atlanta education cheaters exposured

3 dozen indicted in Atlanta cheating scandal

Guess what? Cheating your way to success doesn’t work. While you can blame the educators for not doing their job you can play the system/Atlanta for not learning success by hiring competent people capable of teaching students in a way to achieve success.

There is no excuse for incompetence or failure to achieve success. First you must admit that what you are doing has resulted in failure. Then you take a pen and paper to study those who have achieved success, immolate their learning models, and restructure the education system to achieve success. Parents are outraged, but I wonder how many of those parents are ACTIVE with regards to the educational development of their children.

Bonuses paid for changed answers when it o obvious to society that encounters these children they are short of a full deck.

Cheating scandal exposes light to a system of southern politics that ensures overpayment for inadequate an unqualified people leading the masses once again. Changing answers and cheating your way to bonuses and success, while firing whistleblowers, is not how to achieve stardom. You can only b.s. your way through life so long until someone exposes you. Good luck cheaters.

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