How to build a real castle tower

In my wildly successful t-shirt interview which 30 people have viewed, I asked myself about the significance of the tower in my t-shirt brand teetower. This question caught me off guard. I answered

"...It's my goal to live in a stone tower. It will have a spiral staircase and I'll sit at top drinking orange juice while looking down at my fruit trees. If I sell enough shirts this little piece of reality can be realized..."

Your mind must be in a flurry. Can you really live in a stone tower? Are there any for sale? Are you allowed to build one? How would you build it? Will it stand up to catapults? How many t-shirts do you need to sell to make this happen? Is it possible to diagnose mental illness over the internet? Let's find out together.

Can you even live in a stone tower?

People have done it for hundreds of years. They were tough as iron, but I've got the sand to live in stone. A tower should be able to be equipped with modern electricity, plumbing, heating. It may not be as efficient, but I started wandering off the reservation 6 words into this article.

What kind of tower are we talking about?

A small castle tower, maybe only 3 or 4 stories tall. The top could be completely open or with a retractable roof. Somewhere within the keep would be a spiral staircase, bathroom, kitchen, and a couple of rooms. There would probably have to be a structure at the base to hold what doesn't fit, as well as a water heater, furnace, laundry, garage, etc. Below is a quick sketch.

modern stone castle tower drawing
modern stone castle tower drawing

Are there any like this for sale?

There must be somewhere, but I haven't found any yet. Online I'm finding some beautiful castles for sale. I thought they'd be in the $20-$30 million range but was surprised to learn a large castle home can be bought in the United States for as "little" as $1 million. Here are more great US castles categorized by state. I've also found churches with bell towers for sale but I don't want to be mistaken for a sniper. I've seen Saving Private Ryan. What I have in mind may have to be custom built.

Are you allowed to build a custom tower?

I've found a modern day castle builder! Castle Magic is in Sandpoint, Idaho. Check out their under-construction photographs! From the FAQ yes, you can build a custom castle. Some factors that they take into account for finding a location are available water to mix mortar, healthy trees (they cut 18" to 30" diameter trees on site), and of course areas where castles fit their building codes. And yes, they will work with you on building something custom. They even build drawbridges and moats. They can build secret passageways throughout and even turn the moat into a swimming pool where you can swim underwater to the inside of the castle!

castle magic real modern castle under construction near lake
castle magic real modern castle under construction near lake

How are they built?

Castles used to be cold and damp, but no more. They are now built with modern insulation, electric, and heating. They are also built stronger now thanks to concrete reinforced with metal rebar (poured in the middle of the stone walls). Castle Magic builds them to modern standards while still looking like an old-school European castle. They also can add solar electric, micro-hydro, and passive solar so that heating and utility bills are comparable to modern homes. Quality stone can be purchased at local quarries or if necessary shipped from thousands of miles away.

How much would a custom stone tower cost?

There are many factors, but they say in general for a castle, about twice what a normal house would cost. Some factors are remoteness of site, weather, building permit costs, labor, material, and land. So how much would our tower cost? I have no idea. I like Arizona or Nevada but don't know if that is ideal country for this. What would it cost if it was a house, maybe $150-$250K? So maybe $300,000-$500,000 USD.

If you know a lot about modern castle building or know of some great places to find towers for sale, please share them in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

Do you want to live in a stone tower/castle?

  • I accept, rogue jester.
  • My heart would weep in a cursed tower.
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Herman Heine 14 months ago

I am building a tower castle, are you interested in seeing it ?

Just For Fun profile image

Just For Fun 14 months ago from Pennsylvania, USA Author

Of course!

Jj 12 months ago

Has all the modern amenities you could want!

Just For Fun profile image

Just For Fun 12 months ago from Pennsylvania, USA Author

Molto bello!

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