Importance and Benefits of Changes in Human Life

Fear From Changes

People have always fear from change for many years. Although, it seldomly brings about some failures such as losing money and being unsuccessful, generally, change can create new oppurtunities. It’s known that change can enable people to have more successful and happier lives.

Commercial and Academic Benefits

Change has lots of benefits in terms of success and two of which are academic and commercial. First of all, Turkish Education System used for many years, must be changed. In other words, some changes are needed to fix our education system. For instance; every year, nearly 1,5 million students are forced to race in an exam which is called OSS ( Ogrenci Secme Sınavı ) and this is one of this system mistakes, which must be altered, because due to this exam students are forced to compete each other and this is an inappropriate thing for them. However, if some changes are made, individual successes are also nurtured. Secondly, some commercial changes can make people more successful in their business. People earning money especially from websites and web advertisements. For example; today, a lot of people use Google Adsense Program in order to make money, however, nowadays there are more effective affiliate programmes that people should also try them such Smowtion Media or Amazon Affiliate programs. Briefly, changing your way to gain money can make you more successful and richer.

Benefits to Your Individual Life

Some changes can also make people happier. Changing your job and something about your relationships are two two of them. Firstly, if you are not happy with your job, you should change it, you should find a new job that can make you more happier because being happy is the most important thing and if you are not owing to your job, you need some changes about it. Secondly, sometimes changing is needed in your private life. You may encounter troubles or problems with your partner, you should solve your problems or change what goes wrong about it in order to be happier. Therefore, you can get rid of problems thanks to the benefits of change. In conclusion, change is needed in plenty of areas ranging from your love to your business life and also owing to that, people become more successful and happier.

In addition to this, change constitutes our entire lives. That’s the reason why, it is an unavoidable thing that we have to use correctly.

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dyd 2 years ago

(y)In addition to this, change constitutes our entire lives. That’s the reason why, it is an unavoidable thing that we have to use correctly.

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