eCampus Review - Should You Steer Clear?

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See these HORRIBLE eCampus reviews pouring in on this page that comes up on Google. This company should be put out of business ASAP.


Over the last few years the textbook rental market has become incredibly competitive. While this has lead to a crowded field that can be occasionally confusing to navigate your way through, it ultimately offers a big boon to students. For example the cost of renting books has gone down and buyback prices have gone up, but more than anything else the competitive nature of the rental market means you no longer have to settle for a mediocre service like eCampus.

So what makes eCampus such a poor choice in the textbook rental market?

- eCampus has produced a relatively high number of customer complaints to the Better Business Bureau over the last three years compared to their competitors.

The Better Business Bureau reports over 330 official complaints leveraged against eCampus with over 70 of those complaints filed within the last year alone. As a point of comparison the poorly-regarded textbook rental company Bookbytes has only fielded around 80 complaints to the BBB over the last three years. These complaints against eCampus have run the gamut of categories, but primarily relate to problems with their products and services, problems with deliveries, problems with billing and collection, and problems with the company's advertising and sales departments.

- eCampus also produces a relatively high number of informal negative online reviews.

While all online reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, the overwhelming volume of negative customer reports surrounding eCampus makes it obvious that something undesirable is going on. Most textbook rental services will feature a disgruntled former customer or two venting online, but you'll be hard pressed to find a single positive mention of eCampus among the various review sites monitoring the industry.

- eCampus has been known to charge incredibly high fees for supposedly lost or misplaced books.

Some customers report that eCampus charged them, without warning, hundreds of dollars of late fees for books returned within the timelines they specified using the return UPS slip provided by the company themselves. In these cases eCampus' customer service was reported as being thoroughly unhelpful and argued that any lateness in returning the books constitutes buying them outright. Due to the fact that most people rent their books instead of buying them for financial reasons, taking the risk of being charged hundreds of dollars in late fees is unthinkable. Customers who have contested these fees and policies have been told that the company has no obligation to offer any refunds under these circumstances, let alone full refunds.

- There are too many superior textbook rental companies to choose from instead of settling with eCampus.

If eCampus was the only textbook rental company in the market than students would be forced to do business with them. Thankfully this isn't the case. There are many better book rental companies with superior reputations and fewer debilitating complaints. is a great example of a well regarded book rental company that's delivers the goods with minimal hassle, that provides excellent customer service, and which earns a high percentage of repeat customers. If you're going to rent your textbooks skip eCampus and go with

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random 3 years ago

seriously. i agree. i was charged 204 dollars for 2 textbooks that cost no more than 100. i plan to sue this company! so upset!

Marilyn Rankin 3 years ago

STAY AWAY! I sold a book on ecampus. I shipped the book as requested by the buyer. When I inquired about my payment for the transaction, I found that Ecampus had refunded the buyer. I received no notification of the pending refund and no email saying the transaction had been cancelled by the buyer. Customer service offered no help at all and stopped replying to emails that showed the textbook had been shipped. So now the buyer has THEIR money and MY book. I am out $88.00 AND a $130 textbook. This company is not reputable and does not practice ethically. I would suggest using another company for ALL purchases or sales of textbooks.

HaleyM 3 years ago

The service I got from eCampus was great; right up until it came time to return my book. I sent it back 2 days late. Without warning, they drew $254 from my account and said I could have 75% of that back upon return. I took the book to UPS that afternoon in perfect condition, also in the same box I received it in. Several weeks later I still haven't seen the 75% or an e-mail from the company.

I start an online chat session with one of their representative. She tells me that I sent the book back with the cover torn off, so I don't get my money back.

Clearly this upset me. I only used the book a handful of times and when I sent it back to them it was perfect. She claims that the box wasn't damaged, so it must be my fault.

I had a supervisor call me and she offered me 50% or nothing at all. I don't believe that is fair, because I didn't not damage the book. I sent it through their provided carrier that doesn't come with insurance.

I will never use their services again, and neither should you. Stick with Chegg. I've never had an issue with Chegg.

I guess eCampus makes their money by taking it from poor college students.

anonymous 2 years ago

I placed an order for several textbooks on the morning of August 4th. The website says the books will ship in 3-5 business days. I received a notification 6 days later on SATURDAY when ecampus is CLOSED that the books are not in stock and there is no specific date as to when the books will be available. This is completely unacceptable and a very deceptive practice.

patti 2 years ago

Worse experience ever. Said book was in stock, so I upgraded shipping to get it in 2 days only to find out that they didn't even have the book. It took me emailing them to find that out! They charged my credit card immediately for a product that they didn't even have. I have went around in circles with them for weeks, wasting time for a book that I needed ASAP. Customer service is slow to respond and then when they do they are condescending ad liars!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY, stick with Amazon! This is a shady company that works out of someone's basement with no clue on how to be honesty, professional, or business-smart. Stay away!

gg 23 months ago

Horrible company. I returned one of their rentals to another company. I notified them of the HONEST mistake and they would not even entertain the idea of not charging me for the book. I even had the book that I mailed - going to mail it to them directly.

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE - don't waste your money or time.

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