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Some Colors and the Imagination of Kids

Coloring pictures are both fun and educational. Kids love to play with colors, and they learn a lot in the process.Apart from developing artistic skills, coloring activity helps in the growth of a child's mental and motor skills. Children learn to identify colors as a first step in coloring.They also observe more keenly in order to choose and apply the right colors.When a child colors the sky blue, he(or she) is applying what he has observed. This application can be a great source of amusement and amazement at the creativity of the kids. A simple spongebob coloring sheet, for instance, has been colored in different ways by different kids as shown in the gallery below.

Coloring Pages are available both Online and Printable. Online Coloring Pages can be colored online and saved without having to print out anything.

Printable Coloring Pages need to be printed out for coloring using crayons or pencils, but are more suitable for small kids.

Some Spongebob Coloring Pictures colored online by kids.

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tomerr profile image

tomerr 7 years ago from Far Far Away...

Nice ones, thanks!

This is a Disney coloring siteĀ I use:

Cheers : )

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