No More Drab Classroom Furniture

Color, Shape & Accessories

It's easy to purchase standard classroom furniture. But all it takes is a bit more thought (and not necessarily a lot more money) to provide your school with classroom furniture that displays a little more spunk and originality than the usual.

There are basically three components needed for unique classroom furniture: Color, shape and classroom furniture accessories.

Color - It's amazing what a splash of color can do to liven up a learning environment. If your school desks or tables are somewhat bland, consider purchasing chairs in bold, warm or pastel colors to add an extra spark to your classrooms. You can also color-coordinate your classroom furniture by purchasing desks with colored book boxes to match your chairs, such as those manufactured by Academia. And if total color-coordination is your goal, check out classroom furniture manufactured by Educational Edge. They have a large selection of completely color-coordinated classroom furniture from preschool through high school.

Shape - This might seem to be a moot point, but you'll be surprised to hear that it's not. Classroom furniture comes in a variety of designs. For young children, you can really let your imagination go. Even standard tables come in interesting shapes that can be pushed together to create unique layouts, and specialty tables are available in all kinds of shapes, including fruits and vegetables. For older grades, look for chairs that are ergonomically designed, like the Inspiration chair by Academia, as they tend to be shaped in a way that is subtly unique without being far-out. Inspiration desks are also fashioned to add individuality to classrooms while retaining a classic look.

Accessories - Classroom furniture accessories are a great way to personalize your school. For small children, rugs with fun designs and animal-shaped cushions help make school inviting and exciting, as do book corners that take on interesting yet familiar shapes, such as trains or boxcars. Older students will appreciate cozy book corners, too. These can be created with modular shelf systems that are available in individual units so that each teacher can adjust them to the class's needs. If newspapers and magazines are used in the classroom for current events or poli-sci classes, look for attractive magazine racks instead of filing them away in a drawer. Even small couches can be placed in corners if your classrooms are large enough to handle them.

Classroom furniture needn't be drab. Use your imagination, and you'll see the difference in your students.

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contract furniture 6 years ago

About time that classroom furniture was more exciting.

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