How To Buy Your College Text Books for Less

Are you tired of paying full price for your textbooks, only to get pennies on the dollar when you’re ready to sell them back? With everything at the touch of your fingers today, why not try to find your textbooks at a discount? If you’re not at crunch time, and you have a couple weeks to come up with your textbooks try some of these alternatives to save a few bucks on books.

Before you try to find your textbooks online you may need to do a little homework. If a friend already has their textbook check with them on the correct title, author, and revision you will need. You can also check the local college bookstore, the course listing, or check with the professor. It can be a bigger hassle to exchange, or return a book bought online, so you want to make sure you have the right text.

Here is a price comparison between several sites, and what I paid at the local bookstore for Applying Educational Research, Fifth Edition, authors: Joyce P. Gall, M. D. Gall, Walter R. Borg. The list price for this book at the local college bookstore? $105.80, no discount there! Usually has a discount of about 25% off the list price on most books, and if your order is over $35 the shipping is free. The Amazon price for Applying Educational Research was new $97.47, used $80. 00.

EBay- (specifically by eBay) Bid on the textbooks others are selling. This is a great option if you have the time before your classes begin, and if you don’t mind used textbooks. EBay ( current price $58.00 for Applying Educational Research, plus $3.70 shipping, for a total of $61.70

Barnes and Noble listed Applying Educational Research at the list price of $105.80, but the same book was $84.64 if you have a Barnes and Noble membership. They also had this book available used for $80.00 plus $3.49 shipping for a total of $83.49.

Another great resource to get your college books for less, if you want to do a price comparison is, they have a listing for used books, and a separate listing for new books. Applying Educational Research ranged in price from $58.00 to $115.00.

Don’t forget to check some of the online classified sites, such as Craigslist, some students list their books for sale here instead of selling them back to the bookstore.

You can also do the same in reverse when the quarter is over. Check some of the auction, and classified sites to post your textbooks for sale, and you just may make a little more than you would if you sold your text at the local college bookstore.


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