06 month or so he is totally collapsed and just laying on the bad and told every one that he cant do any thing.. he also complaint that he has sever pain in whole body and for last one month he is totally on bad and cant move by him self.. I physically examined him and found that their legs has become some curvery in nature and his hands also become just like freeze.. we are really worry with this situation.. can yoiu please help us to guide in this scenario..

Thanks in Advance.


Maria 5 years ago


I have a question about my four year old son. He has Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy. He has very high tone in all four limbs, his legs scissor and his hips have started to 'move' - he is weight bearing but because he doesn't crawl, walk or sit, his hip sockets haven't formed properly. I have been told he has good range, even though his aductors are very tight and he scissors. I have a meeting with an orthopedic surgeon but have been told they probably won't do the operation because he has good range. Could you help me with getting over any obstacles they might throw at me in this meeting and what your thoughts are on this.. I am really keen for this to be done as I struggle getting his nappy on and getting him in the car seat etc, because of his scissoring. I hope this makes sense and I really look forward to your comments or any help you can provide eg books/info/web sites. I thank you in anticipation. Kind regards, Maria.

Terry 5 years ago

2 years ago I needed to put screws and plates in my forearm, because of a radius and ulna fracture. I will soon have them removed. My question is, will the holes that the bone drill made 2 years ago fill up with new bone after the screws are out?

23296IVAN 5 years ago


PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Max 5 years ago

Dear Drashokshyam!

I have pain in my right knee, it often hurts when i wake up in the morning,sometimes at night i wake up with pain in my knee, it hurts right under the knee and to the right of it, i don't know how to explain the feeling, it's like tingeling pain. I am a 20 year old guy, and i train kickboxing and i have gotten many lowkicks on my right knee but i feel practically nothing at daytime or when i walk or run or train, mostly in the mornings and sometimes in the night, very gratefull for any help, Thanks

Regards, Max

Best Regards!

Rebecca 5 years ago

Had an MRI of Left Ankle. MRI shows partial tenden tear with fluid build up. What's the prognosis for this?

aruna 5 years ago

I have undergone an illizarov surgery in 1994 in my thy.After the surgery my bone was bent a bit and from that time i am getting severe pain at that region of surgery only in the times of winter please i need a remedy for that.



aruna 5 years ago

I have undergone an illizarov surgery in 1994 in my thy.After the surgery my bone was bent a bit and from that time i am getting severe pain at that region of surgery only in the times of winter please i need a remedy for that.



Kirt Steeves 5 years ago

My 10-year-old grandson tends to walk on his toes when he's bare foot or wearing just socks. When wearing sandals or shoes he walks normally. My wife says walking on his toes is bad for his feet. I say she's been samping the cooking sherry. Is there any truth to her concern? To me it seems like,as long as he only does it while bare-foot or wearing socks, it's probably going to strengthen the calf and foot muscles.

Kirt Steeves 5 years ago

Well folks, it looks like you shouldn't bother wasting your time on this site. From what I can see above, the doctor has not replied to any requests in almost 2 years.

Curtis Lockard profile image

Curtis Lockard 5 years ago

the question i have for you is ..i Have OA in the right knee and they are speaking of fluid withdraws and synvisc replacement..this is first ortho would it wrong or not to seek a 2nd Orthos opinion on fixing the knee

Chris 5 years ago

how many bones does a new born baby have??

Chris 5 years ago

how many bones does a new born baby have??

george 5 years ago

C3-4 c4-c5 and c-6c-7 disk are degenerated

C4-5 mild broad disk oesteophyte complex mildlcompressing ventral tube

C5-c-6 same as above

C6-c7 small central disk protrusion

There's a minor anterior oesteophyte forming at c5c6

My left pink finger gets numb daily

Wes 5 years ago

I am wondering if after a transtibial amputation if there is less occurence of knee flexion contracture with an anterior flap versus a posterior flap.

Thanks for your time Doctor!!

Natalie 5 years ago

A couple of days ago I fractured my fifth metatarsal. I started to experience what feels like sciatic nerve pain shooting from my hip, down the length of my leg. Also, my foot has become numb. I called my doctor and asked if this assumed nerve pain could be from the broken bones or if perhaps it is a separate matter stemming from a lower back problem. He said that it was coming from my foot but I would really like a second opinion. Is it possible to experience symptoms of sciatica from a broken toe? The pain is unbearable at times.

Kate 5 years ago


I am 23 years old and often get painful joints. Currently it is mainly my ankles, sometimes my knees. Sometimes I get painful shoulder blades aswell but this may be due to work with lots of manual handling. I do not necessarily get this pain when excersing but more often when I am resting. I do not believe it to be anything serious but I have always had a very limited diet and worry that I have missed out/ am missing out on necessary vitamins etc, that are needed for strong healthy joints. Is there anything you can reccomend? Should I be concerned that these pains are the early signs of problems?


Linda 5 years ago

I had surgery on my foot 8 months ago to remove a ganglion. The lump never went away, and I continued to have pain in my foot. I went to another doctor who planned on removing what he assumed was the cyst that was still there. What he found was not a cyst, but that the extendor retinaculum had been cut and not reattached. He was not able to reattach it as it had retracted and shrunk. I am now 3 days post op. What problems will I have with my foot in the future because of the initial severing of the retinaculum?

amit 5 years ago

hi,around 1and a half year ago i was doing heavy squats and i got a jerk on my right knee.after a year i went to a orthopaedic and he suggested me to have collaflex daily four 4 weeks.i did that but i didnt find any improvement.after 3 4 months again i have started taking collaflex. so please suggest me for how long i should continue collaflex and i have a shoulder injury on my rotating cuff also .so collflex would be benefecial for my shoulder also?please reply me soon .Thank you

jimreghi profile image

jimreghi 5 years ago

Hi Doctor, I'm a Sergeant in the U.S. Army stationed at Ft. Hood. I've had a ton of injuries (combat and training)in my 9 years in the military that were easily diagnosed and treated. This last one is not so cut and dry.

I was originally injured playing ice hockey. I collided with someone while looking over my left shoulder skating at almost full speed. My left wrist was struck and bent down and left from my body. Pain exists in the wrist when I do things such as (but not limited to) reaching for my seat-belt in the drivers seat, pulling the bed sheet to cover me in bed, carry groceries, intimacy with my wife, or any movement that may bend my left wrist down and to the left. I have been seeing orthopedic doctors in the Army for almost 7 months. The first diagnosis was De Quervain's tenosynovitis. This was ruled out when treatment did not reduce the pain. I was sent for cortisone shots, only to be told that I should not get them since no swelling could be found and that my pain was not indicative of De Quervain's. My doctors then deemed it may be scaphoid fracture. This was then ruled out after xrays provided no positive result. I was then referred to the orthopedic surgeon on post. He theorized that it may be a tear in the scapholunate ligament and sent me for a MRI. This test did not yield any positive results, so the surgeon is now saying that it may again be De Quervain's. He gave me a cortisone shot on top of the joint 5 days ago to no relief in pain. His next step is to shot directly into the joint on my next visit within the next week.

I am due to transition out of the Army on 19 October 2011. The wrist is of utmost concern to me. I'm very limited in employment with the pain I have right now and desperately want it fixed. I have rested and gone through multiple rounds of therapy. This is kind of my last gasp at this thing. If I don't get it fixed I may be in a very difficult position in the civilian world. If I can get a proper diagnosis they could extend me to heal, but I need a proper diagnosis.

Do you have any ideas? Any help would be deeply appreciated!


James Reghi

avusion fracture of the 5th metatarsal 5 years ago

I am a 59 year old female who stepped into a pot hole a week ago and have an avulsion fracture of the base of the 5th th metatarsal of the left foot. I am in a short leg cast which seemed too loose, as soon as the person put on the short leg cast. The person who put on my cast said that she was the most experienced there and she was training other office clerks on how to put on casts. They said as long as there was no pain the cast was okay. I have a knee walker to get around so I am not bearing weight. My question is will a loose cast interfere with the healing of this type of fracture? Also I am not sure what is too loose. I can move my foot about I.5cm up and down at the heel and ,3-4mm from side to side Also when I have my foot elevated, is it okay to turn the cast on the side or should I keep it straight up? The personnel at this orthopedic office who seem to be overworked, do not seen to want to give any straight answers.


Fed up in Fayettville, North Carolina

larry White 5 years ago

I believe my son and daughter in-law as well as my three grandchildren to be collateral damage in the Governments recent hard approach to child abuse. How many innocent families should be destroyed to catch or prevent baby killers. Better ways to handle this situation to start. Ok Immediately after my son and daughter in law noticed one of the 5 week premature twins favoring one arm not one but both parent took there child to the er. This is a very small town with very old equipment as well as no Doctor on duty just a P.A. All three children have been taken away

while the state does all that they can to prove child abuse. First off I am the son of a Pediatric Physician now deceased and I have been raised in a medical family. Everyone that was in the field of medicine in my family is now deceased so I have no one to turn to. I hope you will steer me in the correct direction. The baby showed no signs of any problem the instant he did he was taken to the er. Many may people on all side can vouch for that. I am afraid there is a very real chance this was done on a not so good radiograph, An unqualified technician so forth and so one . I have read my eyes nearly blind by know. I believe this must be Preformed by a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon and not just anybody I understand the radiograph is important as well as the amount of radiation used as well as the Correct and most qualified medical professional to make the diagnosis. This is presumable a simple non displaced fracture of the ulna above the elbow and from what I have gathered this very well could be a huge mistake . We have growth plates and many other things going on. The average person does not want to believe that a innocent family could possible be pulled apart because if that was the case no one could sleep at night so I have noticed that people do anything to justified this happening so they can go on living undisturbed lived. The truth here is there is no child abuse that is the plain and simple truth in this matter I am all ears I only want help from those that have the capacity to see that innocent people get raked over the coals on a daily basis in this country. Help please we need help in every way possible. You may write me personaly at ( Thank You

jason 5 years ago

4 YR. OLD MALE injured shoulder at work. Shoulder pops in and out of place. Hand and fingers are numb 24 hrs. a day. Shooting pain down my arm. M.R.I. completed.

Impression: Glenohumeral osteoarthric changes with fissuring of the glenoid labrum. Acromioclavicular osteoarthritis. I have been to 10 therapy sessions with no success. Arm and shoulder are getting worse. Nerve induction test was also a failure. Is the next step Surgery? They cant expect me to live with this pain for ever, can they?

jason 5 years ago

34 YR. OLD MALE injured shoulder at work. Shoulder pops in and out of place. Hand and fingers are numb 24 hrs. a day. Shooting pain down my arm. M.R.I. completed.

Impression: Glenohumeral osteoarthric changes with fissuring of the glenoid labrum. Acromioclavicular osteoarthritis. I have been to 10 therapy sessions with no success. Arm and shoulder are getting worse. Nerve induction test was also a failure. Is the next step Surgery? They cant expect me to live with this pain for ever, can they?

Kirt Steeves 5 years ago

Well folks, it looks like you shouldn't bother wasting your time on this site. From what I can see above, the doctor has not replied to any requests in almost 2 years.

Christian Endaya 5 years ago

Dr. I can walk, I can twist it, I can run, I can jog. But in the xray board their's a little little line or crack and they don't know if it's a fracture or not because i got a sprain by rolling it but in two it heals .

lorsmith273 5 years ago

I am 40yrs old I been having right knee pain for almost two months and has not gotten better. I been taking ibuprophen,vicoden but it did not help. Xray were normal and my orthopedic doctor requested a MRI to be done. I did get my MRI results but will not see my doctor until a week. My question is on the findings it stated.

There is no signal abnormality in the meniscal that reaches the articular surface. No meniscal tear. Intrasubstance mucoid degeneration in the medial meniscus especially in the posterior horn.

The cruciate ligaments, medial collateral ligament, lateral collateral complex, quadriceps tendon and patellat tendon are intact.

Mild tricompartmental degenerative joint disease with marginal osteophystosis. The articular cartilages in the medial compartment and the lateral compartment appear intact. Minimum chondral surface irregularity along the lateral patellar facet without a full thickness chondral defect. Minimum subcortical edema noted in the patella apex. Subcortical cystic change in the medial tibial plateau subadjacent to the medial tibial spine region.

There is patellar alta. Soft tissue edema in the superolateral Hoffa's fat-pad. This may due to nonspecific inflammatory change, related to prior trauma or fat pad impingment given the patellar alta.

No joint effusion. Trace amount of fluid in the fascial plane between the semimembranosus tendon and the medial gastrocnemius tendon without a well-formed Baker's Cyst. The surrounding musculatures appear unremarkable.


1.No meniscal tear, tendon or ligament tear.

2. Patellar alta. Edema in the superolateral Hoffa's fat pad as described above.

3. Mild tricompartmental degenerative joint disease. Minimal chondral surface irregularity along the lateral patellar facet. Subcortical cystic change in the patellar apex and medial tibial plateau.

If you can please explain what this means I would appreciate this.

Christine 5 years ago

Hi Doc

For the past two years, I have had extreme right knee pain to the point where it was almost impossible to walk. After several cortisone shots over the two-year period, i decided to have my knee scoped. That entailed moving my knee cap, clearing out foreign objects as well as the arthritis behind the knee cap. I had a slight tear in the meniscus, but all was repaired.

It has been four month since the scope, and I am back to the condition prior to surgery. I cannot drive more than ten minutes before my leg hurts so bad that i scream in agony. I am not exaggerating either...

I feel that there is a cyst behind my leg, but was told that wouldn't be the case. Surgery didn't work and I do not know what to do now. I am 43 and love to be healthy and exercise. This injury has caused me to gain 15 pounds and i am trying to get the weight off. I cycle on a spinner, which doesn't bother right at the moment, but I pay for it later.

Do you have any suggestions? I feel that the quality of life is compromised here. Celebrex is great for the inflammation, but i cannot nor will i load up on pills.

Can this be fixed?

autobus993 5 years ago


I'm amateur bodybuilder. I ruptured my biceps long head tendon two month ago. Doctor says it's to late for surgery. May I come back to strenght training without risk completly demage of my biceps? I still fell pain in elbow when i do straight bar curls or washing face. Is short head strong enough to maintain pull ups? What kind of exercises i should avoid which do You suggest?

Best wishes!

Ali 5 years ago

Hello Dr. Ashok,

My 73 y/o mother had a falling incident about 11 weeks ago, in which she sustained a shoulder injury, diagnosed as humerus head fracture. The ortho put her arm in an sling for six weeks, during which her pain subsided. At the end of seven weeks, she was put on a 3-week physio plan to restore ROM. Half-way through the physio, she started having mild pains, which were told to be normal for regaining muscle strength and such. But at the end of the 10th week, the pain got severe, referring in the neck, the lower arm and sometimes even hand and fingers. She's been in extreme pain ever since. The doctor requested an MRI and we got the results today, it confirms avulsion fracture of the greater tubercle and trabecular fracture of humeral head with marrow edema. I wonder if her aggravated pain has to do with the trabecular fracture/BME and if so, whether this could have been caused by too-early physio plan. Otherwise, I'd be glad to hear your evaluation of the causes of aggravated pain as I described above. Thanks a lot in advnace.

John 5 years ago

Are isometric hip and knee exercises appropriate for a person with pelvic fracture (with external hardware) and tib/fib fracture (casted). What about rolling onto side for positioning and care. He is about 4 weeks post accident.

aaron 5 years ago


I have refractured a previously broken 4th metacarpal between the original break and a screw (one of 4) that holds a small metal plate.

i live in Thailand and have seen two doctors with conflicting views about treatmemt and recovery. I am a boxer of course and although the original injury was sustained with the typical boxers 5th metacarpsol fracture in this case although my hand was badly swollen the exay shows only a hairline fracture just infront the third screw from my knuckle.

One doctor suggested a long cast and said I would not be able to train for 6 months in any discipline (i do low impact weight lifting and of course high impact boxing)the second doctor gave nothing to imbolise as the metal plate is already in situ and said i should be able to return in 2 months.

I look forward to your response and thank you in advance


sujatha 4 years ago

Dear Dr.

My father at this moment is undergoing left knee surgery due to fracture in knee. This surgical operation involves keeping a plate in knee for support. Doctor, my father is having fracture in right shoulder also.. At this juncture, doctor advised that he will not be in a postion to use cretches or walker since his right hand and left leg got fractured. Kindly adivse some "assistive equipments" for the above mentioned post operative patients(both knee and shoulder fracter) for their toilet habits.

Thanks a ton in advance for reply.



Ashok Narasanamath 4 years ago

Right forearm radius operated on 25-oct'2011 with a plate inserted with 6 screws.

25-nov'2011- plaster removed.

no medicinal supplement given after 5 days of surgery even after repeated questioning to doctor.

30-nov'2011- an x-ray shows improvement

18-jan'2012 - X-ray shows no improvement and is same as 30-nov'2011 x-ray.

27-jan'2012 - another Doctor says it is a case of delayed union and prescribed me heavy calcium supplements for next 4 weeks.

Now am worried if the born will form in next 4 weeks or what the result will be as i do not want to get operated aagin.

pls help and advise what should be my corrective measure to form the born quickly.

Eileen 4 years ago

Slipped and fell on my left arm hitting the back of my hand as I fell. I immediately iced it until I could get to the Urgent Care center the next day. It was determined that I had a fracture in both my radius and ulna. I received a hard, removable, cast and was told to wear it for two weeks and everything would be fine. I had to take it off many times because the swelling and bruising were bad. I assumed this was part of the recovery as the doctor didn't say anything about it. The bruising was evident at examination. So two weeks later (1/26) another xray showed the bones were healing but it still hurts to hold any weight and huge pains shoot up the back of my hand and from my thumb if any weight pulls on my left hand, if I have to open my hand fast or try to type. I can bend all of my fingers down individually but if I make a fist I can't bend my wrist. Aetna won't authorize an MRI until I go through 10 weeks of Physical Therapy. Hopefully it's just a bad sprain but what if it isn't? How will a 10 week delay affect surgery outcome? Thank you for your generosity.

Eileen 4 years ago

Peter b 4 years ago

Hi my name is Pete.I am from Tampa.I recently had a flexor tendon repaired on the small finger of my left hand.Surgery was fine and the hospital was very nice.However, something about my situation still worries me.After surgery I was able to move my finger, I moved it light as a feather and it moved a great sigh of relief came over me.As time went by it started to twitch, often, involuntarily. They went from barely noticed twitches to Sharp, painful twitches (the repaired finger would move on its own).One day after it did this i noticed my finger started swelling and feeling numb just like it did on the first day! When I told the doctor he said don't worry it's numb because it's swelling and because of scar tissue? Flex memory? I haven't the slightest of what he is talking about.Also asked him why i can't move it anymore, if my tendon has ripped again.He said that the tendon hasn't ripped because my finger is still bent. ok, but why can't I move it? He seems like he neverhas time to explain anything to me, please help.thx

Mortezainpain 4 years ago

Small bone marrow edema of the medial malleolus, posterior medialis spot, where back in the tibia osteochondrale small lesion is present.

Small subcortical cyst central spot in the sinus tarsi area of the calcaneus.Minimum oval thickening fascia plantaris.

what treatment is done for this result of the MRI I had done last week?

Brusing on the outer ankle with increased pain when walking.

Charlotte 4 years ago

I have a fusion from L-3 to S-1. I never have back pain. In Sept. I had my right elbow operated on. I used my left hand to attempt to clean myself after using the toilet.

I could not reach and I lunged my pelvis forward. I felt a searing tear at that moment.

I believe I have torn something which is soft tissue. I am on prednisone, percocet, and valium and NSAIDS. The pain is chronic. Only heat and rest keep it calm.

How can I get this diagnosed. I am having a hard time finding someone to help.

Thank you.

Garrett 4 years ago

My wife cut her hand on a wine glass a few mo ago. We went to the urgent care center where she received 3 stitches. She has healed up however she now has a bump on her knuckle and it hurts, any ideas?

dan 4 years ago

Dear sir,

I am 26 year old (male).4 week ago I met with accident and my ACLgot damge. My Dr. Suggests 4 week rest ,after 4 week rest now I am able to walk but unable to bend leg. My Dr. Suggested me 3-4 week excersize. After 4 week if there is improvement then ACL surgery is require. Is surgery is only cure for ACL. Can u pls tell me why m not able to bend leg, and how can this cure.Is ACL surgeryis require for this.also tell me the ACL surgery cost .

please suggest what should I do.It will be great help, thanks in advance.

Summer 4 years ago

I went to the ER a week ago and found out that I have a fractured fibula. I go see the orthopedic specialist tomorrow. It is my first visit. What can I expect? I don't know anything about my fracture except for its my fibula. Please help

Annette 4 years ago

I had a gangalian cyst removed from my left wrist bone 3 weeks ago. The swelling and burning sensation has not gone away. How long for the swelling to go down and get use of my wrist again?

david 4 years ago

dear dr,

i will soon be starting a rotation in the emergency department. regarding the closed reduction of a distal radial fracture-Colles type, is it possibel for one doctor to reduce the fracture by himself or does it require a second person to stabilize the proximal segment of the arm. thank you for your great work, dave

AJ 4 years ago

I am a 24 year old diabetic, since about 15. I had a multiple fracture in my right arm 2 years before I was diagnosed. It never healed right and have never been able to fully rotate it while sticking it straight out in front of me, but that's not the issue.

recently (in the last 3-4 months) Other symptoms have appeared:

occasional tingling in fingers (1-2 time a week, usually after sleeping, goes away within minutes after waking up and moving).

my fingers tend to want to close into my palm(especially while sleeping).

my arm always feels tired/weak. (not excessively)

Pain in my elbow (feels like its bonier than the other one, at the joint.)

Inability to bend my wrist "up" (like "praying" for example), and I cant do pushups either because of this, (my wrist does not want to sit on the ground level like the other one)

(extra info:)

My blood sugars were all over the place due to stress and just plain stupidness on my part (personal problems I won't go into) for the last year(i still did insulin, just not properly),however i have never gotten keytones.

my next checkup is next month i believe with my diabetes doctor.

any advice, or ideas for my arm?

I WILL be getting full blood-work done as-well, I'm asking for that.



kirkisten 4 years ago

so I need a little help. I had one of those big old tv fall on my pinky and pin it between an open dresser drawer. It has been swollen for over 3 weeks. I have seen the dr twice nd have been sent for x rays twice. Both times they came back negative. But my pinky is still swollen and hurts. They want me to ice and elavate like I have been doing for the last 3 weeks and then if its not better in another week they wanna send me to a ortho dr which I can't afford cuz I saw them twice. So my question is. Is there anything I can do nd what might actually be wrong with my finger?

jamie 4 years ago

my name is jamie and i fel lon my knees at work on feb 6th it is now the 24th i went to the doctor several times and more than one the first doctor said that it was a strain and now im told i have a bone contusion the pain is still there and the ibprofen dosent seem to be helping i was givin ultram also for pain but it gives me headaches and im not supposed to drive on it i am working and on light duty is there anything i can do to help with the pain that dosent envolve taking medicine?

Lori Murphy 4 years ago

Good Morning,

In August 2011 I hurt my knee and finally went to the Dr. in October about it. After being referred to an Orthopedic Surgeon and MRI etc... I was diagnosed with a torn MCL. I am wearing a brace and take 3 Ex. strength Advil morning and late afternoon, but they don't really help and my knee if still very painful. I have been doing strengthening exercises as well, I have surgery booked for April 5th.

My problem is, we have a family vacation that we've saved for two years coming up next Disneyworld. What can I do that I'm not, to help with the pain and discomfort?

From what I've read online, everything seems to say that a torn MCL will stop being painful on it's own etc... Why is mine still so painful after 5 months? What can I do?

heid 4 years ago

My son broke his finger and he told me the doctor needs to re-break it to align it and it just doesn't sound right to me. Does this sound right?

Aabid 4 years ago

Hi doctor! My enlish is very weak bt i hope u will try to undrstand and will give advise me plzzz.

I am 18 years old .2 months ago i had a surgery in my left humerus.the doctor said that u have ABC cyst there, which is to be removed and they did bone grafting to it and also inserted a plate.but 70 days had gone still my hand is not working i am able to move fingers a little but my wrist seems to b totally damaged i m not able to lift up my hand by wrist but when i support it by my right hand then it pulls my hand upwards but a sound is produced in it (i think from tendons).doctor plzz tellme will the wrist take some more time to heel by itself.or is it badly injured.and from last 1 month the doc.had prescribed prekare M medicine to me.plzzz doctor i need a fully described advice.

Laine 4 years ago

I wanted to ask your opinion of my situation. I injured my foot 9 weeks ago by slipping on ice and getting my foot stuck on a rock then twisting it toward the outside of my leg. X-ray the day after injury and 1wk after injury showed no break. I used crutches immediately after the injury due to the inability to walk on it. I continued to try to manage at work, despite the severe pain and a friend lent me an aircast to wear at work. That helped. After 2wks of trying to work (I am an elementary school teacher) I went back to the doctor and said I couldn't manage. He ordered 3 wks off work to rest the foot and wanted to see me in 2wks. I went back to him after 2 weeks and indicated that I still couldn't weight bear (now 4 weeks since injury)and had a bone scan. This inidcated an occult fracture of a cuneform (i think). He ordered 4 wks in aircast, no work, no weight bearing and to see him in 3 wks. After 3 wks (now 7wks since injury) still experiencing pain (not as severe) and instability and cannot bear full weight. Ordered x-ray (done at 8wks) and it indicated a non union and a bone fragment. I have been referred to an orthopedic surgeon and awaiting an appointment. I am still off work and wearing the aircast. What do you think will happen next? Is there anything I can do for it at home while I wait for an appointment?

Chad 4 years ago

Hi Doctor

When i bend my wrist down my pone sticks out from the top?

It only happens to my one right hand. If i knock my wrist or put a lot of pressure on my wrist, it hurts pretty bad for about a week. Its not a cyst, definitely my wrist bone. I'm just worried it's something serious. Could it be that the bone is to long in my forearm?

Hope you can help

Amada 4 years ago

Hi Doctor,

I Have Crooked Fingers and I Really Dont Like Them. I've Had Crooked Fingers Since I Was a Little Girl and I Was Always Embarrassed of Them So I Was Just Wondering If There Was Some Kind of Surgery That I Could Get To Completely Straighten Them.

Please Help & Have a Nice Day Doctor :)

paracetamol 4 years ago

Dear Doctor,

I have had work accident have felt hard into my left arm; After a hughe echographic and raiologic examination the last radiolog diagnose version is:small linear micro calcification of the measure 4 to 7mm in the trochiter upper level, and the external contuire appears irregular;his final consclusion is;sequelles traumatic in the lefter arm in the densify asspect and pluri fissure of the trochiter and deattachment of cortical in the level of trochiter;

I have big doloeur and cant go at work, I am single mother taking care of two kids and I really need a good consulation:Please, kindly atke your precious time from your hectic schedule and get back to me about your opinion wgich I highly appreciate;

again; thank you

chandra sekaran 4 years ago

dear dr,

myself with my son met with an road traffic accident on 11th march. my son's humerus shaft is fractured it was treated with pob. now the xray shows an one & half inches overlapse. can it be narrow down and my sons hand will look like normal over a period? i was told by the treated orthopedician that my child will not have functional difficulties though it is overlapsed. is it? my son is 8 years old.

shalina 4 years ago

hello dr i am 26 yrs old i broke my wrist 21days ago i was told i need surgery to put a pl

shalina 4 years ago

hello dr i am 26 yrs old i broke my wrist 21days ago i was told i need surgery to put a pl

Lauren Kaye 4 years ago

Dear doctor,

I was just diagnosed with a tendon rupture on the top part of my pinky. Along with pain when I straighten my pinky, I also have weakness and my grip isn't as strong as it should be. Is the weakness of my grip associated with my top tendon being ruptured? And would surgery be able to fix the weakness along with me being able to straighten my pinky again?



Pam 4 years ago

I had surgery on my rt. shoulder 9 yrs. ago. The MRI showed a tear but the surgeon said he only had to remove a spur. I took a job during repetitive work in a factory 5 mos. ago but had to quit after 2 mos. because my shoulder was hurting so badly. I am still having pain in it along with some clicking and popping sounds. Last night it felt like it had a catch in it, it wouldn't move til I heard a pop and then it moved with ease. Is this scar tissue or arthritis from the surgery or something else? Thank you.

Lizz 4 years ago

((I apologize that this will be very long but I want to give you as much detail as I can remember or give))

About seven years ago while in Basic I was assisting with a detail and happened to fall forward causing my foot to bend upwards. (Think of it this way: holding your hand out with the top part -your fingers flat- and pulling the palm upwards toward the fingers as if trying to crack your knuckles). For about three or four days I walked on my foot as well as possible, I ran a couple of those days, I was also walking up and down stairs at least six times a day if not more, I also did it again (bending foot) while getting dressed I believe two days later -my foot was on one of the posts to a bed and it slipped off the post-. After I finally went to get it looked out, and after only Xrays I was medically discharged with "Plantar Faciitis". The VA even wrote it as "Platar Faciitis". My foot only really starts to hurt when I have been standing in one spot for a long time (like standing at a cash register or in a line for something). It does not normally hurt when I get up for the first time, nor do I have any kind of heel pain. When it happened my pain was at the arch of my foot and all along towards the big toe sometimes graduating towards my leg, at the calf, but rarely. I do not wear high heels, they hurt. (While in basic I still wore the heavy combat boots most of the time, about a month before I left was I allowed to stay on the sneakers we wore). Also, roughly a week or so after I came home we visited some friends, where the most strenuous thing was riding a bike up and down the neighborhood. A few days later I noticed that, oddly, my ankle hurt. To the touch. I never fell, to my knowledge I never twisted my ankle, nothing. I went to an urgent care doctor who only took Xrays but decided to put my foot in one of the plastic boots and give me crutches ((while in basic I had a metal boot and crutches for a short time)). He also said that if it didn't get better after I think two or three weeks that he was do an MRI or CAT scan. This lasted maybe a week and a half and got better so I never went back. Now: Almost a year ago I had this strange sharp pain. I was walking with friends at an amusement park, we'd probably been there roughly two or three hours when all of a sudden I got this odd, searing pain in my foot. And not in the normal spot (normal to me anyways). This time it was on the opposite side of my foot just below the littlest toe and just below that part that rounds before you get to your arch. It happened maybe two more times while I was at the park and then it would happen intermediately about a week. Then it just goes away. It comes and goes and I never know when it will or what exactly makes it come. I think (but cannot say for sure) that if I overuse my foot for anything a day or two before it sometimes aggravates it. But it does normally go away within a few days. The worst one I've had so far is just the other day (Sunday 3/18/2012) The only thing I can think of that could have helped it along the way is over doing it at work a couple days previous. Saturday and into the night I was fine, (I work third shift). Sunday (3/18/2012) morning and into the afternoon I was fine. It wasn't until I got up Sunday night to get ready for work. I went to take a step like I normally do and this bad, searing, almost like a shock in the inside of your foot, just reached out and zapped me. I gasped, like I normally do, waited a second to see what would happen, then continued on (this time limping a little to try to keep it from happening again). In the time it took me to get ready and take my shower (roughly 30 minutes) the same thing happened three or four times. It happened again while I was driving to work, if I remember correctly it was either switching from the gas petal to the break or just pressing the gas petal - I really don't remember. While I was at work (a nine hr work day with two 15 min breaks and one hour lunch) In one hour it happened twice (I was walking the whole hour). But it also happened while I was standing still, and one time while I was sitting down on a break. It's slowly calming down I think, but again it's hard to tell at times, and right now I can just, feel something. My toes are also tingling and kind of numb but I do feel it if I poke my toes with my nails or if I try to tickle my foot I do feel that also. ((Also, I know that if someone where to push down on my big toe I cannot push back up with my big toe -not sure with the other toes- but I can push a hand with my foot, they tried that at the VA)) And I don't know if this connects at all, but a few days later (3/21/2012) I went to get up and I fell. My whole right leg and foot just gave out under me, I don't remember it feeling like anything was asleep, but I had, myself, just gotten up from being asleep. I think that's about it. Right now, 3/25/2012, it hurts mainly like a dull throbbing or a sharp ache, and it hurts to drive but not too much that I can't drive as long as it's a short distance. I also hurts if I happen to lay that side of my foot against something hard. It does not hurt to the touch, but extreme pressure does allow for a slight gasp or 'ow'. I would think on the lines of a pain scale somewhere between 3 and 7. The three at normal rest and the seven at times that it just hits me whether I'm walking, standing or sitting.

Also at times it just feels like there's *something* there, sometimes it feels like there's something moving around in my foot, but not always.

And if it helps if I was looking at the foot anatomy correctly my biggest guess of where this is is: (again this is just a slightly educated guess) either at the very top of the fifth metatarsal or the very bottom of the fifth proximal phalanges.

While touching/putting preasure to my foot to make sure I had the correct parts and the correct bones I touched the top of my foot near the fourth and fifth metatarsal and had a dull pain, then another one when I touched the bottom on my foot near the middle -give or take- of the fifth metatarsal.

Also: I work on a hard service, I am a night supervisor so I walk a lot, I also bend to pick up boxes often times heavy boxes, I turn and move a lot, as well as climbing up and down ladders at times.

The most strenuous thing I did before my foot started bothering me again was throwing freight quickly roughly two or three night previous, but again I was fine until that sunday night.

I normally walk around barefoot or with just socks. Other than that I wear shoes I bought at Payless (fairly comfortable and before that shoes with less support but I had bought store insoles that helped. It was wearing the newer shoes that it started hurting again. The first time of the hurt was with sandals, Earth Spirit sandals that actually give a decent amount of support. But it had been nearly at least three or four months since the last pain and this time. This time it's been nearly two weeks but it does seem, it may be slowly going away but I am afraid that it will come back like it did this time.

I do not wear high heels of any kind, nor do I wear pinched, narrow fore parts of shoes, like in a high heel. And I also cannot wear those 'walking shoes' they would hurt.

jorge 4 years ago

i am 15 years old and had reconstructive surgery for my clubfoot about 10 months ago so when can i start working out or playing sports ?

Lauren gates 4 years ago

SO tomarrow i am going to the orthopedic doctor to look at my great toe which i broke in 2 spots. they said it would take 4 to 6 weeks to heal....are they going to give me a cast or a boot? its been 9 days since my break...are they going to take more xrays or are they just going to go based of the cd that the med center gave me to give to him? these questions had been bothering me becasue i cant figuree them out! thank you for your help!(:

Lauren gates 4 years ago

Ohh and i forgot to ask if he was going to like touch my toe and move it around? Thanks!

Luara 4 years ago

KOrn on the cob?

Patricia 4 years ago

Hello. I wanted an experts opinion on my "condition" I can find nothing matching my symptoms online. I suffered an injury(not sure when because it didn't hurt like I'd think) I was in a great deal of pain recently in my upper back with tingling and numbness in my extremities. Then came migraines and "dentist drill" ringing in my ears. I began to have confusion and blurred vision. I went to my chiropractor after a week or two and she insisted on x-rays do to my odd symptoms ( never had a spinal X-ray) my X-rays showed that my thoracic spine is co laterally translated to the left and I have hypolordosis, chiropractic adjustments have simply place my shoulders at a complete tilt. I'm burping constantly and the other symptoms (mainly headache) come and go. What should I do? Should I consult an ortho pedic surgeon? I just don't feel right and have considerable pain

Linda 4 years ago

Can you tell me why I am being sent to a Podiatrist for an ankle avulsion fracture instead of the ortho dr by my medical group/insurance. Is this correct?

anonomous 4 years ago

So many questions there does not seem to be anybody available to respond.

The Hoopster 4 years ago

I have a Question Doc:,

I am a resent graduate of college where I played basketball for four years. I hurt what i thought was groin. After MRI's at the time it was diagnosed as a lower abdominal strain. I started wearing a jock strap under my tights and it seem to go away. I recently started getting pains after i play basketball now in my inner hip around my genitals to my butt. It hurts to squat, bend over or to releash pressure of my leg. It almost feels like a vein is pulled tight and all there areas hurt. But after i go to bed and wake up it doesn't hurt. occasionally it hurts when I walk the morning after i work out (which is Mon-Thurs). I am not sure what it is i just want to get it back 100%. I thought it was my hip flexor or something. Any insight will be really helpful. Thanks in Advance.

Just Plain Tired of Pain! 4 years ago

I have had three operations to repair my right shoulder. The first was to repair a slap tear, the second was a re-repair of the slap and a decompression, the third was what really got me. The third he went in and did a 6 bone anchor repair of my ligaments. I had developed MDI because of misdiagnosis of the actual original issue. This 3rd surgery went wrong somehow and we will be finding out in one week what happened. I was unable to regain full use of my arm especially in my external rotation. My MRI (which has never been accurate in the past) states that my middle glenohumeral ligament is torn and/or surgically absent. It also shows breakdown of cartilage which concerns me that I may have developed Chondroylsis Would my middle glenohumeral ligament cause my inability to have external rotation? Also after my immobilization of 6 weeks once I started getting some motion back which took 16 weeks of physical therapy with yelling and screaming involved I started to squeak what causes squeaking? After the initial squeaking I began to grind what seems to be bone on bone and the vibration echos into my you have any idea what is going on? I would like to know some of what I might be facing in a week. Any insight would be helpful especially in regards to squeaking and vibrations that I am feeling. Thanks in advance.

matthew 4 years ago

when i widen my legs at the thigh region i hear a pop at my thigh and hip area. is this bad it doesn't hurt but almost feels good once popped like popping your back. its somewhat loud and happens to both areas. umm i have been doing this now for at least a year and haven't hurt myself but i dont know what it is or if i should stop any info would help

Crystal 4 years ago

I. Injured my wrist about 4 weeks ago I was placed in a thumb spica splint and an mri was done that revealed a tear in the tfc ligament my wrist is still very painful and is clicking/cracking everytime I move it I was refered to a hand specialist but my appointment is not for another few weeks should I wait that long to be seen? And what would cause the clicking/cracking in my wrist?

krystina 4 years ago

Is acl surgery painfull and how but is the scar? They told me that my acl is desolving has anyone herd of it or no were its going and wut do they put in place for it

Sarah brown 4 years ago

Had skiing accident first X-rays showed broken clavicle doctor said should have scan on return to England saw doctor here in England said bone healing fine don't need to see me again insist on seeing him 4 weeks later after severe pain agrees to send me for MRI which French doctor had as I told him 4 weeks previously, got MRI result can't believe it I also have fracture proxymal humerus, the pain is excruciating and has been for all this time omg I thought I was being a complete woos. Angry that the doctor did not give me the scan however he said the treatment wouldn't have been any different, although I think I would have kept the sling on for more than two weeks! Also have a slight tear in my rotator cuff which is not allowing me to get back to my usual routine, can't tidy ah shame can't do make up hair, frustrating and I feel let down?

DarshnaGaryali 4 years ago

Hi Doc... I'm 38 yrs old I had a slip n fall Aug 2010 while 26 weeks pregnant. I've had rest therapy, cortisone injection, hip arthroscopy in Nov 2011 for a torn labrum. No benefit todate, surgeon wants to do depo medoral intra muscular inj 80 mg via ultra sound. The surgeon report says I have condromalicia n early osteoarthritis.... Should I do this injection? What can I do to help myself with more knowledge?

Sowji 4 years ago


I am 30yrs old, i have 2kids and i got 2times c-section.In my 2nd pregnancy i got a pain in right hip then DR said it normal to get back pain now almost a year passed but still i hvae same pain , i got psychotherapy and all my reports like X-ray and other scanning says everything is fine, but i feel pain every day ,I dont know what is problem . for 3days i took pain relief tab ,it helped me a help me ...

Catalizt 4 years ago

I had my hand in a half cast due to a break in my middle finger...I had it on for 10 days. I experienced sever cramping in my pinky and the side of my hand. The cast was removed today at around 4 pm and it is now 9pm. I am still having sever pain to touch and also when tryng to bend my pinky. I can not bend my pinky more than about 45degree angle. While in the cast my pinky was not in a natural position as it is shorter than my other fingers so it was basically straight the entire 10 days. Will this get better soon and is there anything I can do to manage tis better?

Robin 4 years ago

Hello doctor,

I am a runner and recently decided to try a more minimal shoe. I started having pain along the inside of my shin after about two weeks of wearing the shoes. I ran in the shoes for only three or four weeks. At first, the pain occured only right after I started running but soon it began creeping in after my runs, while driving or when I'd lain down to sleep at night.

Then I noticed a divot along my medial tibia, just to the inside of the bone about 1/3 of the way up from my ankle). This was a sizable indentation -- about the size of my thumb up to the first joint. To the left of this divot (more where the muscle is), there was also a knot or a lump -- firm but slightly gelatinous and movable.

I saw my doctor who said he thought it may be a stress fracture but I had no x-rays done. I've taken time off from running (7-8 weeks) but have continued exercising (kettle bells, indoor spinning, mountain biking and road cycling); the pain has subsided, for the most part, but the divot and the lump are still there.

I've asked another doctor and they said it may be a "fascial defect". I'm not entirely sure what that these symptoms sound consistent with that type of injury? Or is there a muscle or tendon in that area that may be injured or torn?

nitin negi 4 years ago

hi sir , i had an accident last year. my left hand was injured. few days ago i had a pain. after consulting a doctor he told me that there is a gap between your joint. it requires an operation. i just want to confirm that is it necessary to hav operation or we can repair our bones wid excercise....should i show u my x-ray ?

lokesh 4 years ago

radical tear

lokesh 4 years ago

sir i had a partial tear with edematous thicking ofanterior of anterior cruciate ligament and focal radical tear in of anterior horn ofmedical meniscus,bony confusion in later condyle of femur and tibia,mild knee joint effusion....this is my mri scan report i need a operation or it ll cure after some week...can u help me?

Charlotte Weal 4 years ago

I broke my fibula just over four weeks ago; I was in a cast for the first two weeks and then the boot (which I insisted I be place in due to exams and being unable to travel to my home town for the removal). After four weeks I am able to walk, in the boot and reasonably without, so I was just wondering as at first I was told 6 weeks in total, if I would be doing any damage to start easing myself into walking, and sleeping without this thing on? The swelling and bruising is minimal (hardly noticeable)and the break was 'stable' - I did not need surgery.

Darshna Ramji 4 years ago

Has anyone had a response from the good doctor?

Rhonda 4 years ago

Hello, Dr... My first grandchild was born on 4-20-12. She was born with some complications and was flown to Valley Children's Hospital. One of her abnormalities is that both of her arms are fused at the elbow. Her arms are half bent and the Dr.s say that there is no known procedure to give her movement. From what I understand, there are 2 upper and 2 lower bones of the arm and one of those bones are fused. She is to be released soon. Please steer me in a direction so that we can help my precious miracle. I am at a loss.

aartlr2011 4 years ago

Monday night the 23rd of april i took my 5 month old daughter to the hospital..she couldnt breath because she was congested. They cleared out her nose and sent us home...(but need i add they were EXTREMELY rough with her and were holding down her arms wayy too hard)

Well that night we got home around 2:30am we laid her down and she was asleep for the night.

Tuesday the 24th of april morning...I wake up go get her and notice she didnt want to move her left arm..I figured she had popped it out of place or it was asleep from her laying on it..but just to be sure i called her pediatrician so he can check it out..they send me to get xrays and they say its a spiral fracture...well i didnt understand how so they sent to me to TOC well they said it was a small spiral fracture and then accused me of abuse

now i have told them that at that hospital they held her down and she doesnt like that..she is EXTREMELY resistant..but other than she has never had a cry like she did that Tuesday morning after the ER.

I need to know if that could actally be consistent with the fracture..because they are telling me it isnt..and are stuck that i abuse the only thing in the world that means something to me..

Im so confused..she was absolutely fine until that Tuesday morning!!!

Crystal 4 years ago

I recently sprained my ankle, a mild sprain, as I could walk or slightly limp on it. I waited a couple of days to start icing it, elevating it and even wrapping it since it wasn't one particular event that sprained seems to have happened over a couple of days from jogging, walking, lunges and stretching. My question is, why does my ankle and foot seem to be swelling more now that I am elevating it and wrapping it? The wrapping does not seem to be too tight and I am trying different levels of elevation for comfort, but I just can't seem to find my comfort zone. Should I just take off the wrap and stop elevating it and just continue with the ice? It honestly felt more comfortable to sit and lye this way...however it was more comfortable to walk with it wrapped. Thanks for your help!

Shemmons 4 years ago

I had scaphoid lunate repair about 12 weeks ago with internal and external fixation. The external pin has been removed and I'm having a very hard time with getting the scar tissue to break down and loosen up. I think this is what is causing some issues I am having with my thumb - the thumb feels loose and has good range of motion but hurts a lot both at the knuckle and the base where the pin was, to the point that I can't wear jeans because I can't get them buttoned or zipped.

The screw is still in the wrist and it's a bit tender but the pain is manageable and I am doing a lot of physical therapy which is great and I'm getting a lot of range of motion back in it.

So, the thumb is a huge issue right now and I'd love any advice you can provide on loosening and strengthening that and getting the scar tissue broken up. And I have an odd question too. Next to the scar dorm the incision where they put the screw in are 3 black dots. The physical therapists haven't seen anything like it before so I asked the doctor. He said that they do put temporary pins in while they are operating and sometimes blood on those pins may cause some discoloration. It's my understanding though that discoloration from that would generally fade fairly quickly. These spots look like a tattoo, or like someone stabbed me with a lead pencil. The spots are actually getting darker, any ideas?

Lastly, I was wondering the reason for taking out the screw, if the wrist is getting stronger and working, why go back in just to take out a screw?

Thank you for your time.

Mr. Whalen 4 years ago

I am a professional guitarist. I suffered a broken fingertip from a kick to the end of my ring finger. It healed slightly twisted and slightly bend up. It scissors towards my pinky when I bend it. Although the twist/bend is considered by local professionals to be only slight, its a mile out on my instrument strings. I didn't get an X-ray until six months after the breakage occurred. The doctors say there is no fracture line visible and that I should, if you can believe it, just change occupations! That is not going to happen. What in your opinion is the best approach for a re-break, re-alignment, and fixation? Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

Mr. Whalen

Mr. Whalen 4 years ago


Canada has third-world healthcare.

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