History : The Complete Definition of “Historia”

The term “historia” may take many conceptual definitions for better understanding to those who are interested to enroll and learn the subject HISTORY:

1) It is an inquiry in the interpretation of character and significance of event. This is based on the definition of the Greek term “ HISTORIA.”

2) It is the academic interpretation of the cognitive comprehension of the casual and functional relationship to the society. This connotes the definition of “HISTORICAL UNDERSTANDING” to explain the understanding of historical events.

3) The general inquiry of the chronological record of the past events, persons and places. It is the conduct of gathering primary and secondary document such as old documents, fossils, artifacts, photographs , and other relics that have significance in the past.

4) It is the study of social phenomena as recorded in the past with development implications to the societal life of the people. The social interaction of the various development dimensions in social sciences to concisely discuss the meaning of history.

5) It is the search of meanings and patterns of human behavior in the past that defines the culture and life of a given society. The human activities that have been molded according to specific behaviors they wanted to design in the social, political and economic life in the past.

6) It is process of examining and analyzing written records of the past .This gives us our own historical interpretations about the many facets of the human society.

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