contents of Articles of Association

Contents of Articles of Association (Table A of 1st Schedule) are as follows;

i.          Interpretation & Definition

ii.          Business

iii.         Shares

iv.         Transfer of Shares

v.         Transmission of Shares

vi.         General meetings i.e. AGM and EGM

vii.        Notice and Proceedings

viii.       Votes of Members

ix.         Directors

x.         Powers & Duties of Directors

xi.         Common Seal

xii.        Disqualification of Directors

xiii.       Proceedings of Directors

xiv.       Filling of Vacancies

xv.        Dividends and Reserves

xvi.       Accounts and Audit

xvi.       Notice for Meetings

xvii.      Secrecy

xviii.     Indemnity

xix.       Arbitration

Tables of Memorandum and Articles of Association:

Class of Company

Table Applicable

AOA of Company Limited by Shares

Table A

MOA of Company Limited by Shares

Table B

AOA of MOA Company Limited by Guarantee and not having share capital

Table C

AOA of MOA Company Limited by Guarantee and having share capital

Table D

AOA of MOA Unlimited Company

Table E

Q: Differentiate between Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association?

The Memorandum of Association

The Articles of Association

Is the constitution of the company in its relation to outside world;

Are the regulation which govern the internal affairs of the company;

Lays down among other things, the object of the company;

Provide the manner or mode in which the objects are to be carried out;

Is the fundamental document of the company;

Plays a part subsidiary to MOA;

Can be altered only in accordance with provisions of Companies Ordinance, 1984.

Can be altered by special resolution at anytime but according to moa and Ordinance ;

The memorandum is in the nature of a contact between the company and outside world dealing with it: therefore, a person dealing          with companies supposed to know the provisions of its memorandum.

The articles, however, do not create a contract between the company and outsiders. Though, a person dealing with the company is supposed to Know he provisions of its articles, yet if there is breach of those Provisions, he is not effected thereby provided the matter was within the power of the company as defined in its MOA and he had no notice of the breach.

MOA is always required to be registered.

Table A may be adopted by companies limited by shares without registration.

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